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Smart Purses. By H. Lee Wainwright. Show you who’s calling your phone when it’s located inside Call your phone if your purse is on the move without you Turn on illumination inside making it easy to find your phone Make it extremely difficult to “knock-off” by back door sellers.

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Smart purses

Smart Purses

By H. Lee Wainwright

Show you who’s calling your phone when it’s located inside

Call your phone if your purse is on the move without you

Turn on illumination inside making it easy to find your phone

Make it extremely difficult to “knock-off” by back door sellers

Who s calling
Who’s Calling?

  • Phone rings inside a purse (or up to 20 feet away)

  • Graphic display appears out of nowhere on surface

  • Static or motion appears in pinpoint accents

  • Displays are designed with imagination in mind

  • Each display characteristic is assigned to a caller

  • No one in the immediate vicinity knows who’s calling except the owner who assigned the display

  • Displays can use EL, fiber optics, LEDs, light-emitting silicon strips and more to define elegance

Where s my purse
Where’s my Purse?

  • Set a security distance up to 30 feet using your smart phone to allow your Phone to be away from the purse

  • When the purse leaves that radius, your phone lets you know it’s on the move

  • You can choose to have the purse light up when the security feature calls you for quickly locating in dark surroundings

Where s my phone
Where’s my phone?

  • When the phone rings, the inside of the purse can become illuminated if that choice is activated from the MENU beforehand

  • Use a smart phone to activate and deactivate the Self-Illumination feature inside the purse

The menu

  • A User-Friendly MENU offers several options

    • Activate/Deactivate internal light when receiving calls

    • Assign display pattern and colors to names in contact list

      • Using company logo with sophisticated fading illuminations

      • Illuminate perimeter lines with thin beams of light

      • Uniformly Illuminate an area with a printed graphic

      • Design captivating moving graphics invisible until activated

        • Waterfalls

        • Blooming Flowers

        • Gently falling snow

        • Rotating 3D objects

        • Star constellations fading up and disappearing

        • Anything can be created through imagination and design

Additional menu options
Additional MENU Options

  • Activate/Deactivate “Call Notification” security protocol

  • Set distance from phone to Purse for “Call Notification” feature

  • Set displays to activate in “Real-Time” mode

  • Assign a color to the purse accents/surface to match apparel

Visual display examples
Visual Display Examples

Color attributes and motion routines chosen from a MENU change the designs in conjunction with caller ID contacts.

(Designs shown are simply to illustrate the endless variety of possibilities. Actual designs and/or appliqués to be created by your own staff including using your company LOGO as the graphic design that changes attributes per caller.)

Anti knock off protection
Anti “Knock-Off” Protection

It isn’t cheap and that’s an added benefit!

  • With so many copies of High-End brand name purses sold throughout the world, this invention helps to minimize, if not, eliminate that possibility

  • Certificate fee from the FCC for 2.4 GHz frequency use

  • Bluetooth certification fee per product & certified manufacturer

  • Entry fee costs to create a customized product with the features listed would most likely prevent any companies from copying it adding more protection against cheap copies

  • Cost of technology adder per purse will cost over $5.00 (US$), an amount exceeding what counterfeiters will want to pay

  • My “Flexible Display” patents & patent applications, Bluetooth IPs, specialized tech manufacturing, and FCC regulations result in the ultimate combination for worldwide protection

Next step
Next Step…

  • Contact me to schedule a visit

  • I only require traveling expenses for meeting to discuss licensing the invention

  • If you choose to license the technology, I provide On-Site demonstrations and workshops for your graphic artists and designers for no charge

    H. Lee Wainwright

    210 East Broad Street,

    Bethlehem, PA 18018

    610 463 8777

    [email protected]