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Listening to teachers talk about CPD: a multi-national case study

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Listening to teachers talk about CPD: a multi-national case study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Listening to teachers talk about CPD: a multi-national case study . Alex Kendall, Adrian Kacian , Andrea Kybalíková , Vlasta Cabanová , Pierre Vignes, Victor Cavaleiro, Dina Pereira, Phil Taylor. Слушане на учители говорят за CPD: мултинационални казус.

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Listening to teachers talk about CPD: a multi-national case study

Alex Kendall, Adrian Kacian, Andrea Kybalíková, VlastaCabanová, Pierre Vignes, Victor Cavaleiro, Dina Pereira, Phil Taylor

Слушане на учители говорят за CPD: мултинационални казус

Партньорство около продължително обучение на преподаватели

project objectives
Project Objectives
  • To achieve a better understanding of teachers’ experiences ofCPD in each country
  • To identify and share examples of good practice
  • To develop a framework tool to support effective practice
Contexts for PaCTTRethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes (EC: Nov 2012)

“The perceived need by teachers for professional development seems to be greater than the actual possibilities they have. Many teaching staff either do not find suitable professional development, or cannot attend because of conflicting work schedules. A considerable proportion of teachers feel that they require more professional development than they currently receive.”


However, current provision for in-service training is often not as effective as it should be, and for a large proportion of teaching staff the need is felt for more. The 2010 Joint Progress Report of the Council and the Commission found that although curricular change is under way…for the majority of teachers already in service there are few systematic opportunities to update their competences accordingly. This is a serious shortcoming as high-performing schools are characterised by systematic and well supported professional development, which is longer in duration, more active and more collaborative.

pactt project
PaCTT Project
  • Birmingham City University, UK
  • University of Beira Interior, Portugal
  • CapaAnatolio Teacher Training School, Turkey
  • National Institute for Training and Career Development in Education (NIOKSO), Bulgaria
  • NovanciaBusiness School Paris, France
  • University of Zilina, Slovakia
project activities
Project Activities
  • Strand 1 – Mapping
  • Strand 2 – E-survey
  • Strand 3 – Focus group interviews with teachers
  • Visiting schools and colleges
  • Idea exchange and case studies
  • Searchable Project wiki
    • Mapping
    • Templates
    • Data
    • Processes
  • Project report and CPD Framework Tool
interview data
Interview data

Grounded theory approach

  • Inductive
  • Multiple sources of data – including individuals who do not share a common culture
  • Data collection, coding and analysis occur concurrently
  • Researcher enters the field and discovers the main concerns of participants and the way they resolve these problems
high level coding
High level coding
  • Conceptualisations of teachers and teaching
  • Relationships with ITE
  • Modalities of CPD
  • CPD decision making
  • Motivators
  • Spaces and Places
  • High Value Learning
  • Low Value Learning
  • Impact of CPD
conceptualisations of teachers and teaching
Conceptualisations of teachers and teaching

“First of all the good teacher should be a good person. The good teacher should also love children but from that they should be good professionals.”

relationships with ite
Relationships with ITE

“What I missed was more practice.”

modalities of cpd
Modalities of CPD

“We, the secondary teachers, we have to have a minimum of 25 hours training every year. So, we have to go wherever it is.”

“We need to be in constant teacher training.”

cpd decision making
CPD decision making

“…every teacher decides for themselves…”

“…basically you can do anything that is of particular interest for you.”

“…it’s, I would say, mutual.”


“I never stop working on myself.”


“…I think every teacher should be interested in innovations in teaching and implementation of interesting methods in the classroom because the time in which we live is very dynamic and requires new approaches to ways of teaching and we need to understand the needs of the students...”

spaces and places
Spaces and Places

“I had four days out of school to train externally but mostly it’s here on the job.”


“I’m a geek … I follow a lots of things on Twitter and on the internet and read a lot of the government stuff.”

“I just ride in online…with the foreign teacher, foreigners, other teachers from other countries. And we share, we exchange our ideas, methods, you know, which techniques they use…”

“There are teacher blogs. So I get some research, some new ideas from them and publishers, institutions…”

high value learning 1
High Value Learning 1

“What I value most is the communication with the teachers during the CPD opportunities; the exchange of experience with the other colleagues during the workshops; the discussion of new methods and strategies.”

“… seeing how to do it is really very essential and then having the reflection or the reflective moments after that, you can think about what you’ve done.”

high value learning 2
High Value Learning 2

“I’m always chatting with my colleagues from other European countries and it’s really useful. We not only chat on the topic of the project. We also talk about our teaching experiences and we share new websites and we learn a lot from each other.”

low value learning
Low Value Learning

“I learned more from the other teachers than from the methodical part”.

impact of cpd
Impact of CPD

“…everything that we do should have a positive impact on the pupils…”

“Well, the biggest impact is that I learnt to see each of my students as a unique… she has, he has different interests.”

impact of cpd1
Impact of CPD

“If I learn new things, new methods, I try to apply them in my classes as well as I can…”

“For me, I think that what I’m always looking for is to have some input on how I can do it better with my students. How can I transmit whatever I think is needed for them in a better way and that they will be interested in learning it, in listening to it.”

“…recently I went on some literacy training, something that another school does. And I brought things back into the school and we’ve already implemented them and started using them at school…”

impact of cpd2
Impact of CPD

“My CPD has made me much more reflective and self-aware within the school and within my management role. “

“And also, with my new development, professional development, not only teaching and learning process, I changed my overall life, my private life, you know, my life in society…”

“…you would pass on the knowledge, the skills, the understanding that you have been given through training to others. And so it keeps going and keeps going.”