outdoor works for government campaigns n.
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Outdoor works for… Government campaigns PowerPoint Presentation
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Outdoor works for… Government campaigns

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Outdoor works for… Government campaigns - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outdoor works for… Government campaigns
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  1. Outdoor works for…Government campaigns

  2. Outdoor is available everywhere Outdoor is a national, regional and local medium and can be used imaginatively Plan government communications by postcode, health authority, proximity to schools, accident hotspot, ethnicity group, housing type… Sophisticated planning tools can customise any campaign by target group or budget

  3. Direct communications work, and really influence behaviour • Direct Government communications represent a cost-effective way to influence the behaviour of millions of people • Wherever Government needs to encourage behaviour change, direct communications are a vital tool

  4. On public land and property Outdoor media are frequently based on land or amenities managed by local government It makes sense for public messages to appear in a public space Outdoor is preferred comms partner for many government initiatives

  5. Outdoor offers a truly broadcast medium: it excludes no-one The message can be seen and shared by everyone – public space is important for shaping public opinion Outdoor can also zoom in on particular audiences and environments: poorer neighbourhoods, student campuses, areas of low employment etc.

  6. Historical usage Local Government and the COI have successfully used a range of outdoor to promote their varied messages Campaigns vary from tax returns to navy recruitment, dog waste to fitter lifestyles, flu jabs to drink driving, benefit claims to sexual health

  7. Outdoor can place messages in the most relevant places The relevant placement of the ad can place content at exactly the right time and location Outdoor will let you target a very wide range of environments

  8. Outdoor can create engagement with local and national issues Outdoor can create interaction, engagement and provide greater depth of information

  9. Outdoor is a creative visual medium Strong creative work can convey the message in a powerful way Outdoor is the strongest visual medium, with the ability to grab attention and etch a message into the brain

  10. Longevity of message = more chance of reaching target with high frequency Unlike other media the message will be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week That means a chance for everyone to see it, potentially many times No other medium combines the twin virtues of high cover and high frequency

  11. Outdoor: still the political parties’ favourite announcement vehicle Outdoor’s share of political parties’ advertising at the last general election was 30%*, and 59%* in the case of the Conservatives When it’s a question of winning public support for a cause, outdoor always has a role to play *Source: NMR Mar-May 2010, all media inc door drops, online and direct mail

  12. Outdoor: proven effective in communicating key messages • There are many examples where government, political organisations and charities have used outdoor effectively • These campaigns show an excellent return on advertising investment in engagement and message outtake

  13. Public sector campaigns get noticed “Which of the following have you seen advertised recently using outdoor advertising – Public sector messages (e.g. paying taxes, road safety, not drinking and driving)?” Source: YouGov survey of 1,692 respondents, May 2011

  14. Health campaigns get noticed on outdoor “Which of the following have you seen advertised recently using outdoor advertising – Health matters (e.g. flu jabs, stopping smoking, eating 5 a day etc)?” Source: YouGov survey of 1,692 respondents, May 2011

  15. Leading government advertisers trust Outdoor Top government advertisers in Outdoor 2013 (average spend £226k) Dept Of Health, Transport For London, Dept For Education Dfe, DwpDept For Work & Pensions, Scottish Government, HMRC, Ministry Of Defence Mod, Metropolitan Police, Dept For Bus Innovation & Skills, Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, Greater London Authority, DeptFor Transport Dft, Surrey County Coun, Hampshire County Coun, Food Standards Agency Fsa, Primary Care Trust, Public Health Agency (Belfast), City Of EdinBorCoun, Public Health England, Fairtrade Foundation, KirkleesCoun (Huddersfield), Essex County Coun, Food Safety Promotion Board, Electoral Office N Ire, Welsh Assembly Govt Wag, Rivers State (Nigeria), SouthwarkCoun, Bham City Coun (Bham), Glasgow City Council, Scottish Assn Mental Health, Newcastle City Coun, Invest Northern Ireland, Bradford City Coun, Waltham Forest Coun, Belfast City Coun, Manchester City Coun, Visitwales, Kent County Coun, West Midlands Fire Service, London Bor Of Havering Source: Nielsen Media Research