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Lubrication Of Plain Bearings PowerPoint Presentation
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Lubrication Of Plain Bearings

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Lubrication Of Plain Bearings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lubrication Of Plain Bearings. Plain Bearings are the oldest Types of Bearings. l At first shafts and bushes were made of wood. Later iron and bronze were used. l The lubrication was done with olive oil or with a mixture of oil and lime.

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Lubrication Of Plain Bearings

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Plain Bearings

plain bearings are the oldest types of bearings
Plain Bearings are theoldest Types of Bearings

l At first shafts and bushes were

made of wood. Later iron and

bronze were used.

l The lubrication was done with

olive oil or with a mixture of

oil and lime.

Roman building crane with pulley block

and human power drive. (500 B.C.)

plain bearings in modern machines
Plain Bearings in modern machines

Plain bearings are indispensable in nowadays technology.

A car engine contains more than 90 % plain bearings.

friction in plain bearings
Friction in Plain Bearings


Stribeck Diagram

friction valueµ

number of revolutions/sliding speed

mixed friction

boundary friction

hydrodynamic friction

l rest position of the shaft,

metal / metal contact

(no lubrication between shaft and bearing)

l with increasing speed an oil

film between bearing and

shaft is developed.

l it finally results in a total separation of shaft and bush.

(The friction increases with higher speed (rpm) in this sector of hydrodynamic friction)

plain bearing
Plain Bearing

If possible, the bushes, made out of a material with good

sliding abilities, will be put into a housing of cast iron with

good mechanical stability. The bushes remain replaceable.

determining factors for plain bearings
Determining Factorsfor Plain Bearings

p = bearing load

v = sliding speed

p x v – value





determining factors for plain bearings1
Determining Factorsfor Plain Bearings

[ ]



bearing load:


D x B

pm = ———

pm = average surface pressure [N/mm2]

F= active force [N]

D = diameter of bearing [mm]

B = width of bearing [mm]

  • .

D xx n

100 x 60

v = ———

sliding speed:

[ ]



v = sliding speed [m/s]

D = diameter of bearing [mm]

n = number of revolutions [rpm]

selection guide for lubricants
Selection Guide for Lubricants

high viscosity

l low sliding speed

low viscosity

l high sliding speed

high viscosity

l high bearing clearance

higher viscosity

l high load (bearing pressure)

The viscosity of a lubricating oil

— in a grease the base oil viscosity —

is decisively for the right thickness of the

lubricating film (approx. 3-30µm) under con-

sideration of the type of lubricant supply.

lubricant supply
Lubricant supply

Depending on the demands, very

different ways of Lubrication may be used

l permanent oil–circulation lubrication

l interval lubrication

l for-life lubrication

l self-lubrication

permanent oil circulation with simultaneous heat dissipation
Permanent oil circulation withsimultaneous heat dissipation

l car engines

l steam and water turbines

Standard is an oil pressure between 0,5 and 5 bar.

If higher pressure is used it is called forced-oil lubrication.

interval lubrication
Interval Lubrication

Lubrication in determined time intervals with oil or grease

for life lubrication maintenance free
For-life Lubrication(maintenance free)

l sintered bearings


l lubricant depot

(lubricant grooves/lubricant pockets)

self lubrication
Self Lubrication

Plain bearing materials based on thermo-plastics with additives like MoS2

oks speciality lubricants for plain bearings with
OKS Speciality Lubricantsfor Plain Bearings with:

high loads

impact loads


low or high number of revolutions

Stop-and-go operations

deepest temperatures

highest temperatures

variation in temperature

influence of moisture

corrosive influence

demand for long life lubrication

primary requirements

oks speciality lubricants for plain bearings with1
OKS Speciality Lubricantsfor Plain Bearings with:

regulations of the food industry

compatibility with plastics

secondary requirements


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