Certification plan workshop
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Certification Plan Workshop. May 7, 2014 Version 1.1. What We Will Cover. Mentor Program Overview Certification Stories Behavioral Styles Volunteer Opportunities Certification Planning Volunteer Sign-up today. Purpose of Mentor Program.

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Certification plan workshop

Certification Plan Workshop

May 7, 2014

Version 1.1

What we will cover
What We Will Cover

  • Mentor Program Overview

  • Certification Stories

  • Behavioral Styles

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Certification Planning

  • Volunteer Sign-up today

Purpose of mentor program
Purpose of Mentor Program

  • To support and assist Associate Master Gardeners as you acquire your certification hours and become part of the MG community.

  • Your mentor is not your garden guru – his/her support is primarily to help you get the information you need.



  • Maintain contact (phone call, email, card) with mentee through the first year of the certification process

  • Be available to mentee for questions and guidance

  • Encourage mentee to attend monthly MGA meetings and if possible, carpool with the mentee

  • Participate in mentee’s recognition of certification when awarded at MGA meeting


  • Attend the Certification Plan Workshop

  • Communicate with your mentor during the certification year

Certification stories
Certification Stories

50 hours in 13 months?

Easy shmeasy!!!!

Why behavioral styles
Why Behavioral Styles?

  • Know your style

    • Helps you select volunteer work you will enjoy

  • Know others’ styles

    • Promotes teamwork

      It’s not about the hours

Certification plan workshop





Certification plan workshop



Take Charge


Results Focused

Tend to ask “what”

Like to win

Like to have the last say

Potential Liabilities: Impatient, Insensitive, Autocratic





Good Planner

Tend to ask “how”

Make lists


Potential Liabilities: Indecisive, Too Detailed, Risk Adverse


  • Characteristics

  • Stimulating

  • Inspirational

  • Idea Generator

  • Tend to ask “who”

  • Dislike boring explanations

  • Potential Liabilities: Impulsive, Poor Follow-through, Poor Planning


  • Characteristics

  • Team Player

  • Consensus Builder

  • Relationship-oriented

  • Tend to ask “why”

  • Like positive attention

  • Potential Liabilities: Too Agreeable, Avoids Conflict, Not Demanding Enough

Certification plan workshop


Mentee – May want to find own projects

Mentor – Overbearing or will want more involvement


Mentee – May want plan w/ dates; stress if not getting hours

Mentor – Could take too long to help mentee make decision


Mentee – Lots of ideas with trouble following through

Mentor – May find it difficult to follow-up w/ mentee


Mentee – May be in it for personal contact; may want more interaction

Mentor – May be more concerned w/ how mentee feels than if they are finding activities

Certification plan workshop

When Working With …


Let them be in charge of something

Allow freedom to do things their own way


Provide them with info

Provide some structure


Get excited with them – show some emotion

Inspire them to bigger & better accomplishments


Be supportive & show you care

Give them specific plans & activities to be accomplished

Which style
Which Style?

  • Farmers Market information table

    • Arrange materials

    • Greet visitors

    • Look-up answers to questions

    • Tally interactions

    • Packing up

    • Chair (coordinate)

Which style1
Which Style?

  • Monsoon Madness Plant and Yard Sale

    • Entrance greeter w/ clicker (attendance counter)

    • Help customers with plant selections

Key points
Key Points

  • All styles are good; takes all styles to make a dynamic team

  • Most people are not at extreme end of any one style; most will step out of default style when needed, but with extra effort

  • Any style can be a great leader

  • Any style can follow and be a good team member

    What style are you?

How you will know about volunteer opportunities
How you will know about volunteer opportunities -

  • Check e-mail for announcements

  • Mentor can provide input on opportunities that may interest you

  • Volunteer Projects Status Log e-mailed with MGA meeting reminder

  • Can sign-up at MGA meetings (black binder)

  • Recent handout of projects (one-time for today’s sign-up)

  • Create your own project

    • Discuss w/ mentor

    • Notify Jeff / Mary

    • May be asked to submit application

  • Monthly MGA meetings provide volunteer & continuing education hours

Personal projects
Personal Projects

  • “Project” Definition

    A “project” is defined as a work effort that:

    • is a coordinated community, Master Gardener, or Cooperative Extension event


    • is educational for the public and/or Master Gardeners or supports Cooperative Extension purposes/goals

  • Where to find new project ideas:

    • Schools

    • Your neighborhood

    • Community

    • Non-profits

    • Garden clubs

    • Other

  • Volunteer opportunities
    Volunteer Opportunities

    • See Project Status Log

    • Today’s sign-up

      • Farmers Mkt info tables in Sedona, Camp Verde, Prescott

      • Extension Office Helpdesk – office tour / training

      • Speakers Bureau – give talks

      • Arizona Highlands Garden Conference (Oct)

    • Watch for e-mail for Monsoon Madness

    Chairing a project
    Chairing a Project

    • Chair Training

      • Process for getting volunteers

      • How/when to communicate with them

    • Task lists available for repeatable projects

    • Questions?????

    Next steps
    Next Steps

    • Mentors & Mentees

      • Take a few minutes to discuss styles and communication going forward

      • Identify volunteer work that mentee will LOVE

      • Fill out Certification Plan

      • Post your name on the styles sheet on wall

    • Sign-up for some volunteer opportunities today

    • Continue communication over the next months to find volunteer activities that fit your style

    • Have fun!!!!

    Certification plan workshop

    Current or upcoming volunteer opportunities I’m interested in:

    Project Date

    _________________________________________ _______________

    _________________________________________ _______________

    _________________________________________ _______________

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

    Master Gardener Certification Plan


    June MGA Meeting _____

    __________________________________________ _____

    July __________________________________________ _____

    __________________________________________ _____

    August MGA Meeting _____

    __________________________________________ _____