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Introduction. Corporate Development Advisory Service

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Corporate Development

Advisory Service

ANROMOWA LTD is an independent Finance and Consulting company located in Cyprus is an independent, fee-based, money management firm. We are not affiliated with any brokerage firm, mutual fund organization, financial planning firm or insurance company, and we do not charge commissions. We are, therefore, free to make what we deem to be the best investment decisions for each of our clients.

Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment management is not so much the management of money as it is the management of risk. Most investors take either too much risk or too little. At the ANROMOWA LTD, we believe the challenge is to invest each client’s funds to obtain the highest possible return commensurate with the degree of risk each client is willing and able to assume. For some clients this means seeking long term growth in the stock market. For others, it means earning substantial interest or divided income without significant risk to principal.

The ANROMOWA LTD, manages each portfolio separately, there is no commingling or pooling of funds. ANROMOWA LTD does not take custody of a client’s funds or securities. We simply establish accounts at fully insured brokerage firms that offer our clients discounted commissions, and we manage these accounts through limited power-of-attorney. We issue a statement every month showing profit or loss, as well as holdings. We are accessible to our clients every day.


We The ANROMOWA LTD manages each portfolio separately--there is no commingling or pooling of funds. ANROMOWA LTD does not take custody of a client's funds or securities. We simply establish accounts at fully insured brokerage firms that offer our clients discounted commissions, and we manage these accounts through limited power-of-attorney. We issue a statement every month showing profit or loss, as well as holdings. We are accessible to our clients every day.

The ANROMOWA LTD has an excellent long term performance history and access to discounted brokerage commissions. But, most importantly, each investor has a direct, one-on-one relationship with the Funds Manager, the person making the investment decisions. This is the critical ingredient in building and maintaining the appropriate portfolio for each investor.

The Funds Manager possesses a depth of knowledge about investing that is rare in the investment community and which is reflected in the performance history of the ANROMOWA LTD.


Please take a few minutes to browse through and to find out what we can do for you.

The ANROMOWA LTD Investment Service

Performance and History

Offshore Trusts

Offshore Companies


British Virgin Island - Isle of Man

Investment Service

The ANROMOWA LTD pursues long-term investment objectives with a patient, prudent style of investing.

We buy only publicly traded securities and focus on well-managed companies. We make independent investment decisions through use of our own analytical research efforts, which include visiting companies and meeting with executives.

In pursuit of growth objectives, we concentrate on relatively young companies with a competitive edge in the marketplace and ample room for expansion. A typical growth portfolio contains 10 to 20 diversified stocks. On the conservative side, we seek income and/or safety of principle through investments in U.S. Treasury bonds, medium grade corporate bonds, convertible securities, real estate investment trusts (REITS) and master limited partnerships (MLPs). Balanced portfolios, seeking some growth but greater stability than growth accounts, are comprised of a mixture of all of the above types of securities.

The ANROMOWA LTD forms, manages and administers companies and trusts, for the creation and protection of funds. We advise and implement strategies that assist clients and their professional advisers to establish the most appropriate investment structure for their needs.

Investment Service

We are accredited in several countries with the quality assurance standard of the International Standards Organization. You can therefore be sure of a highly professional and efficient service and that your business affairs will be managed with great skill.

We provide finance management, administrative, advisory and professional services to international clients and have a good understanding of international business.

Whilst we specialize in working with owner-managed businesses and high net worth individuals, we also work closely with international accountancy and legal firms. We maintain close links with major international banks and financial institutions. Our clients include entrepreneurs, businessmen, companies and international tax practitioners.


We fully understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of our client's business affairs at all times. All records are held in the British Virgin Island, Isle of Man, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

ANROMOWA LTD operates to internationally recognized standards in the conduct of business with our clients. As part of this approach we obtain verification of identity and residence of all our clients, and the activities of the companies we administer.

Performance history is an average of all accounts managed in each of three categories - Growth, Balanced and Income, and represents total returns after all management fees, all brokerage commissions, and reinvestments of dividends and interests. Information regarding the types of accounts and strategies used for investing in these portfolios can be requested by each client by first demand.

Acquisitions, Joint Ventures & Alliances

Is your company undertaking an acquisition, joint venture or alliance to gain a foothold in a new market? Capture additional market share and leverage new economies of scale? Respond to consolidation trends in your industry? ANROMOWA Corporate Finance can help. Whether you are a strategic or financial buyer involved in an acquisition, leveraged buyout, joint venture, alliance or recapitalization, we can support your transaction with a complete range of advisory and specialized buy-side transaction services, including:

establishing acquisition goals and criteria;

Performing target evaluation and financial modelling conducting business valuations and competitive assessments assisting with bid preparations; evaluating and arranging financing alternatives, assisting with negotiation, structuring and closing the transaction with the seller and financing sources, coordinating with ANROMOWA Merger and Acquisition/Due Diligence Services practice to provide technical due diligence and contract review, coordinating with ANROMOWA to provide post-transaction integration services related to accounting and financial reporting systems, cash management programs, operations and human resources.

We serve in a lead advisory capacity, providing comprehensive services to management and boards. If your business strategy includes plans for an acquisition, joint venture or alliance, learn why so many corporations and private equity investors choose ANROMOWA as their lead advisor time after time.

Industry-specific Transactions

Is ANROMOWA Corporate Finance (ACF) has a proven track record of advising companies across the world with their business transactions. Our transactions span industries from automotive to aerospace, retail to business services and from financial services to health care.

View our industry-specific transactions:

Business Services

Consumer Services

Financial Services



General Industries

Sales & Divestitures

Massive consolidation engulfs many industries, as evidenced by the continued high level of merger and acquisition activity. At the same time, many companies are carving out, spinning off, or otherwise shedding non-core business units and functions to focus on core competency areas. These trends offer opportunities for companies of all sizes:

Larger companies can create financial and competitive advantages by carving out or spinning off selected portions of their businesses, while reinforcing remaining core areas through targeted acquisitions.

Mid-size companies, both publicly and privately held, may find willing buyers of their businesses if they have the right products or unique value proposition.

Is your company considering any such move? If so, ANROMOWA Corporate Finance can help.

Whether you plan to sell all or part of your business, we bring extensive industry knowledge and local market experience from around the globe to your transaction. Throughout the sale or divestiture process—from initial planning and marketing through due diligence, closing, and post-closing—we can help you anticipate and address issues that arise.

Sales & Divestitures

Specifically, we can help with:

analysis of viable shareholder alternatives, business valuation, pre-sale due diligence, identification of qualified strategic and financial buyers globally, development of a confidential selling memorandum, assistance in transaction origination, structuring, negotiations, and closing, coordination with other ANROMOWA subsidiaries to provide transaction support and post-transaction services.

The complexity of most carve-out scenarios requires an investment bank with the capabilities and experience needed to handle the most demanding transaction situations.  We have extensive experience in helping larger companies undertake carve-out transactions. In fact, we have had tremendous success helping resolve the complex financial, operational, and human capital issues associated with these types of transactions. We provide clients with a comprehensive service solution via our access to consulting, post merger integration, valuation, tax and pre-sale due diligence services professionals housed within the subsidiaries of our ultimate parent MII Holding.

For middle market companies, we are adept at helping prepare for the sale of a business. We are especially successful in helping executives and owners articulate to potential buyers the unique value of their business. At the same time, our extensive network of contacts within Fortune 1000 companies—along with extensive relationships with private equity investors—can prove very beneficial in identifying potential buyers of your business.

If your strategic plans include a sale or divestiture, learn about the many ways ANROMOWA can help you drive your return on the transaction while mitigating associated risks.


The manufacturing industry continues to become more competitive, fuelled by increasing globalization. Several factors will continue to pressure industry dynamics and competitiveness including:

The growing need for companies to acquire new technologies to remain competitive and lower their time-to-market, in turn driving the need to control R and D costs through increased outsourcing. Global price competitiveness, forcing manufacturers to transfer production overseas in search of lower wages and a more ideal tax structure.

A strong acquisition environment, driven by company strategies to utilize economies of scale while taking advantage of strong capital markets. Rising raw material costs as demand for products increases and resources become more scarce. An emphasis on consolidation as companies focus on their core business strategies while outsourcing or divesting non-core processes. Decreasing employment numbers due to efficiencies provided by advancing technology.

In such a dynamic environment, is your company looking for growth, liquidity, or seeking to take advantage of these trends through strategic acquisitions or divestitures? We can help. As the corporate finance practice of the member firm of ANROMOWA we have access to vast relationships and expertise within the manufacturing and private equity client industry.

If it’s your deal, it’s a big deal. Discover why so many manufacturing businesses trust us when they need top-quality investment banking advisory services.


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