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Kuali Student Project Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Kuali Student Project Update

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Kuali Student Project Update

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Kuali Student Project Update

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  1. Kuali StudentProject Update Rajiv Kaushik |University of Toronto

  2. Presenter Rajiv Kaushik Program Director (interim), Kuali Student Director of IT, University of Toronto Rajiv.Kaushik@utoronto.ca

  3. Welcome University of Utah

  4. Purpose of this Session • Kuali Student (KS) Status Update for • Audience already familiar with the project • Institutions – large and small • Commercial Affiliates (KCA)

  5. How Well Do You Know KS? • KS is the largest project within the Kuali Foundation. True or False? • Name all KS Modules • Curriculum Management provides the ability to create class-sections. True of False?

  6. How Well Do You Know KS? • Institutions will have to wait for all of KS Enrollment to be completed before implementing it. True or False? • How is KS different from all off-the-shelf ERP Student Systems? • KS uses the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). List benefits of SOA

  7. Kuali Student Project Introduction • Roadmap • Enrollment • Student Accounts • MyPlan • Infrastructure • Organizational Update • Methodology Update • Sustainability Model • Questions

  8. Roadmap

  9. KS Product Roadmap rice • KIMPeople and Permissions • KRMS Rules • KEWWorkflow • KRADRapid Application Development Collaborative Functionality In development Delivered Future KS Curriculum Management KS Enrollment KS Program Audit KS Financial Aid KS Accounts KS Scheduling KS Admissions MyPlan

  10. Longer Term Roadmap • Program Audit • Longer term plan is to develop our own • Since Enrollment depends on Degree Audit, interim strategy is to integrate with a 3rd party product(s) • U.Achieve (“DARS”) will be the first 3rd party product to be integrated with Enrollment • UW MyPlan has already been integrated with U.Achieve • Scheduling • Enrollment depends on Scheduling • Plan is to integrate with 3rd Party Scheduling System

  11. Longer Term Roadmap • Admissions & Financial Aid • Significant interest from most institutions • KS Board is actively discussing solution options, including • KS developing its own from scratch or by leveraging existing products/intellectual property • A high-level product strategy will likely be available in 2013 • Stay Tuned… If you have an interest in these modules, please contact KS

  12. Development Update

  13. KS Delivery Strategy and Timeline 2011 2012 2013 2014 2.0 1.1 1.2 Curriculum Management Curriculum Management Enrollment Core Slice Course Offering Course Registration Live at UW KS Release …. MyPlan Year 1 MyPlanYear 2 Founders Releases Accounts Student Accounts KS Core Development Community Contribution Collaborations with Rice (KRMS, KIM, KEW, KEN, KRAD) Middleware Not on this KS roadmap: Financial Aid, Admissions, Scheduling, Program Audit

  14. CM Update:: Releases • CM Release 1.2 is available • http://kuali.org/downloads • CM Release 2.0 available this calendar year • Code is already available if you are starting implementation • CM Sustainability Model is being formulated. Will Include: • Support and Maintenance plan • Contribution process • CM Roadmap

  15. CM Update:: Delivered Scope ? Courses Create Proposal Process Programs View Modify Retire Learning Unit Administrative Screens Group Catalog Ideas Analyze Curriculum Management

  16. CM Update:: Implementations

  17. Enrollment Update:: Scope Institution Facing Student Facing Course Offering Course Registration Course Course Assessment Program Enrollment Program Offering Program Assessment Program Academic Planning Academic Record Setup Common People and Permissions

  18. Enrollment Status • Thin slice (“Core Slice”) of Enrollment was completed in 2011 • Resulted in foundational design for the large body of Enrollment • We are now 9 months into developing Enrollment • Frequent releases via deep dive into a functional area at a time • Delivered • Setup:: Academic Time Periods, Registration Appointments • People and Permissions: Manage Populations

  19. Enrollment Status • In Progress • Course Offering is about 35% complete • Course Offering available in 2013 • Course Registration available in 2014 • Resources • 2 Parallel Teams and 1 Technical Team • Not all teams started at the same time • 12-16 positions vacant at any given time

  20. Changes to Enrollment Roadmap 2011 2012 • Enr 1 in 2014 (3 years later), Enr 2 afterwards • Enr 1 will be the basics of Enrollment, Enr 2 will be the vision • Enr 1 product strategy was “Broad versus Deep” • To be developed by 5 Parallel Teams • An implementable release of Enrollment every year • Course Offering in 2013 • Course Registration in 2014 • Each Release is a deep-dive into a Functional Area

  21. What Does This Mean For KS Community? • An implementable Release each year • Enrollment Release schedule is meant to reflect a logical implementation sequence: CM -> Course Offering -> Course Registration -> … • Institutions should begin implementing CM first

  22. Drivers of Change • Feedback from Institutions that Enr 1 will not be enough functionality for an institution to implement Enrollment till Enr 2 (2015+) • AKS report recommended we have more frequent Releases focused on a functional area at a time, Releases which are implementable versus “erector set of functionality”

  23. MyPlan Update:: Scope Academic Planning Tool for Students Developed by UW * • Advanced Course Searches with filtering • Save Courses of interest • Create multi-Quarter Course Plan informed by degree audit • Share Plan with Advisers • Compare requirements across multiple programs • Develop and maintain a back-up plan • Shared sample plans that can be used as templates • Plan for non-course activities • Pre-registration planning • * Currently being evaluated as a core part of KS Product offerings

  24. MyPlan Status • Delivered • First phase is already live at the UW • Proves that KRAD works • In Progress • Second phase is in development at the UW • Contribution to KS planned for next year • Resources • MyPlan Developed by UW resources funded by the UW

  25. KSA Update: Scope • Receivables Management • Payment Billing • Fee Management • Third Party Billing • Collections Management

  26. KSA Update:: Status • KSA under development as a contribution by KS Partner, Sigma Systems • Delivered • Fee Management Prototype • In Progress • Overall 63 % complete • Phase 1 is on track for a Founder Release in April 2013 • Phase 1 Scope: Core Receivables, Integration with Financial Systems • Phase 2: Founder Release in July 2013 • Resources • Developed by Sigma resources funded by the UMD and USC

  27. Infrastructure Update: Technical Architecture UI Client Browser New! Application Rapid Application Development Framework (KRAD) Service Layer/ SOA Kuali Service Bus (KSB) People (KIM) KS Service API Permissions (KIM) KS Service Implementation Rules (KRMS) Workflow (KEW) New! KS Data Access Object (DAO) Persistence OJB KS Database Rice Database Database Kuali Student Kuali Rice

  28. Infrastructure Update: Rice KRAD and KRMS • Collaborated with Kuali Rice to design and develop • KRAD, a UI Framework for creating a Rich User Experience • KRMS, a Business Rules Management system • KRAD is being used by • KS Enrollment • UW for MyPlan • U of Toronto for a Course Search web application • Any institution can start using KRAD to develop Rich Web Applications

  29. Organizational Update

  30. Org Update:: Org Structure Board Functional Council Project Advisory Group Program Director Functional Director Development Manager QA Manager Technical Architect Test Engineers Product Manager Services Team Configuration Mgmt Team Analysis and User Experience Teams Parallel Development Teams Recent Hires in Yellow

  31. Org Update:: Leadership Team • Program Director • Functional Director • Experienced industry leader has been hired • Responsible for functional strategy and marketing. Will leads Functional Council • Product Manager • Interim hire in place • Tactical, delivery team facing role. Leads Core Analysis Team. • Made significant headway in tuning our methodology and formulating a prioritized Product Backlog

  32. Org Update:: Leadership Team • Development Manager • On-board and making a significant impact on all levels of development • QA Manager • On-board. Making significant headway on automated functional testing • Services Lead • Services Architect was promoted to Services Lead • Has helped significantly improve Services Design methodology

  33. Org Update:: Who Does What • Parallel Development Team Objectives • Design functionality from Product Backlog • Develop product in short sprints • QA West Coast 1 South Africa East Coast 1 Future: Toronto, Utah • Core Team Objectives • Product is well defined and prioritized (Product Backlog) • Support product design and development • Delivered Product meets requirements Core

  34. Org Update:: Core Team West Coast 1 South Africa East Coast 1 Future: Toronto, Utah Core

  35. Org Update:: Parallel Development Teams West Coast 1 South Africa East Coast 1 Future: Toronto, Utah Core

  36. Enrollment Methodology Update

  37. Enr Methodology Update:: Work Breakdown Modules KS Curriculum Management KS Enrollment KS Accounts KS Program Audit KS Scheduling KS Financial Aid KS Admissions

  38. Enr Methodology Update:: SDLC Public Release Course Offering Identify Requirements Release Course Registration Release . . .

  39. Sustainability Model

  40. Business Drivers • KS continues to focus on product development, leaves little bandwidth for product sustainment • CM Implementations are in progress at investing institutions • Non-investing institutions are assessing CM implementation • KCAs interested in building KS Consulting Practice

  41. Next Steps • Launch a workgroup with representation from • KS Core • Implementers • KCAs

  42. How Can You Participate on KS?

  43. Become an Investor • Invest in KS by contributing resources • Entitled to seats on the Board and Functional Council • Your institutional needs can influence product strategy formulated by the community • Your resources can form a Parallel Development Team at your institution, developing KS, thereby accelerating KS Releases • Your institution gets access to Founders Releases and insider knowledge to help your KS implementation(s)

  44. Become a Contributor • Developed/Developing an application for your institution? Consider contributing it to KS and leveraging the benefits of community source • Applications developed with Kuali Rice are natural candidates for contribution because Rice is the KS Middleware stack • KCAs looking to build a KS practice can now get jump started by bringing resources at cost to KS

  45. To Get Started • Learn more about why & how to participate in development of KS • Contact: ks.info@kuali.org • Learn more about Implementing KS • Engage with the Implementation Users Group (IUG) • wiki: https://wiki.kuali.org/x/ZgBPCw • Forum: ks.collab@kuali.org

  46. Where can you get more information? • QUESTIONS • Questions can be addressed to the KS Project and Community: • ks.info@kuali.org; ks.collab@kuali.org • DOCUMENTATION • Technical and Functional Documentation can be found here: • Curriculum Management Documentation • CODE • The code base can be downloaded here: • http://kuali.org/download • DEFECTS • Defects submitted and tracked in JIRA • https://jira.kuali.org/browse/KSLAB • ENHANCEMENTS • Enhancements are managed via the KS Contribution Model

  47. ? What questions do you have?