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International Action Plan Follow Up

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International Action Plan Follow Up - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Action Plan Follow Up. New York May 04, 2006 . Mandate and Preparation The conveners of renewables 2004 (the German Federal Ministries BMU and BMZ) invited REN21, to co-ordinate the follow-up and carry out the reporting on the implementation of IAP Actions.

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Mandate and Preparation
  • The conveners of renewables 2004 (the German Federal Ministries BMU and BMZ) invited REN21, to co-ordinate the follow-up and carry out the reporting on the implementation of IAP Actions.
  • IAP Follow Up activity was adopted by REN21 SC meeting in Beijing November 2005.
3. Disclosure and Publication Policy
  • REN21 Secretariat is making the (edited) reports received available on-line continuously on the website
  • Secretariat has prepared a first Interim Report in print for the occasion of the 14th Session of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (CSD), 1-12 May 2006, in New York (first distributed to SC members)
  • Updated on-line Interim Report to be prepared for June 2006, two years after renewables 2004

4. Status of Reporting April 27, 2006.

Response Rate

  • Continued effort in reminding is successful
  • Sent first contact in early March. By 27 April 2006, Partners for 83 Actions had responded, bringing the response rate to 42 percent.
  • Should guarantee that by June 2006, two years after the Bonn conference, significantly more than half of the Actions will be reported on.
  • Will consider further steps to increase effectiveness of this process

4. Status of Reporting April 27, 2006.

Structure of response:

  • Most regions of origin (of the leading Partner) and target (where the Action is implemented) are represented in the current sample, except North America, from where reports have been announced
  • All categories of actor types, i.e. governments (including regional and local governments), international organisations (including international financial institutions), non-governmental organisations, research bodies, and the private sector have shown strong participation in this reporting initiative.
  • Responses are also relatively evenly distributed among the different types of Actions.
  • All categories have been covered, though unevenly. The sample of responses received can be considered fairly representative for all of the Actions put forward in the IAP.
Structure of response:

Type of Action

Absolute numbers of responses and committed Actions

Research and Development 19 out of 35

Information and Awareness 12 out of 33

Policies 12 out of 41

Financing 11 out of 17

Capacity Building 11 out of 25

Deployment 10 out of 26

Multiple categories 8 out of 20


5. Status of Implementation According to Reports

Implementation status reported

  • Most (75%) reports show that the commitments are being or have been implemented. They are either completed (18%) or underway (57%).
  • Others are still under preparation (23%)
  • Only 2 percent of IAP commitments reported on have been abandoned.

5. Status of Implementation According to Reports

Within the Actions

  • More than average (75%) implementation rate is reported for Actions in the categories financing and R&D,
  • Average in policy, awareness building and multiple (combined)
  • Sub average in capacity building and deployment
  • Projects with wind or biomass component higher reporting percentage, and often exceeding projections

5. Status of Implementation According to Reports


  • Reporting is advanced on policies which include targets (5 out of 9): China, France, Japan, UK and Northern Ireland (2 different commitments), Australia announced report
  • all are in implementation, 3 already approved
  • Reporting is slower on other policy Actions (7 of 32): China, Ethiopia, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Uganda, Pacific Islands
  • here also implementation is general; however completion rate is lower.
  • Note: in category Multiple, reports were received from countries like Pakistan and Egypt which also include policy targets and measures

5. Status of Implementation According to Reports


  • 11 out of 17 Action (set up financing schemes) s have been reported on (65%)
  • 10 of them are in implementation; one under preparation
  • Significant new programmes by EIB, KfW,
  • WB commitment accomplished
  • Private sector financing

5. Status of Implementation According to Reports

Example: Pakistan Alternative Energy Development Board

Goal: Target of 10% RE electricity by 2015, via implementing policies, fiscal incentives, public awareness, strengthening institutions;

Rural electrification target: 50,000 villages electrified

Results so far:

- Legislation enacted

- 104 MW going on line in the next six months – interim target of 800 MW (5%) by 2010

- 8,000 rural people with modern energy services via installation of 182KW micro RE

Key Lessons: 1) Governments must lead the way in order to attract private capital; 2) Off-grid rural RE needs proper training and awareness to achieve acceptance and proper implementation


7. Integration in UN CSD Process

REN21 activities during UN CSD

  • Partnership presentation (May 04, 2006), with Rajendra Pachauri and Stephen Sawyer
  • Participation in JREC side event (May 08), Secretariat
  • REN21 stand (May 09)
  • Partnerships in Practice Interactive Discussion Session: Working in Collaboration: Partnership networking and relationship buildingMay 09 (3:00 – 4:30 PM)
  • Joint side event with REEEP (May 10), with Ministers UK DEFRA; Germany BMU; Egypt; Mexico;
  • Distribution of print version of First Interim Report
  • Updated flyer informing on issue papers …