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Top 6 Designs for Your New Custom Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 6 Designs for Your New Custom Home

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Top 6 Designs for Your New Custom Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This article presents a host of ideas that you can incorporate in your new custom home.

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top 6 designs for your new custom home

Top 6 Designs for Your New Custom Home

Are you building a custom home? Looking for features that will enhance the function

of your design. Would you like a voice assistant that will provide constant weather

updates and provide energy efficient home automation?

This article presents a host of ideas that you can incorporate in your new custom


#1. Satin brass

Brass finishes are cherished for their ability to shine in a space without being

reflective. Many designers are now embracing satin brass that delivers muted sheen

and warmth.

The finish complements several styles in the kitchen and looks perfect with any color

palette. Rooms with satin brass have an eclectic look as well.

#2. Voice assistants

Voice assistants are soon to be common place in new home construction. Alexa,

Amazon’s voice-activated interface is one popular smart home device and Google’s

Home is also growing in popularity.

These devices work through voice activation phrases and can be placed throughout

the home, and constantly working in the background in a dormant state. They are

capable of giving weather updates adjust climate

capable of giving weather updates, adjust climate control, play music or even dim

light bulbs.

#3. Sustainable Design Features

It’s becoming more common for designers and architects to incorporate sustainable

design practices in their custom home to reduce the carbon footprint of their builds.

The Modern Barn , a custom home builder in New York, uses a variety of eco-friendly

practices that you could include in your design. One of the easiest to implement is

solar paneling on the roof of your home, which reduces long-term energy bills and


#4. Splurge on laundry rooms

Everyone knows kitchens and bathrooms can impact your budget and get quite

expensive when it comes to remodeling, but homeowners might want to look at

investing in other spaces as well. Laundry rooms that incorporate smart design can

bring in more light, storage and function. Putting a little extra attention for this

space will pay off in the long term.

#5. Creative entryways

The entryway can utilize a compact place with fun design without splurging a huge

budget. Homeowners can use a accent wall that would make a statement orƒ a long

mirror that will add a luxe feel to the entry. First impressions always matter, and a

creative entryway design is great for customized houses.

#6. Outdoor-inspired showers

An outdoor shower is highly desirable, but it does not seem to be practical for most

places in the country. Hence interior designers are keen to incorporate intimate

courtyards to create closeted bathrooms that can showcase an outdoor- feel while

also maintaining privacy.


Each of the 6 design ideas will elevate your custom home design; you can choose

which are fit for you depending on your preference and budget.

Note: Originally published on Olives & Okra.