intact exposure trip n.
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InTACT Exposure Trip

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InTACT Exposure Trip - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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InTACT Exposure Trip. Planning Session. Opening Prayer. House Keeping. Expectation for the Exposure Trip. Exposure Trip Theme. I Saw: Objectives. Explain the concept of professionals -for- and- with others. I SAW: the self -to share one’s strength and abilities to others

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intact exposure trip

InTACTExposure Trip

Planning Session


I Saw: Objectives

  • Explain the concept of professionals -for- and- with others.
    • I SAW: the self -to share one’s strength and abilities to others
  • Identify the different characteristics of and culture of a community.
    • I SAW: the community I will go to – people, situations and realities
  • Foster interaction with one’s community.
    • I SAW: the “us” – togetherness, fellowship of students and people from the community
  • Develop openness to have a sense of duty and responsibility towards the outside community.
  • I SAW: the “call” – where does the experience lead me

Name of Area

Information about the area maybe presented as follows:

a. Name and Location:

b. Background of the area/ institution (e.g. community profile, history)

  • Clients (for the exposure)
  • Number of participants
  • Number of male and female (if can be specified by the area)

c. Proposed activities (e.g. values formations, arts & crafts, recreational activities)

d. Specific/ special instruction by the area (if any)

e. Facilities that can be used (for the exposure)


Exposure Trip Homework

Be sure to gather/ know the following information:

a. Name of a kid

b. Name of area

c. Dreams/ aspirations of the kid

d. Any follow-up questions which might help in knowing the context/situation of the kid and his/her family. The 3rd question is a trigger to open up this topic.

Note: Answers will be used for the processing session



a. Waiver Forms

b. Any other reminders for the block