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Artistic Directors Marin Alsop & Jude Kelly PowerPoint Presentation
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Artistic Directors Marin Alsop & Jude Kelly

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Artistic Directors Marin Alsop & Jude Kelly

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Artistic Directors Marin Alsop & Jude Kelly

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  1. Artistic Directors Marin Alsop & Jude Kelly Delivered in Partnership with the Southbank Centre, London

  2. A (Very Busy and Not so Long) Journey… • 2 Rounds of exploratory ‘Think-Ins’ in September & November 2011 led by Marin & Jude Kelly • Attended by +400 women (and men) • 3 months of content planning, partner/sponsor outreach and speaker/audience development by small WOW Task Force • Hundreds if not thousands of external phone calls, meetings, emails… • Throw in a few weeks of the holidays… The WOW-Festival is born! • 3 days • Friday & Saturday, 10am – 5:30pm • Sunday, 10am – 2:00pm • ~50 activities per day • $10 Day Passes | $5 Study Day Passes • Festival line-up announced & Tickets on sale from January 27

  3. WOW Keynotes & Highlights Friday, March 2, 2012 STEM workshops with The Keynote: Human Trafficking & The Federal Response (with Q&A) Alice Hill, Senior Counselor to Janet Napolitano Stoop Storytelling Workshops 2 hour session Panel: Girls – An Endangered Species or our next world leaders? Panel of local girls aged 11-18 talk Moderated by member of UN Foundation’s Girl Up! campaign Discussion (with tasting): Food & Wine. The Philosophy & Inspiration of Food in Community Featuring local female chefs, wine experts, and more Film Screening with Discussion On Friday, up to 50 complimentary day passes are being offered to local schools (girls grades 6-12). To-date, EACH school invited has responded YES, including: BLSYW Garrison Forest Bryn Mawr Chesapeake High (GEM Program) The SEED School Western High School Seton Keough IND/NDP More invitations pending!

  4. WOW Keynotes & Highlights Men Talk about what it means to be a feminist male, and what it means to support and raise feminist women. Featuring Kwame from Center Stage; Saturday, March 3, 2012 Keynote: The Kitchen Sisters & Hidden World of Girls Project Includes multi-media of their NPR series hosted by Tina Fey and on-stage interview of Baltimore women Stoop Storytelling Workshops 2 hour session Other Panels / Topics include: Women & Sports Financial Perspectives – what is happening in today’s economy? Finding your style – Fashion at any price point The F-Word Debate Post Career Education – Where do you find it? When do you need it? Discussion: Microfinance from a global and local perspective Microfinance is a proven tool for fighting poverty on a large scale. Hear from an organization leading efforts around the globe Film Screening with Discussion Saturday Night Marquee WOW Event – 8:00pm Conversations pending. ‘an evening of storytelling’.

  5. WOW Keynotes & Highlights Sunday, March 4, 2012 Revolving/Core WOW Activities WOW Bites | short (5-10 minute) talks and inspiring ideas, achievements, stories or manifestos. Speed Mentoring | participants engage with leading female mentors from a range of industries in a “speed dating” format. Spontaneous Performances & Interactive Demonstrations| From Lynne Brick on Fitness; Community Sings; Irish Dancing; Hula Hoop making; Geurilla Knitting; Dance & Movement; and more! Keynote: Rebecca Hoffberger (AVAM) The Muses are Women Panel: Women in the Arts & Culture Marin & Jude are joined by Rebecca Hoffberger, Debbie Chin, and Doreen Bolger WOW Marketplace | women’s businesses, organizations/charities, products and activities (from nail painting to hair braiding) are available in the Meyerhoff lobby. *~20 applications received! WOW Cafe & Conversation Lounge | a casual atmosphere for refreshments, networking and informal conversation. Brunch with a Twist Female chefs and restaurants lead interactive brunch demonstrations WOW Reflections & Closing

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