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Mutapa. Per.1 Jeff Wilder Damian Jones. Geographic Map. Money Making. Made money by playing games and set-ups. Religion.

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Jeff Wilder

Damian Jones

money making
Money Making

Made money by playing games and set-ups.

  • The religion of the Mutapa kingdom revolved around ritual consultation of spirits and a cult of royal ancestors. The ancestors advised the kings through mediums appointed by the court. Known as "mhondoros" these mediums maintained Shrines within the capital. The mhondoros also served as oral historians recording the names and deeds of past kings. Local lords, fumos, usually relatives of the king, were appointed to administer the provinces. Over time, some of these "lords" became hereditary."The King was "Lord of the Sun and the Moon, King of the Land of the Rivers and Conquerors of Enemies." Natural resources were thought to have been created by Mwari, the deity and could only be "exploited with the approval of the Mutapa, Mwari's earthly representative and custodian. When approaching the King, arms had to be left outside the city, and approach on bare feet.
  • Women were treated fairly by their families in France.
places they took over
Places they took over
  • The Rozwi Empire or Lozwi Empire (1684–1834) was established on the Zimbabwean Plateau by ChangamireDombo.