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Power Words 5

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Power Words 5. adulation. (n) extreme praise (Though the book was pretty good, Marcy did not believe it deserved the adulation it received.) ______________ deserves all the adulation he/she gets. Benign (buh NINE). (adj.) not threatening, mild, harmless

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  • (n) extreme praise
  • (Though the book was pretty good, Marcy did not believe it deserved the adulation it received.)
  • ______________ deserves all the adulation he/she gets.
benign buh nine
Benign (buh NINE)
  • (adj.) not threatening, mild, harmless
  • (We were all relieved to hear that the medical tests determined her tumor to be benign.)
  • Though many people think he/she/it is dangerous, ___________ is really benign.
capitulate cap it choo late
Capitulate (cap IT choo late)
  • (v.) to surrender, to give in
  • (The army finally capitulated after fighting a long costly battle.)
  • The only way I can get my parents to capitulate to my demands is to ________.
  • (v.) to laugh at mockingly
  • (adj.) derisive; (n.) derision
  • (The bullies derided the foreign student’s accent.)
  • Though many people deride him/her, _________ does not deserve the derision she receives.
  • (v.) to imitate
  • (I idolized Jimmy Page as a teenager, so I sought to emulate him by buying a Les Paul guitar.)
  • ________ would be a good person to emulate because _____________.
fa ade fuss odd
Façade (fuss ODD)
  • (n.) a deceptive appearance or attitude
    • (Despite my smiling façade, I am feeling melancholy.)
  • Whenever I __________ I feel like I have to hide behind a façade.
  • (n.) the act of placing two things next to each other for comparison; (v.) juxtapose
  • (The interior designer admired my juxtaposition of the yellow couch and green table.)
  • When I juxtapose _____ and _______ I have a hard time deciding between the two.
malevolent mal eh vol uhnt
Malevolent (mal EH vol uhnt)
  • (adj.) wanting harm to befall others
  • (The malevolent old man sat in the park all day, tripping unsuspecting passersby with his cane.)
  • I have never felt malevolent toward _____.
panacea pan uh see uh
Panacea (pan uh SEE uh)
  • (n.) a remedy for all ills or difficulties (Doctors wish there was a single panacea for every disease, but sadly there is not.)
  • Sometimes it seems the only panacea for my problems is ___________.
respite ress pit
Respite (RESS pit)
  • (n.) a break, a rest
  • (Justin left the pub to gain a brief respite from the smoke and noise.)
  • When I need a respite from my problems, I like to ___________________.