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A little bit about me… PowerPoint Presentation
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A little bit about me…

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A little bit about me… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A little bit about me…

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  1. A little bit about me… • B.S. in Elementary Education • M. Ed. in Supervision/Administration • This is my fifth year of teaching at Brown’s Chapel • In addition to 2nd grade, I’ve taught 3rd grade • Name change after fall break

  2. Class rules • In order to establish a positive working environment, our class will be expected to follow the rules: • Listen when your teacher is talking. • Follow directions quickly. • Respect others, respect yourself, respect your school. • Raise your hand to speak or stand. • Be safe, be kind, be honest.

  3. Our Daily Schedule 7:15-7:45- Morning Work and Announcements 7:50-9:00- Calendar and Math 9:00-10:00- Reading/Language/Writing Block 10:00-10:40- Related Arts 10:40-11:20- Reading/Language/Writing Block 11:25-11:50- Lunch 11:20-12:00- Restroom Break 12:00-12:15- Read Aloud 12:15-12:50- Science/Social Studies 12:50-1:10- Recess 1:10-1:35- Science/Social Studies continued 1:35-2:10`- Intervention and Enrichment 2:10-2:20- Prepare for Dismissal 2:30- Dismissal

  4. 2nd Grade Discipline Policy • Students will “move clips” for misbehavior/irresponsibility. • Ready to Learn - green • Slow Down- yellow • Think About It- orange • Parent Contact - red • This will be recorded in agenda each day. • Behavior will result in rewards or consequences.

  5. Buck Nation Behavior Rewards • Students are encouraged and expected to follow the rules of the school and classroom each day. “Buck Nation” is a series of privileges intended to reward students for putting forth their BEST efforts. • Students will earn this privilege if they complete homework and have at least 4 days of “green” or above behavior. All assignments and homework must be complete. • Buck Nation includes being able to wear a hat all day, but also being able to buy a snack to eat during Fun Friday. Students may purchase a snack on Fridays for • 50¢ . Please send exact change.

  6. Money Procedures Please send any money to school in an envelope labeled as follows: Child’s name Teacher’s name Amount and purpose for money Please send separate envelopes for each item. Please send exact change. We are unable to make change. Please turn money in by deadlines.

  7. Snack • Please send a healthy snack with your child each day. This should be separate from their lunch. • No cookies, candy, or messy foods, please. • Suggestions: 100-calorie packs, crackers, fresh fruit, cheese sticks, granola bars, dry cereal. • Your child is allowed to bring a water bottle to school each day.

  8. Lunch Visitors • Our lunch is from 11:25 – 11:50. • Visitors must sign in at the front desk with a driver’s license. • Only guardians and those listed on the registration card will be permitted to eat lunch with a student, unless a signed note is received. • No outside food in the cafeteria.

  9. Transportation • All changes of transportation require a note, separate from agenda, signed by a parent. • Please be sure that your child understands how he/she goes home each day, especially when there are changes. • If your child is a car rider, please have his/her car tag in the window.

  10. Homework • Reading and math homework will be assigned. Homework can be found in your child’s BEE binder in the back sheet protector. Additional projects may be assigned periodically. • Feel free to provide assistance and support for your child, but don’t complete the work for him/her. • Encourage responsibility and accountability.

  11. Late or Missing Work • Students will be expected to complete unfinished work during recess. • Students are given five days to make up missed work from an absence. • For lengthy absences, you may contact me and arrange to pick up assignments at the close of the school day. • It is your child’s responsibility to make sure all work is completed.

  12. Take Home Binders • Please check your child’s binder and take home taxi folder daily! Remove papers from the “Left at Home” side of the folder. • Students keep their homework in their sheet protector. If there are papers I need signed you may put those in the “Bring Right Back” side of their take home taxi folder. • You may also send notes to me and/or money in their binder or folder. • Sign/initial agenda daily.

  13. Monday Folders • Look for your child’s blue Monday folder every Monday afternoon. • It will contain graded papers from the previous week and other pertinent information. • Please take papers out and sign to indicate that you looked over the papers. • The folder is due back to me (with a parent signature) Tuesday morning.

  14. Scholastic Book Orders • I will send home Scholastic Book orders almost monthly. • This is no obligation, but is a cheap way to provide your child with quality books at home. • If you wish to place an order, it is only payable by check and must be made out to Scholastic.

  15. Attendance • Please keep absences and tardies to a minimum. It is impossible for a child to truly “make-up” an absence when considering in-class discussions and activities. • Our bell rings at 7:30. If your child is not in his or her classroom at this time, he/she will be considered tardy. • Early check-outs also count as tardies. Students will not be released between 2:00-2:30 without a parent note. • A written note must be provided and received within 5 days to excuse illnesses, bereavement, or appointments. A doctor’s note is required for three or more days of illness.

  16. Illnesses and Medications • All medication must be signed in to the clinic by a parent. This includes Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and cough drops. • Please do not send your child to school if he/she has been vomiting or has had a fever in the last 24 hours.

  17. Related Arts • Students will attend a Related Arts class for 40 minutes each day. We are on a 6 day rotation. • Physical Education • Library • Computer Lab • Art • Music • Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes to P.E. • Students are encouraged to keep library books in their backpacks.

  18. Grades • We are on a 9-week grading period. • A progress report is sent home approximately halfway through the grading period. • Any assignment earning a 1 must be signed by parent and returned.

  19. Volunteers • I would love to have help with: • Copies/ laminating • Reading to the class • Sending in supplies that we need or supplies for celebrations and special activities • Chaperoning field trips • Attending celebrations in order to assist

  20. Birthdays • You may send store-bought treats for your child’s birthday. • Please be sure to send enough for the entire class (currently 20 students). • Please do not send birthday invitations to school unless you are inviting the entire class (or just the boys/girls).

  21. Awards • Academic Honors will be awarded for students with all 3’s. • Perfect Attendance for the nine weeks will be given. • There will be a ceremony at the end of each grading period. Invitations will be sent home with students receiving an award. • Every grading period, one student from each class will be recognized for outstanding character. • 1st Nine Weeks • Responsibility & Trustworthiness • 2nd Nine Weeks • Respect & Integrity • 3rd Nine Weeks • Self-discipline & Perseverance • 4th Nine Weeks • Caring & Fairness

  22. Parent Communication • Report Cards (every 9 weeks) • Progress Reports (mid 9 weeks) • Parent Conferences (twice a year/more) • Newsletters/Monday Folder (every Monday) • Agenda/Binder (Daily) • E-mail: • Web • Click on Faculty, Second grade, Miss Haislip • Phone : 615-904-6755 ext. 30915

  23. Thank you for coming! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns!