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Technology Troubleshooting Workshop

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Technology Troubleshooting Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Troubleshooting Workshop. Capstone Oral Defense Presentation Kelley Schafer Western Governors University Mingming Jiang - Mentor. Kelley Schafer Career…. Background: Middle School Science Teacher and Vice Principal of Coulee City K-8, 2006-Present

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Presentation Transcript
technology troubleshooting workshop

Technology Troubleshooting Workshop

Capstone Oral Defense Presentation

Kelley Schafer

Western Governors University

Mingming Jiang - Mentor

kelley schafer career
Kelley SchaferCareer…


  • Middle School Science Teacher and Vice Principal of Coulee City K-8, 2006-Present
  • Teacher of 5th grade self-contained at Coulee City K-8, 1998-2005
  • B.S degree in Natural Science, K-8 Endorsement & 4-12 English Endorsement, Eastern Washington University, 1992-1997
kelley schafer career1
Kelley SchaferCareer…
  • Coulee City School is a

K-8 Building located in Coulee City, Washington.

  • In the heart of wheat country, on the southern edge of Banks Lake, and just 5 miles from the historic Dry Falls.
kelley schafer family
Kelley SchaferFamily…

I was born into a long history of Wheat farming, with my father farming his own grandfather’s homestead.

I continued the tradition by marrying a wheat farmer and moving into the actual house his grandfather was born in. My son is the 5th generation Schafer to live in the house!

My Father, Mother, sisters, husband, kids, and dog Lucy on the family farm

kelley schafer family1
Kelley SchaferFamily…
  • Son Brayton Thomas born May 13th, 2001
  • Daughter Adyson Elizabeth born April 27th, 2004
kelley schafer professional development
Kelley SchaferProfessional Development…
  • I enrolled in the Western Governors University program to further develop my knowledge in technology, evaluation, and instructional design for my classroom and future career opportunities.
  • Last spring after being hired as Vice-Principal in my building, I enrolled in an Administration Certification program to obtain a principal certificate.
overview of my project
Overview of My Project…
  • A technology troubleshooting workshop was designed to teach teachers basic computer troubleshooting on printing, scanning, digital cameras, Accelerated Reading software, and remote access email.
  • Participants were taken through the steps to perform troubleshooting tasks and evaluated on a performance checklist.
  • An online version of the workshop was available as a refresher for participants.
my project
My Project…

Problem Statement & Needs Assessment

  • The instructional problem faced at our school was how to provide teachers with support in every day technology functions and malfunctions.
  • It was determined after conducting staff surveys and interviews that a workshop and trouble shooting/maintenance guide should be designed to fill in the technology gaps of the staff members.
my project1
My Project…

Goal Statement

  • After the instruction and when given an online troubleshooting guide, teachers of Coulee City School will be able to solve common technical problems that occur with printing, Accelerated Reading software, using scanned images, using digital camera pictures, and utilizing the Outlook Web Access.
my project2
My Project…


Throughout the workshop participants utilized:

Throughout the workshop the instructor utilized:

  • PowerPoint presentations for each skill
my project3
My Project…

Formative Evaluation

  • The effectiveness, usefulness, and pertinence of the workshop and guide were evaluated using a formative evaluation.
  • During the evaluation gaps in instruction were identified.
  • The evaluation also validated that the instructional goals were met.
  • One-on-one and small group evaluations were used.
my project4
My Project…

Formative Evaluation

Quantitative data was collected and evaluated from the pretest, performance checklists, and the post test.

Qualitative data was collected and evaluated from the staff questionnaire, surveys, observations, running records, and one-on-one interviews.

my project5
My Project…


  • The workshop and project met an assessed need in our district.
  • The website is an active document that can be updated and revised easily.
  • Instruction was geared directly at the participants’ expressed needs.


  • The length of instructional time was limited and needed to be extended.
research fundamentals domain
Research Fundamentals Domain
  • In the Research Fundamentals Domain I learned how to review other’s research, conduct my own research, become more informed regarding research methods, validity and reliability.
  • I have used and will continue to use this knowledge extensively while working on our school improvement plan which requires research based techniques and strategies to be evaluated on a yearly basis.
  • I will also continue to use this knowledge to analyze the data from our state assessment scores.
instructional design domain
Instructional Design Domain
  • The Instructional Design Domain is where I learned how to conduct a needs analysis, learner analysis, and task analysis.
  • I designed behavior objectives and learned about instructional strategies, and learning theories.
  • I continue to use instructional design in my own classroom units and lessons, as well as to further develop teacher in-service and training in my school district.
technology integration domain
Technology Integration Domain
  • In the technology Integration Domain I learned how to best use technology and integrate it seamlessly into my project.
  • I learned how to develop an online tool to support the instructional goals I had outlined.
  • I learned about guidelines for web design and about technology ethics.
  • I will continue to use this knowledge as I integrate technology into my classroom.
  • I will also continue to use skills learned when creating other web based projects.
measurement and evaluation domain
Measurement and Evaluation Domain
  • In the Measurement and Evaluation Domain I learned how to construct a formative evaluation report of my instructional product.
  • I learned about various data collection and using appropriate measurement instruments.
  • I will continue to use this information as I evaluate the effectiveness of future instructional units.
  • This information will help me to revise instruction and keep track of instructional goals.

Thank you for your time and attention.

I look forward to answering your questions and comments on my project and experience at Western Governors University.

This experience has been rewarding and the knowledge learned invaluable!