2012 skamania state of the county
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2012 Skamania State of the county - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012 Skamania State of the county. Historical Background. Gifford Pinchot Harvest 1980 - 2002. DNR Trust Lands. Skamania has 43,000 Acres of Trust Land 4200 acres are “fully encumbered” and off limits to logging due to the Spotted Owl.

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2012 skamania state of the county

2012 Skamania State of the county

Historical background

Dnr trust lands
DNR Trust Lands

  • Skamania has 43,000 Acres of Trust Land

    • 4200 acres are “fully encumbered” and off limits to logging due to the Spotted Owl.

    • 37,000 acres are “partially encumbered” and restricted in some ways due to the Spotted Owl

2011 vs 2012 expenses reduced 15 524 046
2011 VS 2012 Expensesreduced $15,524,046

2011 vs 2012 current expense reduced 3 919 557
2011 VS 2012 Current Expensereduced $3,919,557

Non criminal justice vs
Non Criminal Justice VS

Criminal Justice

Cuts for 2012
Cuts for 2012

  • Commissioners Cuts

    • Pool Closed–11 layoffs-County Cost 120,000 @ year

    • 7 Facilities/Recreation Layoffs & Staff Reductions

    • 5 Public Works/Road Layoffs & Staff Reductions

    • 4 Community Development Layoffs

    • 4 Seniors Layoffs & Drivers Reduced

      • One transit trip per day eliminated

    • 2 Community Health Layoffs

    • 1 Commissioner Office Layoff

    • Interpretive Center Director Mandatory Retirement

Additional cuts for 2012
Additional Cuts for 2012

  • Sheriff

    • 4 Layoffs & Staff Reductions

  • Auditor

    • 1 Layoff

  • Assessor

    • 1 Layoff/Staff Reduction

  • Superior Court Clerk/Superior Court Juvenile

    • 1 Layoff

    • 31 layoffs and 5 position eliminations

    • 17 Seasonal Positions Eliminated

    • Cash out and Unemployment liability $350,000

Additional actions
Additional Actions

  • Moved Solid Waste to a Full Enterprise Fund

    • Has been subsidized at 35%

    • Include a $5.00 fee per visit - $2.50 is just recycle

Additional actions cont
Additional Actions cont…

  • Suspended Interfund Payments

    • Equipment Rental & Repair (Vehicles and Computers)

  • Set up mechanic shops as a department along the lines of a private shop.

  • Set up Central Services as a full service department instead of an enterprise fund

Additional actions cont1
Additional Actions cont…

  • By Agreement Extended all Employee Contracts for one year with no increases

Authorized sales tax
Authorized Sales Tax

  • Current

  • .5 County Sales Tax = Approx $250,000

  • Added for 2012

  • Add .5 County Sales Tax = Approx 180,000

    • Second to the last county in the state to do so.

  • .1 Criminal Justice Sales Tax = Approx $35,000

  • .1 Mental Health Sales Tax = Approx $35,000

Balancing 2012 budget
Balancing 2012 Budget

  • Balancing 2012 Budget with a 2 million dollar loan.

    • The Loan will be secured against the sale of surplus properties through ought the county.

    • The sales of these properties is a one time opportunity to allow the voters to choose whether or not to fund County levy requests.

    • It is necessary to avoid potentially damaging unnecessary disruption of essential services

      • Have identified 3.5 million in potential properties.

Current property tax
Current Property Tax

  • Current Expense Levy Rate @ $1.40 per 1000 assessed valuation = $1,800,000

  • Road Levy Rate @ $1.41 per 1000 assessed valuation = $1,400,000

Future actions
Future Actions

  • Will run Levy Lid Lift in 2012 effective 2013 for both Current Expense and Road levy as well as $0.50 Criminal Justice Levy

  • Current Expense Levy Lid = $1.80

  • Road Levy Lid = $2.25

Current levy rates on 175k residence
Current Levy Rateson $175K Residence

Actual current county levy
Actual Current County Levy

  • At $1.38 Current Expense

    • $241.50 on a 175K Home

    • $276.00 on a 200K home

    • $414.00 on a 300 K Home

  • At $1.43 Road Levy

    • $250.25 on a 175K Home

    • $286.00 on a 200K home

    • $429.00 on a 300K Home

Increased levy rates on 175k residence
Increased Levy Rateson $175K Residence

Difference in levy rates on 175k residence
Difference in Levy Rateson $175K Residence

Future actions cont
Future Actions cont…

  • These levies together will raise approx $ 1,950,000

  • Without these levies the 2013 current expense budget will be reduced from 10 Million to 8 Million

  • Road Budget will be reduced significantly


  • Elected Officials have received raises


  • In 2000 the previous Board of Commissioners passed a resolution which increased elected officials pay by 2.5% per year every year

  • Commissioners can not raise or lower their pay during their term.

  • In 2008 current Commissioners passed a resolution rescinding the 2.5% and setting salaries per the state salary commission.

    • No elected official raises in last 4 budgets.


14 Million in County Reserves

Fact 2006
Fact - 2006

  • 4.5 million in Salary and Wages Reserve

  • 3.1 million in Capital Reserve

  • 3.8 million in Road Reserve


  • 4 million in Salary and Wages in 2006

  • 2 million increase in 2007 due to concern of loss of Forest Funds

  • Forest Funds Reauthorized in 2007 for one year and again in 2008 for 4 years with declining payment.

  • Salary reserve used to maintain full employment through 2011 budget year

Cumulative reserves salary and wages
Cumulative Reserves Salary and Wages


  • County General Reserves used to upgrade facilities


  • Capital Reserves are funds specifically designated to be used for facility upgrade, maintenance, purchase or other needs.

    • Increased to 4.5 million in 2007

  • Hegewald Addition completed under budget @ 3.2 Million

  • Annex Remodel completed under budget @ $980,000

  • Replaced three other facilities and gained 20 years of building life.

Capital reserve vs capital improvements
Capital Reserve vs Capital Improvements

Legislative work
Legislative Work

  • DNR Encumbered Lands Bill

    • In 2010 session we passed the Encumbered Lands Bill for Skamania, Wahkiakum and Pacific Counties which allows for ESA encumbered lands to be placed into habitat conservation with the timber value being paid to the counties and new productive lands being purchased

Legislative work continued
Legislative Work Continued

  • DNR Encumbered Lands Bill Cont…

    • In 2011 sessions DNRreported back to the state senate that Skamania had 24+/- million in timber on the 4200 Acres of fully encumbered land

    • Successfully advocated for the first payment to be made through the Capital Budget.

    • Each County to receive 500K in 2012

Legislative work continued1
Legislative Work Continued

  • DNR Encumbered Lands Bill Cont…

    • In 2012 we successfully passed the Unitary Trust Bill which allows DNR to purchased shared lands for the three encumbered counties.

    • This means we can find managed forest lands that can continue production for all three counties on a percentage basis.

    • This is the first County unitary trust in the state

Legislative work continued2
Legislative Work Continued

  • Hastings/Bishop Bill

    • Creates a trust for each county & their schools in which there is national forest.

    • Based on $60% of average revenue during the 20 years 1980 – 1999

    • Trust projects are proposed by the Forest Service

    • Have shortened environmental review (controversial)

    • Can not be adjudicated (controversial)

    • Has passed out of committee on the way to the floor

    • Senate says it is DOA.

Legislative work continued3
Legislative Work Continued

  • O&C Oregon Bill

    • Is a Title in the Hastings/Bishop bill

    • Creates a timber production trust for 16 counties on 1.2 million acres of BLM timber lands taking it out of federal ownership(GP is 1.2 million acres)(controversial)

    • Conserves 1.2 million additional acres.

    • Is sponsored by three Oregon Congressman for Oregon Counties only

    • Has not been introduced separately in committee or on the floor

    • Still has a chance of being in the Hastings/Bishop bill according to committee staff

Legislative work continued4
Legislative Work Continued

  • Senate Bill

    • Introduced in Committee last year.

      • Five years of continued SRS/County Payments with ramp-down

      • Five years of continued PILT funding

      • No management language

      • House Says its DOA

Legislative work continued5
Legislative Work Continued

  • Senate

    • Have been working for last 6 weeks on an amendment to the Transportation Bill.

      • Across the country 585 million of SRS/County Payments money has gone to County Roads

    • Worked Senate all of the week of February 27th crafting support for a one or two year extension via the amendment.

    • By end of last week there was agreement on amendment and continued effort to find “pay-for”

    • Last night amendment was introduced

      • One Year SRS/County Payments

Legislative work continued6
Legislative Work Continued

  • Senate

    • Thursday morning the 8th five republicans signed on a co-sponsors

    • Passed at 1pm DC time on an 82 yea to 16 nay vote.

    • Most bipartisan vote (not counting troop funding) this session

    • Still need full bill to pass

  • House

    • Has been arguing over their transportation bill for couple of weeks.

Legislative work continued7
Legislative Work Continued

  • House

    • Speaker pulled House bill off the floor

    • Still no agreement as of Wednesday the 7th.

    • Friday the 9th the Speaker said they are going to accept and work the Senate bill.

    • Bill must be completed by end of month.

New owl plan
New Owl Plan

  • Court Order to redo the Bush Plan

  • Ordered to include private land

    • USFW has no authority to regulate local land use unless there is a federal nexus…. But it opens the landowner to third party federal lawsuits.

  • Makes most of the GP into Critical Habitat

  • Also released an EIS on killing Barred Owls

    • Thousands according to USFW

Wind river business park
Wind River Business Park

  • When Forest Service closed Nursery the refused to turn over to County.

  • Had to get Congressional action to obtain at the point about half.

  • Still waiting for water rights after 12 years

  • Purchased building from FS and had to move it across the street

  • Probably going to take another Congressional action to get done

  • Do have New Business US Bag moving in