Do now 9 17 12
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DO NOW 9/17/12. Compare Progresso and condensed soups using the labels and what you already know about them . Which looks easier to prepare? Why? Which looks better for you? Why? Other observations…. Standards and Objectives. Assessment.

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Do now 9 17 12
DO NOW 9/17/12

  • Compare Progresso and condensed soups using the labels and what you already know about them.

  • Which looks easier to prepare? Why?

  • Which looks better for you? Why?

  • Other observations…


  • Detailed explanation in paragraph of reasoning for choosing or not choosing items needed for survival.

Reminder to 3 rd and 4 th
Reminder to 3rd and 4th

  • 3rdhour – Clean tables – pick up trash – disappointed in way the classroom was left on Friday. Directions not followed. Books not put away. Folders not put on front table or shoved in the black crate. Take pride in your school. Please do not trash it. 1 purple marker went missing.  

  • 4th hour – Skinny markers were not put back. I had to find them on the floor. The girls were using a neon pink marker that I thought was theirs but you apparently took it from my own supply. Do not touch stuff inside of the blue lines.


  • Warm-Up and Discuss

  • Introduce Standard, Objective, and Agenda for the day.

  • Lesson:

  • Complete the survival shopping activity sheet as pairs or table groups.

  • Example: When I think practically, I usually grab a can of chicken noodle soup because it costs 64 cents.  

  • Share one item in a WAVE fashion.

  • Teacher reads aloud pages 32-41 Survival shopping section

  • PDF – pages 42 - 54

  • Model the expected response for their modified item paragraph using the choice of Progresso soup

  • Students modify their survival activity in a colored pencil or pen

  • Predict the future of the story…

  • TIME consideration: Socratic Seminar re: If you don’t know what circumstances you will encounter during an emergency situation, how will you prepare ahead?

  • Ex: flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, electricity, sinking ship…

Exit ticket
Exit Ticket

  • After having read in the book, justify why you chose the one item on your list to have in order to survive in a written paragraph.

Study smart
Study SMart

  • Tour the Gym Hallway

  • Pick up trash

  • Decide where two large posters will go.

  • Finish Logos for class and vote on the best one!

  • Create two posters for MARS and Sports Pride! Go Titans!

Do now 9 18 12
DO Now 9/18/12

  • The moon controls tides and has created huge tsunamis in the book. What are some other effects it may have on the world if it is too close?


  • Students will fill out their mind maps in an I Do, We Do, You Do fashion with at least 3 details thought of on their own for each subtopic

    • Earth

    • Mars

    • Object


  • Warm-Up and Discuss

  • Introduce Standard, Objective, and Agenda for the day.

  • Schoolwide discipline plan

  • Stolen Iphone/Ipod from Promethean Bus

  • Finish reading Survival Shopping – Change your list of ideas

  • Mind Map – 1 way to plan your writing – not the only way

  • Earth – what do you like about the only planet you have ever lived on?

  • Mars – What do you know about it? What kind of homes would we have to live in?

  • 1 object that is most important – no people, no phones. Why?

Exit ticket1
Exit Ticket

  • What Item is the most important to you? Why?

Study smart1
Study Smart

  • -Silent Choice Reading (20 minutes) – May read the news paper if you would like to.

  • -Think Pair Share

  • -Partner up

  • -Person A is the tallest – goes first (5 minutes)

  • -Tell your partner the title of the book/article you are reading

  • -Tell your partner the author of the book/article

  • -Share one thing that you like about your book or one thing that you learned from reading today.

  • Switch – Person B goes (5 minutes)

  • -Share out 4 “What my partner is reading is. What he/she said about the book/article was…”

Do now 9 19 12
DO now 9/19/12

  • If you had the chance to start over on a new planet with your family what would you look forward to? What would you change?

My example
My example

  • If I had the chance to start over on a new planet, I would look forward to making history. Pioneers are the ones that decide what is remembered and what is forgotten. By writing down every new experience people will know for generations how we colonized the new territory.

  • I would change the way I am perceived. I would try to be more open and inviting than standoffish. Perhaps in the new world I would write more because I wouldn’t have distractions such as my cell phone, ipad and internet.


  • Warm-Up and Discuss

  • Introduce Standard, Objective, and Agenda for the day.

  • Project Evacuation

  • Journal # 1

  • Exit Ticket is to show your finished work before leaving the classroom

Captain s log journal 1
Captain’s log Journal 1

  • Write a journal about leaving Earth

  • Include the following information

  • Be creative!

  • We are leaving Earth and you are journaling about it: Describe your feelings as the rocket takes off and you see Earth fading away. Describe the things from Earth will you miss? Talk about the things do you look forward to about life on Mars? Describe the one item you are holding in your lap and why you are taking it with you.

  • This is a narrative piece. Make sure that you separate your ideas into paragraphs!

How you will be assessed
How you will be assessed

  • See rubric being passed out. Put name on rubric. Place rubric in folder we will use it for every assignment.

Ticket out the door
Ticket out the door

  • Show me your planning sheet or what you have started. You must have either a completed planning sheet to leave or one paragraph finished. We will have MAP testing tomorrow. This journal entry is due Friday!

Study smart2
Study smart

  • Achieve 3000 – New program

  • Log in – Read today’s article

  • Go step by step to see student site

Agenda 9 20 12
Agenda 9/20/12

  • MAP Testing Day 2

  • Log in – User name – Webmap

  • Password – [email protected]

  • Session name _____________ Password ___________

  • Sign in with 3 letters of first name.

  • Those finished will be working on Captain’s Log Journals – Due Friday!

  • You have the rubric – use it with each paper that we write!

  • Standards - 3.1/3.2 – composing narrative texts using organization, paragraphing, and correct capitalization.

Study smart3
Study smart

  • Achieve 3000

  • Log in – school network log in

  • Password – school network log in

  • 1) Answer the question

  • 2) Email the answer to your teacher

  • 3) Read the article and answer the questions

  • 4) I assign points for thoughtful answers and students focusing on their reading.

Do now 9 21 12
DO NOW 9/21/12

  • DOK 1 - What basic routines do you go through on a daily basis? List them.


  • 5 Points will be rewarded for each date read. Students will write the main idea with 80% accuracy and a dok 2 or dok 3 question that makes sense, written with help by the higher order thinking question template.


  • Warm-Up and Discuss

  • Introduce Standard, Objective, and Agenda for the day.

  • Lesson:

  • 2nd hour – classroom clean-up!

  • Short warm-up discussion

  • Turn in Captain’s Log Journal – Story about Mars

  • Reading May 20-24

  • Fill out Main Idea for each date

  • Write a DOK2 or DOK3 to ask about each date – use the template to help you.

  • Report back to class

  • Review information