anti trust competition law compliance statement
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Anti-Trust/Competition Law Compliance Statement

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Anti-Trust/Competition Law Compliance Statement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anti-Trust/Competition Law Compliance Statement.

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anti trust competition law compliance statement

Anti-Trust/Competition Law Compliance Statement

INTERTANKO’s policy is to be firmly committed to maintaining a fair and competitive environment in the world tanker trade, and to adhering to all applicable laws which regulate INTERTANKO’s and its members’ activities in these markets. These laws include the anti-trust/competition laws which the United States, the European Union and many nations of the world have adopted to preserve the free enterprise system, promote competition and protect the public from monopolistic and other restrictive trade practices. INTERTANKO’s activities will be conducted in compliance with its Anti-trust/Competition Law Guidelines.

INTERTANKO Asian Panel Meeting

3rd November, Hong Kong

1. Welcome and introductory remarks

2. INTERTANKO Organisational Review

3. Consideration of INTERTANKO’s Policy on GHGs

4. Council Agenda Overview

5. Update on Regional and Local Issues

6. Date and place of next meeting

7. Any other business

asian panel and member meetings
Asian Panel and Member Meetings



Singapore Members Meeting

Hong Kong Asian Panel Meeting


Shanghai Members Meeting



Singapore Members Meeting


Tokyo Asian Panel Meeting (TBC)

Seoul Members Meeting

Shanghai Members Meeting

2 organisational review
2. Organisational Review
  • Council review questionnaire on the organisational structure of the association – focusing on two areas:
  • Operational - priorities, efficiency initiatives, material, number of meetings.

1.  Clarify priorities;

2.  Narrow the scope:

3.  Reduce administration;

4.  Improve communications;

5.  Reduce meetings; and

6.  Subcommittees are of value, but there are too many.

  • Structural - governance model, Executive Committee, Council, Secretariat, Panels.

1.  Executive Committee role vs. the Council role is unclear;

2.  Structure is “heavy”; and

3.  Regional panel role is unclear.

5 regional developments
5. Regional developments
  • Cooperative Mechanism
    • ETV in the Straits
  • Singapore Inspections
  • Carriage Capacity of the Straits
5 regional developments1
5. Regional developments

Cooperative Mechanism

  • Navigation and Environmental Panels
    • Cooperative Forum Meeting, Singapore 14-15 October
    • Industry invited to participate in ‘Industry led Technical Panels on Navigation and Environmental Issues in the Straits’
    • Environmental Agenda – ballast water, biofouling, oil and chemical spills, reception facilities
    • Navigational Agenda – TSS issues, small vessel traffic, e-navigation
  • Outcome
    • Environmental
      • Reception facilities guide for the Straits
      • Agreement to work on spill drills and exercises with government authorities
    • Navigational
      • Review detail of industry TSS issues – entry points
      • Consider further possible solutions to small vessel traffic in the Straits
5 regional developments2
5. Regional developments

Cooperative Mechanism

  • Emergency Towing Vessels (ETV)
    • Proposal by Singapore
    • Project idea to be developed
    • Positioning of vessels through-out the Straits
    • Industry input will be requested
    • Possible problems...?
regional developments
Regional developments

Singapore Inspection Request Form

    • March 2009
    • Limited complaints from INTERTANKO members in terms of refusals, but...
    • Some concern over form and guidelines for form use being strictly adhered to
    • Additional company representative not well received
  • Possible future progress
    • Inclusion of CDI inspectors alongside SIRE
    • Removal of requirement for additional company representative (superintendent)
    • Eventual removal of form submission
5 regional developments3
5. Regional developments

Carriage Capacity of the Straits

  • Independent assessment by Singapore MPA
  • 257,000 vessel movements per year
  • Narrowest point of Singapore Strait, south of Sister’s Islands
    • Currently: 0.1 interactions per nm
    • 75% increase: 0.5 interactions per nm
    • 100% increase: 1.5 interactions per nm
  • MPA content that 75% achievable with current processes and technology (15-20 years)