Anatomy of mobile systems
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Anatomy of mobile systems. Lin Zhong ELEC424, Fall 2010. Outline. Physical Integrated circuit Software Cost Power profile Administration. Physical profile: Case study. HP Jornada 928 Released in 2002 TI OMAP 710 133MHz 64MB RAM CompactFlash I 221 grams QVGA refective TFT display

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Anatomy of mobile systems

Anatomy of mobile systems

Lin Zhong

ELEC424, Fall 2010


  • Physical

  • Integrated circuit

  • Software

  • Cost

  • Power profile

  • Administration

Physical profile case study
Physical profile: Case study

  • HP Jornada 928

    • Released in 2002

    • TI OMAP 710 133MHz

    • 64MB RAM

    • CompactFlash I

    • 221 grams

    • QVGA refective TFT display

    • GSM/GPRS

    • Windows Pocket PC 2002

Component stack up 17mm
Component stack-up (17mm)

Portable Electronics Product Design & Development, Bert Haskell, 2004

Weight profile
Weight profile

Which parts are most likely to become lighter?

Physical trend
Physical trend

  • Lighter but not necessarily smaller

  • More integrated

    • Jornada 928 has about 600 discrete components

    • System-in-a-package (SiP)

    • Digital RF

  • Single-chip cell phone

Source: ICCAD’05, Bogdan Staszewski, TI

Integrated circuit jornada 928
Integrated circuit: Jornada 928

  • Simplified block diagram (Bert Haskell)

Software profile
Software profile



(graphics, e.g. OpenGL, user interfaces, e.g. Qt)

Managed runtime

(Java virtual machine, .NET framework)

Operating system

Device drivers

(System interface to peripheral devices)


(BIOS, fixed software in microcontrollers)

Cost profile
Cost profile

Source: PEPDD, Bert Haskell

Total cost: $170.5

Cost profile contd
Cost profile (Contd.)

$199 with AT&T plan

>$700 from ebay without plan

Cost profile pc
Cost profile (PC)

  • Dell Inspiron 1420 basic system: ~$650 (08/08)

    • Including Windows Vista Home: ~$200 (retail)

  • Office 2007-Student:~$100

    • Professional version :~$500

  • Security software: ~$100 (three years)

Software is really expensive!!!

Iphone 3gs teardown
iPhone 3GS teardown

Iphone 3gs teardown contd
iPhone 3GS teardown (Contd.)

Iphone 3gs teardown contd1
iPhone 3GS teardown (Contd.)

Power profile pocket pc

Power for audio delivery

Power profile: Pocket PC

iPAQ 4350, 2004

Power profile smartphone
Power profile: Smartphone

Audiovox 5600, 2004

Power profile interactive tasks
Power profile: Interactive tasks

A computer spends most of its energy in idle periods due to the human-computer speed mismatch

Display power significant

User delays

Power trace for Calculator on a Sharp Zaurus 5500

99% time and 95% energy spent waiting during interaction

Power profile make a call
Power profile: Make a call



Power profile browse web
Power profile: Browse web

Back lightings change

Downloading (

Power profile play video
Power profile: Play video

Speaker on

Speaker off

30-minute of streaming video will exhaust the battery

Industrial profile
Industrial profile


Verizon, Sprint, AT&T etc.




RIM (Blackberry)


Operating system

Samsung, LG, HTC, Moto,…


System integration/manufacture


TI, ARM, MIPS (Digital), Qualcom

  • Broadcom, Marvel (RF, Analog)