8 th grade fieldtrip prospects
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8 th Grade Fieldtrip Prospects. In efforts to make this a year of exceptional learning opportunities, the 8 th grade teachers are proposing the following fieldtrips for their students .

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8 th grade fieldtrip prospects
8th Grade Fieldtrip Prospects

  • In efforts to make this a year of exceptional learning opportunities, the 8th grade teachers are proposing the following fieldtrips for their students.

  • The trips are intended to give students real world experiences while linking to the GA curriculum standards for 8th grade content area subjects. Due to limits on the number of fieldtrips which can be taken during the school day, many of these experiences are offered as extra credit opportunities on the weekends.


  • The school trips will be taken using a private carrier.

  • This is necessary because of time restraints in using county transportation – as busses can’t leave prior to 9:30 am and must return no later than 1:45 pm.

  • This carrier is approved by the county and has been used for several years by the 8th grade.

  • Extra credit fieldtrips will require parent transportation.

Selection process
Selection Process

  • Fieldtrip venues were selected by teachers based on previous knowledge of the sites. They were discussed by the teachers in a collaborative effort to provide experiences that meet a variety of subject area objectives, are easy to get to, and are reasonably affordable.


There will be events planned for all students, with the exception of one specialized trip discussed later in this presentation.

Per administration, students can be removed or denied participation in the fieldtrips based on behavioral concerns arising throughout the year.

Overnight Trip Participation requirements will be discussed later in this presentation.

Etowah indian mounds extra credit field trip
Etowah Indian MoundsExtra Credit Field Trip

  • August 23, 2014

    • 9:00 – 12:00

    • Social Studies

    • Travel provided by parents

    • $4 per person (pay at the park) for museum ticket. See any of the 8th grade social studies teachers upon arrival at the park.

    • If you go any time other than Saturday, the cost is $4.00 - $5.00 without group rate.

Chickamauga battlefield dahlonega gold mines
Chickamauga Battlefield & Dahlonega Gold Mines

  • October, 2014 (date TBA)

  • 6:30 am – 5:30 pm (Chickamauga)

  • 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (Dahlonega)

  • Cross Curricular in nature

    • Travel on private carrier coaches

    • $80.00 per student for both trips. Cost includes transportation for both trips, mine tours, and lunch both days.

Atlanta history center dia de los muertos
Atlanta History CenterDia De Los Muertos

  • November 2, 2014 (12:00 – 5:00 pm)

  • Spanish – Extra Credit

  • Travel provided by parents – extra credit experience

  • Come learn about and experience a Day of the Dead Festival. Enjoy storytelling, crafts, and authentic Mexican food and entertainment.

  • Cost is free for this day.

Oakland cemetery
Oakland Cemetery

  • October or November, 2014 (Date TBA)

  • Parents provide transportation – extra credit

  • AC ELA fieldtrip – Links to writing

  • $10.00 per person for guided tour

Shakespeare tavern
Shakespeare Tavern

  • December, 2014 (date choices will be sent home in the next week)

  • Students will view “A Christmas Carol”

  • ELA students invited – links to ELA classes

  • Travel provided by parents – extra credit

  • Cost varies depending upon seating (ranges $20 - $34 each). If we book group seating, cost is $5.00 less per ticket.

  • Can’t make it to the Tavern, catch a performance at any of the many

  • theatres in Atlanta Metro Area presenting this timeless classic. Extra Credit

  • provided for attending any performance.

Georgia close up youth legislative conference
Georgia Close Up Youth Legislative Conference

  • Social Studies students only, by application (including essay) and Student Council

  • February, 2015 (2 days 7:00 am – 4:00 pm)

  • Conference at GA State Capital Building

  • Mock Legislature

  • Estimated cost $80 per student

The breman holocaust museum
The Breman Holocaust Museum

March or April 2015 (it will be a Sunday due to Jewish Sabbath on Saturday).

  • 10:00 – 1:00

  • All 8th grade students – cross curricular in nature

  • Travel provided by parents

  • $5 per student and parent, pay at the museum, plus lunch at Varsity for any who want to join us.

Cost includes presentation from Holocaust survivor speaker and entrance to museum.

Savannah fieldtrip
Savannah Fieldtrip

  • May 6* – 9, 2015 (Depending upon interest & cost, we may leave after school on 5/5 instead of 5/6).

    • Cross Curricular

    • This is a basic itinerary and not the finalized trip itinerary for the 2015 trip, but rather just a glimpse at a typical trip.

Sample itinerary could include
Sample Itinerary Could Include:

Visits to following educational sites:

  • Telfair Academy

  • Jepson Art Center

  • Owens-Thomas House

  • Davenport House

  • First African Baptist Church

  • Temple Mickve Israel

  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

  • Greyson Stadium

  • Factor’s Walk

  • Tybee Pier & Science Center

  • Ft. Pulaski

  • Tybee Lighthouse & Station

  • Wormsloe Plantation

  • Colonial Park Cemetery

  • The Squares of Savannah

  • The Savannah Museum of History

  • Historic Trolley Tour

  • Bonaventure Cemetery

  • Forsyth Park

  • River Street

  • City Market

Sample itinerary could include1
Sample Itinerary Could Include:

Visits to following entertainment sites:

  • Historic Savannah Theatre

  • Sand Gnats Baseball Game

  • Riverboat Dance Cruise

  • Ghost Tour

  • Putt-Putt & Batting Cages

Dine at the following restaurants:

  • Pirate’s House

  • Vinnie Van Go-Go’s Pizza

  • Roly Poly

  • Leopold’s Ice Cream

  • Historic Greyson Stadium

  • Lighthouse Pizza

  • Longhorn’s Steakhouse Catering

  • Lady & Sons

  • Express Café

  • Bryson Hall

  • Fiddler’s Crab House

  • Tubby’s Tank House

Savannah fieldtrip1
Savannah Fieldtrip

Cost per student approximately $500 per student depending on number of students attending and number of tours booked. I make all arrangements, which saves us the cost of a travel agent.

Cost will be deferred by fund raising opportunities, however in order to benefit from the fundraising, you must participate in the activities.

Savannah fieldtrip2
Savannah Fieldtrip

Cost of the trip includes the following:

(estimates only based on previous years)

  • Transportation on private carrier - $125

  • Lodging $120

  • Meals (2 not covered) $100

  • Admission to all venues $130

  • Gratuity for drivers, tour guides, docents $20

Savannah fieldtrip3
Savannah Fieldtrip

Cost of the trip does not include the following:

  • Additional meals:

    • Meals during travel

  • Spending Money for souvenirs and/or snacks (Most museums have gift shops, as well as City Market and River Street shopping one day)

Savannah fieldtrip4
Savannah Fieldtrip

  • You should complete and return the entire packet along with the required deposit by September 5, 2014.

  • Medical Release Form & Insurance Card will be due at the paperwork meeting in January for all parents. A notary will be available that evening to notarize medical release forms. Please let me know if you are a notary and are willing to assist that evening.

  • Parents interested in chaperoning should complete the chaperone application and return by September 5, 2014. The chaperone application is available in the packet. These will be dated and chaperones will be selected in the order they are received, pending administrative approval and based on the number necessary for student’s attending.

Savannah fieldtrip5
Savannah Fieldtrip

Payment Schedule:

$100 deposit due with paperwork by 9/5 to reserve spot.

Remaining Payment Schedule for Students and Chaperones

Savannah fieldtrip6
Savannah Fieldtrip

*Balance notices will be sent home throughout the year reflecting payments and any fundraiser credits. Parents can choose to pay the entire balance in one lump sum at any time between September 5, 2014 - February 24, 2015. If a monthly fee schedule is needed, please notify [email protected] so that it may be noted in her records. The initial $100.00 deposit should be made and then monthly payments of $60 - $65 (depending upon final cost) should be sent in each month from October – February.


  • As cost is determined by initial sign up and as deposits are paid to all venues in October, no refunds will be given. This includes students removed for academic or behavioral reasons or at the parent’s discretion. Please consider this before signing up for the trip.

Savannah fieldtrip7
Savannah Fieldtrip

All 8th Grade students who meet the academic & behavior requirements listed below who have also completed paperwork and payment schedule are eligible.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Please see the academic requirements and disciplinary infractions that will exclude you from this trip:

• Failure to maintain a grade average of 80% or better in all classes, with the exception of high school credit classes (Coord. Algebra, CoAG and Spanish). In these high school classes you must maintain an average of 74% or better. Averages will be monitored at the 12 week progress report mark in October and grade worthiness reminder issued. Final grade worthiness will be determined at the end of the first semester in December. Students/parents will be notified if the student is no longer eligible for the trip based on academic status when report cards are issued in January.

Savannah fieldtrip8
Savannah Fieldtrip

  • N or U in conduct in any class, as resulting from behavior, per grading period that is repeated and results in the lowering of a conduct grade and/or administrative referral will be excluded or removed from the trip.

  • Assignment of three cumulative ISS days during the months beginning August 15, 2014 – May, 2015 – based on infraction/administrative recommendation.

  • Assignment of any number of OSS days from school during the months beginning August 15, 2014 – May, 2015 – based on infraction/administrative recommendation.

Savannah fieldtrip9
Savannah Fieldtrip

  • Some examples of infractions resulting in removal from the trip regardless of discipline history could be, but are not limited to:

  • Skipping any class

  • Fighting

  • Use of alcohol or drugs

  • Continued insubordination or belligerence in any class

  • Per administration students can be removed or denied participation in the fieldtrips based on other behavioral concerns arising throughout the year. Teachers have a right to take these concerns to administration based on continued behaviors in the academic areas.

Savannah fieldtrip10
Savannah Fieldtrip

• The grade cut off will be at the end of semester one in December; however, behavior will be monitored up until the time of departure and also on the trip. We cannot take any students on the trip with which we have concerns about potential misconduct.

• ** Please remember any student removed for grades and/or behavior will not be eligible for any portion of a refund of monies paid to date. This includes the initial deposit plus any additional payments made on the payment schedule. Additionally, any credits earned through fund raising would be forfeited to the general field trip budget.


Any Questions, e-mail [email protected]

Register for Remind 101 text announcements by signing up. Text @riseshine to 1-424-277-2241

E-mail reminders will also be sent. Be sure to complete the 8th grade Google Doc to ensure your e-mail addresses are available. http://goo.gl/jWQSIV