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Mobility aids

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Mobility aids. Walking stick.

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walking stick
Walking stick
  • Having a walking stick will provide support and maintain balance which will help maintain their mobility for longer. Maintaining their ability for longer will mean they will not have to have a carer or move into a care home , also they will be able to be more independent , being independent will make the service user feel free an enjoy life they will be able to take a walk in the park go shopping also go visit their friends and family.
zimmer frame
Zimmer Frame

Using a Zimmer frame help service users who are unsteady on their feet gain balance and confidence. Also a Zimmer frame will postpone deformities as they will be able to get around much easier, postponing deformities will mean remaining in your own home being able to look after yourself and not having relying on others, This will mean more stability and freedom.

  • Using a Tripod will encourage independence and provide more support which will postpone or completely rule out becoming withdrawn or depressed, also using the tripod will mean being able use your limbs and muscles instead of sitting on a scooter which will increase the chances of having health problems. Using a tripod will help you get around more and will also keep you healthier an moving your muscles. Tripods are typically used service users who have had a stroke and who may have weakness or paralysis on one side.