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Lake County Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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Lake County Schools

Lake County Schools

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Lake County Schools

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  1. Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services C² Collaborative Cohort October 18, 2012 COOPERATIVE ENGAGEMENT

  2. Shifting Gears Cooperative Engagement As you enter, complete the following… Think of specific situations in which students need to more effectively be engaged in learning. Share with your teammates. • Learning Goals • Educators will understand how to increase engagement and improve learning for ALL students. • : Oct. 18, 2012 21stCentury Skills: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Collaboration & Leadership, Effective Oral & Written Communication, Accessing & Analyzing Information Educators will discover how to more effectively engage students by experiencing cooperative learning structures and identifying specific situations in which the structures may be used. Objectives Reflect on your learning… Sum-It-Up Essential Question: How do we revolutionize the way we teach, lead, and learn for 21st century success? Common Language: NEXT STEPS: Identify steps for implementation and monitoring of student engagement at your school. • Mix Pair Share • RallyRobin • Timed Pair Share • RallyCoach • PIES

  3. Lake County Schools Vision Statement • A dynamic, progressive and collaborative learning community embracing change and diversity where every student will graduate with the skills needed to succeed in postsecondary education and the workplace. Mission Statement • The mission of the Lake County Schools is to provide every student with individual opportunities to excel. • Lake County Schools is committed to excellence in all curricular opportunities and instructional best practices. This focus area addresses closing the achievement gap, increased graduation rate, decreased dropout rate, increase in Level 3 and above scores on the FCAT, achieving an increase in the number of students enrolled in advanced placement and dual enrollment opportunities and implementing the best practices in instructional methodology.

  4. Academic Services Curriculum & Instruction ~ Professional Development ~ Teaching & Learning • The Office of Academic Services encompasses the core business of Lake County Schools. We provide guidance and support to develop instructional leaders through the coordination of district curriculum initiatives, professional learning, along with teaching and learning programs that result in improved learning for ALL. Our goal is to work collaboratively with schools to continuously and significantly improve student achievement, align curriculum and instructional practice to Florida’s standards, assist schools to develop their capacity to implement data-driven planning and review processes that foster continuous school improvement. Assurances • We will ensure that we work with district staff and school administrators to design and collaborate on systems that address professional learning needs related to improving student outcomes. • We will ensure that curriculum is current and at a high level (rigorous) meeting local, state, and national standards. • We will ensure that researched-based best practices (programs and processes) are utilized regarding student curricular needs and student learning patterns. • We will ensure services are provided that target closing the achievement gap by improving the performance of all students while drastically accelerating the achievement of students of color, English Language Learners (ELL), Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and students living in poverty.

  5. 21st Century Skills Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Collaboration and Leadership Agility and Adaptability Initiative and Entrepreneurialism Effective Oral and Written Communication Accessing and Analyzing Information Curiosity and Imagination

  6. Quiet Signal • Raise Hand • “High 5 Please” • “Freeze Please” • Focus fully on Teacher • No talking • No working • Stop, look, and listen • 3. Signal Others

  7. Classbuilding 1 3 2

  8. Mix – Pair - Share Pg. 2

  9. Mix

  10. Pair

  11. Task In the article you just read, list the many things Wally did to better serve his customers.

  12. Rally Robin

  13. Copy Cat Gambit “Thank you for sharing!”

  14. Four Basic Principles P I E qual Participation S Pg. 3

  15. Mix

  16. Pair

  17. Task Wally’s mission statement : To get my customers to their destination in the quickest, safest, and cheapest way possible in a friendly environment. Which part of his mission statement do you think he was best able to fulfill? Support your answer with details from the article.

  18. Timed - Pair - Share Pg. 2

  19. Copy Cat Gambit “I enjoyed listening to your ideas!”

  20. Timed - Pair - Share Pg. 2

  21. Copy Cat Gambit “You have some great ideas!”

  22. Four Basic Principles P I E qual Participation S imultaneous Interaction Pg. 3

  23. Think! Will I pay closer attention to my partner?

  24. Departing Gambit “Say goodbye and thank you!”

  25. Mix

  26. Pair

  27. Task How does this article speak to you? Be prepared to share with your partner.

  28. Timed - Pair - Share Pg. 2

  29. Complete-This-Sentence Gambit “I really appreciate what you had to say about ________________________________.”

  30. Timed - Pair - Share Pg. 2

  31. Complete-This-Sentence Gambit “You had a very interesting idea about _____________________.”

  32. Four Basic Principles P ositive Interdependence I ndividual Accountability E qual Participation S imultaneous Interaction Pg. 3

  33. Departing Gambit “It was nice getting to work with you!”

  34. Academic Services Instructional Visit Look For Checklist

  35. Mix-Pair-Share IDEAS for Student Engagement! • Timed Pair Share (extented response) • Comprehension ?s • Higher Order Thinking ?s • Problem solving • Review lesson objective(s) • ________ • ________ • ________ • RallyRobin(list) • Brainstorming lists • Vocabulary (synonyms/antonyms) • Steps for ______ • Math-ways to make • ________ • ________ • ________ Pg. 2

  36. Mix-Pair-Share • Management Tips • Partner with person closest to you that is not a teammate when the music stops • No “Drive-bys” • No “Magnets” • Up-beat or theme music • Share using • RallyRobin (list) • Timed-Pair-Share (extended response) Pg. 2

  37. Mix-Pair-Share Social Skills • Respect others’ opinions • Take turns • Active listening • Thanking gambits • Greeting and leaving gambits Pg. 2

  38. Teacher A-B-C

  39. Teacher ATraditional • Practice = Solo • 1 paper & pencil per person • Music = 60 bpm “relaxed alertness” Pg. 4

  40. Finding Triangles Pg. 6

  41. Finding Triangles Pg. 6

  42. Eyes on your own paper!

  43. Solo Work – Finding Triangles Pg. 6

  44. Teacher A • Noise level? • All finish at the same time? • What do you do if 3 students are struggling and you are not aware? • Who grades them? Pg. 4

  45. Teacher BGroup Work • Practice = group work • “help each other” • “Solve it as a group” • “Work together” = 1 paper per group = 1 pencil per group Recorder Pg. 4

  46. Finding Rectangles

  47. Teacher B Group Work – Finding Rectangles

  48. Teacher BGroup Work Think: Was it possible to hide? Individual Accountability?