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David Frasher

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David Frasher
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David Frasher

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  1. David Frasher, City Manager managed the Grants Pass Redevelopment Agency

  2. Background of David Frasher David Frasher began his career as a police officer with the Independence Missouri Police Department. In 1990, David Frasher left his position with the police department to attend law school at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1999, he was appointed City Administrator of Oak Grove, Missouri. He also served as the City Administrator of Ashland Wisconsin from 2001 to 2005.

  3. David Frasher, as the City Manager and Budget Officer of Grants Pass David Frasher served as the City Manager of Grants Pass, Oregon for approximately four years and provided high quality leadership to the community. David Frasher, City Manager also served as the city's Budget Officer and managed the Grants Pass Redevelopment Agency, including the Agency budget of approximately 2.5 million annually. During his tenure from October 2005 to August 2009, David Frasher, City Manager worked with Council and staff to win voter approval of a $9.8 million capitol levy for the construction of new police and fire facilities.

  4. He also developed and implemented several new growth management policies aimed at increasing sustainability, including new system development charges, transportation safety policies, and local improvement district policies. He tactfully improved relationships with employee labor groups, avoiding costly arbitration while successfully negotiating new contracts with significant savings for the municipality.

  5. David Frashar, City Manager guided Grants Pass towards maturity While in Grants Pass, David Frashar, City Manager developed an award winning business retention/expansion program and used state enterprise zone tax credits to develop the local economy. The economic development strategy paid off well in Grants Pass, helping in achieving the city’s first AA bond rating and allowing the city to build new police and fire facilities. David also developed excellent relationships and lines of communication with the Chamber of Commerce and Town Center Association.

  6. He recruited more skilled economic development staff to Grants Pass and developed new programs to streamline development for businesses and industries looking to expand their presence in the community. David Frasher is truly an epitome of ethics. His staff loved and respected him. He guided Grants Pass towards fiscal responsibility, enhanced citizen participation and transparency, and established excellent rapport with the school district and the community.

  7. To know more about David Frasher, City Manager, log on to http://www.davidfrasher.info