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Essential Oil Extraction Methods- Kush Aroma Exports PowerPoint Presentation
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Essential Oil Extraction Methods- Kush Aroma Exports

Essential Oil Extraction Methods- Kush Aroma Exports

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Essential Oil Extraction Methods- Kush Aroma Exports

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  1. Essential Oil Extraction Methods

  2. What are Natural Essential Oils? Basically natural essential oils have been hydrophobic liquids which have the volatile chemical compound. These possesse the organic flavour or nature of its source plant. These are widely used in various industry verticals such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beauty, food and drinks industries. There are a number of essential oils such as the clary sage, lavender, lemongrass, aniseed, begramond etc.. Each and every essential oil has their own attributes & characteristics. These natural oils have outstanding chemical constituents & medicinal properties.

  3. Natural Essential Oil Extractions • Steam Distillation • Solvent Extraction • CO2 Extraction • Maceration • Enfleurage • Cold Pressed Extraction

  4. Steam Distillation Process Steam distillation is a popular method for getting the essential oils. Within this process, steam plays a significant role. To begin with , it vaporizes the volatile chemicals and after it gets condensed. Next, it is collected at the receiver from liquid form. In this procedure, dry steam is passed through the plant substance. In the listing of distilled essential oils -- Amyris essential oil, bergamot natural blend essential oil, lavender etc. . popular one.

  5. Solvent Extraction Method The solvent extraction procedure is the organic essential oils extraction process which is used for extraction of natural oils that are incapable to endure the high heat. Steam distillation is based on the application of heat, therefore Jasmine, Linden Blossom is not used for extraction via the steam distillation procedure.

  6. CO2 Extraction Method Co2 extraction procedure utilizes the Co2 for getting the organic product. Additionally, it is referred to as the supercritical extraction process. Within this procedure, not one of the molecules become damaged because less heat or chemicals are used. The natural products obtained from this procedure are used in perfume manufacturing and aromatherapy. Fundamentally, the products acquired by means of this procedure are higher in thicker and concentration.

  7. Maceration Process It is an excellent process for the extraction of natural products. The companies use this technique over other extraction procedures such as steam distillation or solvent extraction. Carrier oils are used as a solvent during this extraction procedure. In this procedure, the mix of the dried plant material and petroleum is put under gentle heat. After some time, the plant's internal substance (petroleum ) comes out from the plant's substance.

  8. Enfleurage Process The Enfleurage procedure is among those rarely used techniques these days. The fat functions as a separator rather than a steam solvent or steam. Plant or animal fat can be utilized. In this process, the new petals of flowers are placed over the top layer of fat. The fat is spread within a chassis. The fragrance of flowers seeps into the fat in which this process can take 1-3 days. After this petals of flowers are substituted and repeated with another one. Currently dry it.

  9. Cold Pressed Extraction Technique This is yet another popular way for the extraction of oils from plants seeds and their fruits. It's a type of mechanical procedure where a hydraulic press is used for pulling the inner content of the fruit and vegetable. It's very advantageous as it keeps all of the flavor, odor in addition to nutritional value.

  10. Natural Essential Oil Manufacturers We are reckoned among the very most essential oils manufacturers in India. Where we supply you a distinctive range of natural products such as -- attars, absolute oils, carrier oils, organic essential oils etc.. We supply essential oils for hair, skin, and other health issues. The quality of products is high & numerous extraction techniques are used for the extraction of organic products.