bonsoir et bienvenue kits
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Bonsoir et bienvenue à Kits!

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Bonsoir et bienvenue à Kits! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bonsoir et bienvenue à Kits!. L’ immersion fran çaise à Kitsilano – Grade 7 parent night – January 24 th 2013. Our featured speakers. Merci!. Why continue?. To become bilingual To remain in a family-like setting within a larger community

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bonsoir et bienvenue kits
Bonsoir et bienvenue à Kits!

L’ immersion française à Kitsilano –

Grade 7 parent night – January 24th 2013

why continue
Why continue?
  • To become bilingual
  • To remain in a family-like setting within a larger community
  • To reap the benefits of future exchanges, bursaries, studies, employment, and travel
  • To continue to be in a unique group of motivated and focused students
  • To have a sense of accomplishment & pride from completing a goal
introducing the french i mmersion teaam
Mme Boutot

Mme Dumais

Mme Eberle

Mme Fogale

Mme Fritz

Mr Matisz

Mr Morel

Mme Port

Mme Tessier

Mme Yang

Mme Desjarlais

Mme Perrett

Introducing: the French Immersion teaam
our program

456 students in French Immersion

11 teachers in the Program

Late and Early Immersion students combined from several feeder schools

Community Resource Teacher

Our Program
our program1
Art/Drama: Grade 8

Expo-science/Challenge: Grade 8

Mme Desjarlais: transition to grade 8

Sciences environnementales: Grade 9

Concours d’art oratoire (CPF): 8-12

French mark: self-evaluation: 8-12

DELF: Grade 12

DELF: Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française

Our Program
beyond the walls of kits our program offers
OSEF 3 month exchange with France

2 month exchange with Québec

2 week trip to France and or Switzerland

Sea-to-Sky : gr. 9 ecology camp

Beyond the walls of Kitsour program offers

▪ Incorporating listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in 4 units:

cuisine, childhood memories, coping with stress, & advertising

▪ Medieval literature: fencing

▪ Cuisine Unit: Eating out / potluck food party

▪ International francophone cartoon study

▪ Concours d’art oratoire: national speaking contest on a topic of interest

▪ DELF activities to prepare for A2 and B1 levels



Chinatown: Tai Chi, calligraphy, Kung Fu

Little India: Indian buffet, spice tasting

Units covered:

Asia (China, India, Japan)

Medieval Europe



Aquarium, Playland,

UBC science lab


Pressure & Forces

Biology: cells, body systems, the eye, optics & light properties,

fresh water & salt water

french immersion skills peer tutoring
French Immersion Skills & Peer Tutoring

Taking skills is intended to help students complete their class assignments by assisting them with study skills, learning strategies, and overcoming difficulty with concepts and language difficulties.

Please complete the referral form with application to assist us with planning.

art dramatique 8e
Art dramatique 8e
  • Objectives:
  • Improvisation
  • Character development
  • Working with written text
  • Writing original scripts
  • Developing confidence and Oral French fluency
  • Projects & activities:
  • Presenting a one act scene
  • Adapting a film scene to the stage
  • Workshops from the French Cultural Centre
  • Excursions:
  • Vancouver Art Gallery, Public Art Walks, Commercial Galleries
  • Content:
  • A fun, hands-on class devoted to creative and critical thinking
  • Drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, ceramics
  • Projects with Artists in Residence
  • Assessment values process as well as product
  • Exploring identity, play, consumption, and our environment
environmental studies
Environmental Studies

Ecology and Ecosystems

Climate Change

Renewable Energy

Media Awareness

Agriculture and Food Supply: our garden

Urban Development: inventing Eco homes

Natural Resources Management: shoreline cleanup

Sustainability: Pacific Park

Recycling: creating furniture out of recycled “garbage”

Outdoor camp

FRIM 10 Students!!

First hand experience


[email protected]

604-713-8961 (local 241)

Marlene Perrett


Un très grand merci