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Bed Shaper

Noble Plow: Tarp/Shallow. Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1). Chisel: Horizontal V-shaped Blades. Bed Shaper. Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1). Modified Nobel Plow. Modified Noble Plow. Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1). Noble Plow. MeBr Injection Tube. Chisel. Horizontal V-shaped Blades.

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Bed Shaper

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Noble Plow: Tarp/Shallow Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1) Chisel: Horizontal V-shaped Blades Bed Shaper

  2. Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1) Modified Nobel Plow Modified Noble Plow

  3. Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1) Noble Plow MeBr Injection Tube Chisel Horizontal V-shaped Blades

  4. Modified Noble Plow Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1) Horizontal V-shaped Blade

  5. Modified Noble Plow Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1) Purging system at end of day

  6. Modified Noble Plow Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1) Co-pilot

  7. Modified Noble Plow Section 6450.3(a)(3)(B)(1) End shoveler CO-pilot

  8. Posting inner/outer buffer zones

  9. Section 6450.3(a)(4) Tarp/Shallow/Bed

  10. Rearward-Curved Chisel: Nontarp/shallow Section 6450.3(a)(1)(C)(1) Bed Shaper Curved Chisel

  11. Rearward-Curved Chisel Section 6450.3(a)(1)(C)(1) Disc Bed Shaper Closing Shoes Rearward Curved Chisel

  12. Rearward-curved chisel Section 6450.3(a)(1)(C)(1) Rearward curved chisel Bed Shaper Closing Shoes

  13. Forward-Curved Chisel Section 6450.3(a)(2)(B)(2) Tire is Closing Shoe Chisel

  14. Nontarp/deep/forward-curved chisel Section 6450.3(a)(2)(B)(2) Chisel,Notice the length, at least 20 inches Closing Shoes

  15. Forward-Curved Chisel Section 6450.3(a)(2)(B)(2) Compaction Roller Forward-curved chisel

  16. Section 6450.3(a)(2)(B)(2) Forward-Curved Chisel Injection Tube Forward-curved Chisel

  17. Rearward-curved chisel Section 6450.3(a)(2)(B)(2) Bed Shaper Rearward-curved chisel

  18. Drip System: Hot Gas Section 6450.3(a)(6)(B) MeBr Tank Drip Line Main manifold

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