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Psalm 19

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Psalm 19. Julie Tennent ASH GROVE (Let All Things Now Living) Tune: Trinity Hymnal #125 CCLI #977558. The hea-vens are tel -ling the glo-ry of God; and the skies are de- claring the work of His hands . For day after day they speak,

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psalm 19
Psalm 19

Julie Tennent

ASH GROVE (Let All Things Now Living)

Tune: Trinity Hymnal #125

CCLI #977558

The hea-vensare tel-ling the glo-ry

of God; and the skies are de-claring

the work of His hands.

For day after day they speak,

pour-ingforth know-ledge, and night

af-ternight is dis-played their


Their voice is not heard – there’s

no speech and no word, but their

sound has gone forth to the earth’s


The sun in the heav-en comes forth

like a bride-groom; the Lord for a

race does His cham-pion send.

It ri-sesat one end of hea-venand

tra-vels; its cir-cuitextends over

all of the earth.

And no-thing is hid-den from its

heat or glor-y; and like it, God’s

law shines with pow-erand worth.

The law of the Lord is most per-fect

and ho-ly, re-vivingthe soul and

re-storing the heart;

The stat-utesof God can be tru-sted

most surely, they make wise the

sim-pleand truth do impart.

The pre-ceptsof God are right,

gi-vingthe heart joy; com-mandsof

the Lord are pure, light-ingthe eyes.

The fear of the Lord is en-during

for-ever; His judg-mentsare true,

right-eous, mak-ingus wise.

They are much more pre-ciousthan

gold, and much swee-terthan

hon-eyand hon-ey-comb where


More-over, by them is Your ser-vant

in-struct-ed; in kee-ping Your

stat-utes, there is great re-ward.

But who can disc-ernhis faults?

O Lord, for-give both my hid-den

and will-fulsins – let them not rule!

Then I will be blame-less,

com-plete, and acquit-ted of every

tran-sgres-sionthat be-sets the fool.

May all of the wor-ds of my mouth

a-ndthe thoughts of my heart be

ac-cepted, O Lord, in Your sight;

O Lord, my sure Rock and my

pre-ciousRe-deemer, may my life

be plea-sing and lived in Your light.