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Persuasive Techniques

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Persuasive Techniques - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Persuasive Techniques
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  1. Persuasive Techniques Methods Definitions Examples

  2. Persuasion: to make somebody think or do something by talking to them. • I persuaded my mother to let me spend the night at my friend’s house. • Synonyms: Convince, ask, sway, influence, win over • Antonyms Beg, whine, demand, order, insist

  3. There are 7 techniques, or ways, to persuade someone. • Bandwagon (Peer Pressure) • Testimonial • Emotional Appeal (Loaded Words) • Card Stacking • Repetition • Hyperbole • Rhetorical Question

  4. Bandwagon(Peer Pressure) • The bandwagon technique convinces the reader that everybody else is doing it. This technique is also known as peer pressure.

  5. Bandwagon Examples • Your Grandpa does it… • Your Mom does it… • Even your boss does it.

  6. Bandwagon Examples Well, I guess I will have a cigar too.

  7. Bandwagon Examples • “I bet no one else’s Mom makes them do it over again until it is perfect.”

  8. Bandwagon Examples • “I want to be a Kid!”

  9. Bandwagon Example Choosy Moms choose Jif.

  10. Testimonial • The testimonial technique uses words or quotations from an ordinary person or a celebrity that supports the writer’s argument.

  11. Testimonial Examples What he says about the SUBWAY® brand: "The SUBWAY® chain helped save my life over and over. I can't ever repay that."

  12. Testimonial Examples “Jenny Craig works great! I lost 75 pounds! It can work for you too.”

  13. Testimonial Examples • If you stay off drugs, you could be a big star like me.

  14. Testimonial Example Kid Tested. Mother Approved.

  15. Emotional Appeal(Loaded Words) • The writer uses emotional appeal by using words that make the reader feel strongly about the topic. The writer usually appeals to fear, anger, or joy. The words the writer uses are called loaded words.

  16. Emotional Appeal Example • Animals are not ours to exploit. ~ PETA

  17. Emotional Appeal Example • It is imperative that airports have metal detectors. Someone could be hiding a weapon and a massacre could happen.

  18. Emotional Appeal Example • For just $0.70 a day, you can make a difference in a child’s life.

  19. Card Stacking • The author presents the facts for only one side of the issue.

  20. Card Stacking Examples • Going to school only three days a week would give kids more time to relax. Teachers could spend more time with their family and the school wouldn’t use so much electricity.

  21. Card Stacking Examples • Joe Camel

  22. Card Stacking Examples • Prescription Drug Companies often extol the benefits of their wares, but any side effects of the medicines are listed in small print on the bottom of packages, or said very rapidly in the commercials.

  23. Repetition • The writer repeats a word, a phrase, or even an entire sentence for emphasis.

  24. Repetition Examples • My little brother is driving me crazy, crazy, crazy!

  25. Repetition Examples • All merchandise is on sale today only, from sweaters to shoes, to cookware to bath towels. Come on down! Remember, the sale only lasts through the end of today.

  26. Hyperbole • The author completely overstates or exaggerates for effect.

  27. Hyperbole Example • I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!

  28. Hyperbole Example • My Mom should just hire a maid to clean my room. I just don’t have time to do my homework because I have to clean it myself. I could fail school and then I won’t be able to get a good job. I’ll have to live with my parents until I’m 45!

  29. Hyperbole Example • I nearly died laughing!

  30. Rhetorical Question • This technique asks a question to which no response is required. The writer implies that the answer is obvious and the reader has no choice but to agree with the author.

  31. Rhetorical Question Example • Why should I get my own cell phone? So my parents know where I am at all the time, of course!

  32. Rhetorical Question Example • Why should you buy a Toyota Truck? Because they are the most reliable and cost effective.