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eDMR. Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report. Electronic data submittal system Jeffrey A. Ewick, Section Chief Data and Information Services Section. Contact Information:. IDEM toll free number: (800) 451-6027 Office of Water Quality: Receptionist: (317) 232-8670

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Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report

Electronic data submittal system

Jeffrey A. Ewick, Section Chief

Data and Information Services Section

contact information
Contact Information:
  • IDEM toll free number: (800) 451-6027
  • Office of Water Quality:
    • Receptionist: (317) 232-8670
    • Office Fax number: (317) 232-8637
      • Data and Information Services Section:
          • Jeffrey Ewick, Section Chief: (317)233-0676
          • E-mail:
      • Compliance Branch:
          • Debbie Dubenetzky, Branch Chief: (317)233-5963
what is edmr
What is eDMR?
  • Definition:
    • electronic Discharge Monitoring Report
  • Purpose: Provide a means by which facilities may send electronic reports to IDEM instead of mailing paper documents.
required forms
Required Forms:

Indiana NPDES permit rules require facilities to sample and

report their effluent values using specified forms:

  • Federal DMR : federal U.S. EPA form 3320-1
  • State Forms:
    • Sanitary Monthly Report of Operations (MRO)
      • Activated Sludge
      • Package Plant
      • Lagoon
    • Industrial Monthly Monitoring Report (MMR)
    • Combined Sewer Overflow Report (CSO-DMR)
  • To provide a means by which facilities can submit data directly to IDEM electronically;
    • Quicker – no mail time, IDEM receives records in minutes.
    • Cheaper – less paper, no mailing costs.
    • More accessible – documents will be available on-line to any registered user from any internet capable computer.
    • Standardize records – all records will be using the exact same forms.
    • Reduction in data errors – calculations performed by computer, consistently and using approved methods.
    • Quicker entry to U.S. EPA - eventually the data will flow up to U.S. EPA directly.
electronic forms filing needs
Electronic Forms Filing Needs
  • Must be federally compliant (CROMERR).
  • Meet permit reporting requirements.
  • Provide legally binding documentation.
  • Be used instead of submitting paper forms.
  • Unalterable “locked” and “signed” reports.
  • Reports available to the facilities and IDEM staff.
for whom
For Whom?
  • This system is primarily for the benefit of the staff at regulated facilities .
  • IDEM staff; inspectors, compliance, permits: these folks can only read submitted documents.

NOT for the general public

user equipment requirements
User Equipment Requirements:
  • Computer - but no special software or hardware required.
  • Internet – Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer required and an internet connection.
  • Printer – ability to print out completed forms.
the process
The Process…

1) Register your facility users (involved process).

2) Log in to the eDMR web site.

3) Locate the appropriate data entry form for the site.

4) Fill in the monitoring data.

5) Have the certified operator and signatory official review the data and approve it.

6) Print paper copies of the forms for your records.

7) Submit the electronic documents to IDEM.

  • The submission of data electronically to IDEM under the U.S. EPA federal NPDES permit system requires that it meet all federal legal requirements.
  • CROMERR – Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation: provides the legal framework for electronic reporting under all of the U.S. EPA’s environmental programs.
  • Applies to all regulated entities that submit reports and other documents to U.S. EPA under Title 40.
  • Designed for permitted facility representatives; entry, review, approval, etc. and IDEM staff.
  • Each user must register with IDEM via the Web site for each facility and role they want to participate in.
  • The system will track users assigned to each facility and the access rights for each facility.
  • All registered users will have read-only rights while others will be assigned edit and/or submission rights.
  • System will submit completed forms to IDEM.
user roles
User Roles:
  • Data Entry - this represents any facility user who will be given the ability to fill in or edit current (unsubmitted) forms for their associated facilities.
  • Certified Operator - this role represents the “Operator in Responsible Charge” for the facility who will be responsible for “signing” off on completed state forms.
  • Signatory Official (Authorized Agent) – this role is for those individuals who will be legally responsible for the final review, official “signing” and final submission to IDEM.

* Note: Any user could be assigned multiple roles.

user registration
User Registration:
  • Each user must complete an IESA (Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement) form for each facility showing all roles that person performs at each of those facilities. Each IESA form must be printed and signed and mailed to IDEM.
  • IDEM staff will confirm via telephone and then approve (or disapprove) each person and role at the facility requested.
  • User will receive a confirmation e-mail and an eDMR instruction manual.
edmr performs calculations
eDMR performs calculations
  • The eDMR system will perform calculations and make determinations such as, monthly average, maximum weekly average, daily maximum value, daily loading values, and geometric mean.
  • NOTE: users can only enter one value for a day. The eDMR system then transfers the results over to the appropriate federal DMR form
  • The completed eDMR is sent electronically to IDEM
form completion steps
Form completion steps:
  • Facility users fill in the monitoring data for a specific facility in the appropriate month/year.
  • The facility certified operator reviews, accepts and then “submits” the forms which locks the completed document record and attaches his electronic signature to it.
  • The facility signatory official reviews, accepts and then “submits” the completed document to IDEM.

NOTE: either the CO or official can deny the report which sends it back for edit changes.

locked documents
Locked Documents
  • Once a set of forms has been submitted to IDEM. These become locked and uneditable documents and are encrypted along with the electronic signatures of the certified operator and signatory official.
  • IDEM staff do not see any records until they have been submitted by the facility authorized agent.
  • All submitted records are available for viewing.
  • Facilities can submit new “revised” copies to replace documents, if necessary.
confirmation of receipt
Confirmation of Receipt

eDMR system sends an automated confirmation e-mail back to the certified operator who “signs off” on the state form (MRO or MMR).

eDMR system also sends an automated confirmation e-mail back to the signatory authority (authorized agent) when they approve, finalize and submit the DMR to IDEM.

trial period
Trial Period

For the first three months IDEM requires that you also send paper copies of the required forms while you try out the eDMR system.

If both you and IDEM are comfortable that the eDMR system is working for you, then IDEM will notify you that you may discontinue mailing in paper reports.

It is acceptable to revert back to submitting paper copies at any time if you decide to discontinue using the eDMR system.


Thank you,

Jeffrey A. Ewick, Section Chief

Office of Water Quality, Compliance Branch

Data and Information Services

(317) 233-0676