Vocab 6 1
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Vocab 6.1. Awww YEAH… owning a broad vocabulary… going to be so smart… . Augment. V. to  make larger; enlarge in size,  number, strength , or  extent; increase His  salary is  augmented  by  a  small  inheritance. Carousing.

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Vocab 6 1

Vocab 6.1

Awww YEAH… owning a broad vocabulary… going to be so smart…

Vocab 6 1


V. to make larger; enlarge in size, number,strength, or extent; increaseHis salary is augmented by a  small inheritance.

V engaging in a drunken revel they caroused all night arriving home at 6am to very angry wives


v. engaging in a drunken revelTheycaroused all night, arriving home at 6AM to very angry wives.

Vocab 6 1


Adj. causing or involving great fear or suffering; dreadful; terribleThe situation was so dire that Stacy ran, crying, into the woods.

Vocab 6 1


N. desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either from hostileimpulseordeep-seatedmeanness Tim was perpetually fearful because of themaliceand spite ofhis lifelong foe.

Vocab 6 1


Adj. Readily or plainly seen, heard, orperceived;obvious; evidentThe feelings of anger in the room were almost palpable; the air felt positively heavy with tension.

Vocab 6 1


N: a discussion or conference (especially to discusssurrender)V: to hold an informal conference with an enemyunder a truce; to speak, talk, or confer.The math and science departments agreed to hold a parley mediated by the counselors.

Vocab 6 1


N: a moral or ethical standardthatrestrains or inhibitscertain actionsShayla showed her lack of scruples when she stole money from her boss.

Vocab 6 1


V: toexpress disapproval of; scold; reproachThe principal chided thechildren for their thoughtless pranks.

Vocab 6 1


N: prevalence; majority; superiorityIn the past decade there has been a shift in the US population; Caucasians no longer have predominance.

In 2004 the predominance of “blue” states was in the Northeast-

Vocab 6 1


V: to coat with gold, gold leaf, or a gold-coloredsubstance; to give a bright orpleasing aspecttoI gilded the frame over the weekend, but by Tuesday it was flaking off and looked crappy.

Vocab 6 1


Adj. Kept away from the outside world, as a nun After being cloistered and overprotected her entire life, Jayla went wild her first year of college freedom.

Vocab 6 1


Adj. Without fear; braveHis dauntless attitude sets Zack apart; he was unafraid to actually act in front of the class!

Vocab 6 1


Adj. Without benefit or result; uselessIt would be fruitless to petition the school to have me fired; Mrs. Grimes loves me.

Vocab 6 1


V: to wrestle; engage in a close fight without weaponsTeryngrappled with the math homework for two hours before she finally gave up.

Adj angered the irreverent american cartoon incensed the muslim populations around the world


Adj. AngeredThe irreverent American cartoon incensed the Muslim populations around the world.

Vocab 6 1


Adj. Happy; friendlyJaquavius is jovial most every day, so when he seems to be solemn, I know something is very wrong.

Vocab 6 1


N. Hatred; intent to harmJosh was unperturbed when BJ eyed him with malevolence; I knew he’d get over it and wouldn’t do anything.

Vocab 6 1


Adj. Devoutly religiousKayla always had some pious remark about my bad behavior, but the irony is that she doesn’t even go to church.

Vocab 6 1


V. Rid of an unwanted feeling, memory, or conditionAfter her husband left for good, Sue purged the house of all remnants of him so she didn’t have to be reminded.

Vocab 6 1


N. An ornamented staff carried by leaders on special occasionsOn Halloween the boy dressed as the Pope whacked me with his scepter! I snatched it out of his hand and gave him no candy.