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BSA Troop 993 Parents / Scouts Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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BSA Troop 993 Parents / Scouts Meeting

BSA Troop 993 Parents / Scouts Meeting

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BSA Troop 993 Parents / Scouts Meeting

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  1. August 28, 2014 BSA Troop 993Parents / Scouts Meeting

  2. Agenda Website – • Welcome • Troop Leadership • Merit Badge Program • 2014 / 2015 Program • Family Participation • Safe Sanctuaries • Troop Finances • Popcorn Sale Presentation • Q & A

  3. This does not happen without your help and support! • Why have a Parents Meeting? • To solicit your help in running the program • To kick off the Popcorn Sale • To introduce to 2014 / 2015 program • Some facts • During the last Scouting year we maintained a membership of near or above 100 Scouts for the fifth year in a row • We have been and continue to be one of the larger Troop’s in Four Rivers District • We had 60+ Scouts attend Summer Camp and earned 120+ merit badges and various rank advancements • We had 32 man contingent go to Philmont • We will run approximately 45 weekly meetings • We will also run about 15 outdoor activities plus the 2015 WV High Adventure Website –

  4. Troop Leadership Website – • New Scout Program is designed to foster the advancement of the incoming Scouts to 1st Class • ASMs are assigned to each of the scout ranks • Support the trail to Eagle after scouts have left the New Scout Program • Provides scouts with more individualize leadership and mentoring • Rank Responsibilities • New Scout program Lead : Keith Landgraf • Transitional Scouts : John Haines • 1st Class Lead : Gary Tawes • Star Lead : Paul Ostrowski • Life Lead : John Dennison • Eagle Coaches: Waine Rodrigues and Steve Horr

  5. Merit Badge Program • Thank you! • 2013-2014 • 34Merit Badges • (8 more than last year) • 28 Counselors • The yearly program is a mixture of merit badges: • needed for Eagle Rank • requested by the scouts • any special talents volunteers are interested in teaching, such as Music and Crime Prevention

  6. Merit Badge Program • MBs requested by the PLC: • Digital Technology Home Repair • Chemistry Gardening • Genealogy Entrepreneurship • Mining & Society American Heritage • Nova award – BSA’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math focus program • • Check the calendar often • Will add PLC MBs as they are scheduled

  7. Merit Badge Program • Becoming a MB Counselor is easy • Youth Protection Training – on-line • MB counselor application • BSA adult application • If you can help or have additional questions: • MB Committee: • Donna Hoffman, • Sam Karides,

  8. 2014/2015 Program Overview

  9. Overall Program We are always looking for new ideas! • Consists of events to include: • 100% Youth ideas for the program this year • New scout program • Classic 993 Scouting trips • Sea Food Fest, Assateque, Cabin trips and the return of Rifle/Shot Gun! • New camping weekends this year • Harpers Ferry Biking trip (take 2), Survivor themed, Outdoor Survival skills weekend and Trains… Website –

  10. Monthly Highlights Website – September 4– Troop Elections 5-7 – Maryland Seafood Festival 11 – Fall Court of Honor 26-28 – Gettysburg October 3–Offsite (Mini-golf) 7,14 – Youth Leadership Training 10-11 – 6 Flags 11 – Pumpkin Patch Work at SPUMC 17-19 – Assateaque

  11. Monthly Highlights Website – November 7-9 – Hiking Trip, Catoctin mountain park 9 – Popcorn Pickup December 6 – SPUMC Fall clean up 13 – Smithsonian Dulles Annex 18 – Holiday Gift Exchange

  12. Monthly Highlights Website – January 8– Dissolve New Scout Patrols 9-11– Valley Forge, Jarvis Scout Camp Cabin 15 – Webelos Night 29– Winter Court of Honor February 8 – Scout Sunday 17 – Pancake Supper 20-22 – Scout Survivor Out wit, Out last, Out play

  13. Monthly Highlights Website – March 5 – Spring Elections 6-8 – Rifle and Shot Gun, Wildcat Pass 12 –New Scouts Start 21 – SPUMC Spring clean up April 2,4 – Scouting for Food 10-12 – New Scout Shakedown 23 – Spring Court of Honor 24-25 – Outdoor Survival Weekend, Camp Rodney 30 – Offsite Event(Laser Tag)

  14. Monthly Highlights Website – May 15-17 – Historic Train’s, Strausburg PA 23 – Flag Placement for Memorial Day June 5-7 – C&O Bike Trip, Ft. Frederick

  15. Monthly Highlights Website – July 5-11 – Summer Camp, James Town 29-Aug 8 –WV High Adventure Regular Meetings 2nd Monday– Patrol Leadership Council mtg 3rd Monday – ASM/Adult Planning mtg 3rd Tuesday – Troop Committee mtg

  16. Just A Reminder - We Need: Committee Positions Committee Members Scoutmaster’s Staff Assistant SMs Program Trip & Activity Leaders Additional Merit Badge Counselors We also need Adult Support at every event!! Website –

  17. Family Participation Policy Website – • Why do we need one? • We have ~100 registered scouts • Troop 993 offers a high quality program that is interesting, enriching, exciting, educational, and challenging • It’s all volunteer - no one gets paid • But, we can’t do it without your active participation and involvement - we need you to be part of the program

  18. Family Participation Policy - Continued Website – • What commitment do we want? • Each family to be represented at the Fall, Winter, and Spring Courts of Honor (CoH) • Each family is requested to volunteer for at least one additional responsibility in support of the program. For example: • Trips and Activities • Organize and run an event • Go camping with us or just provide transportation • Merit Badge Program • Become a Merit Badge Counselor • Join the Scoutmaster’s Staff • Need additional Assistant Scoutmaster’s • Regular meeting skill lessons • Leadership on camping trips

  19. SPUMC • Safe Sanctuaries • This is a requirement of the Church for any over night camping • Please see Mr. Robertson or Mr. Hunter if you have concerns or questions

  20. Troop Finances The troop receives funds from dues, fund raising, trip fees and donations. • 20 • Dues - used to pay for registration, Boys Life, & insurance • $70for 2014/2015 Program *$78if not paid by Nov 29th, 2014 • The Troop Runs 2 Major Fund Raising Activities • Maryland Seafood Festival • Weekend of September 6 - 8 at Sandy Point State Park • Popcorn Sales • Our Major Fund Raiser - 1/3 of sales go to the troop & 1/3 goes to BAC • Troop policy requires that families stay financially current in order for the Scouts to advance. Programs and activities do have expenses that we have to meet. • If you have any money question, please See Mr. Horr • Website –

  21. TROOP 993 - POPCORN SALE Sale Starts: NOW Orders Due: October 17th Order Pickup: November 9th The Troop Committee requests that each Scout set a minimum sales goal of $150. The Troop will accept a donation of $100 in lieu of participating in the Popcorn Sale. In addition to the great prizes offered by the BAC, Troop 993 will present Troop Bucks Awards to its top six popcorns sellers. 1st - $100 2nd- 6th - $75,$50,$35,$30, and $25 Questions ?? - ContactMr. Hunter @ 410-647-3427

  22. If you know of a family that has Scout age or soon to be Scout age child, talk to them about Troop 993 and invite them to join us. Help us make our program better

  23. Q & A

  24. Thank youfor your helpyour supportyour time your attentionTo Troop 993andBoy Scouts in general Website –

  25. Other Information

  26. Troop Organization - Scouts Website –

  27. Troop Web Site Website – • Located • Download a copy of the troop calendar in Microsoft Word • Website has lots of cool and interesting Troop info and links to other BSA sites

  28. BSA Uniforms Types Class B For Troop Meetings during Public School Summer Vacation Consists of Troop T-shirt & color coordinated (khaki, tan, dark green) shorts Class A Shirt For Troop Meetings when it is not Summer Vacation Consists of a BSA Shirt, color coordinated (khaki, tan, dark green) pants, with the shirt tucked into the pants Full Class A For formal occasions and special ceremonies Follows BoR uniform standards, by rank BoR Standards Scout, Tenderfoot Boy Scout shirt with current rank insignia on shirt pocket neckerchief and slide coordinated color (khaki tan, dark green) pants Second Class, First Class Boy Scout shirt with current rank insignia on shirt pocket neckerchief and slide coordinated color (khaki, tan, dark green) pants with Boy Scout belt merit badge sash (optional) Star, Life, Eagle Boy Scout shirt with current rank insignia on shirt pocket neckerchief and slide Boy Scout pants with Boy Scout belt merit badge sash OA sash (optional) Website –

  29. New BSA Uniform Website – Effective 8/15/08 There is now a new BSA Uniform The BSA Centennial Uniform Along with fabric change (both pants and shirts now come in a cotton blend as well as moisture control nylon fabrics) the main change is moving from red highlight (Shoulder loops, trained patch, hat, troop numbers) to a dark green highlight. Both the current and the new Centennial Uniform are acceptable uniforms for Boards of Review and Courts of Honor

  30. The BSA Centennial Uniform Website –

  31. Where to buy uniforms Website – • Dorsey Road Scout Shop (off of Dorsey Road right behind Burger King): • BWI Commerce Park • 7502 Connelly Drive        Suite 120 • Hanover, Maryland  21076 • Option #2 is to visit the Scout Shop next to the Baltimore Area Council office. The address is 800 Wyman Park Dr, Baltimore, MD 21211, Phone: (410) 338-0144 • Option #3 is to visit BSA National Supply’s website at

  32. Rank Advancement - How It Works Scout learns the skill Scout demonstrates the skill to: Troop Guide, Adult Leader, Eagle Scout The Requirement is signed off in his BSA Handbook by an authorized adultor Eagle Scout When all the requirements for the rank are signed off, the scout signs up for a Scoutmasters Conference Upon completion of the SMC, the Scoutmaster arranges for a Board of Review Upon completion of the BoR, the scout is advanced in rank The Scoutmasters Conference A chance for discussion, counseling, advise, goal setting Usually takes 10-40 minutes, depending upon rank Evaluate “Scout Spirit”: attendance, participation, uniform Board of Review A chance for the Troop Comm.: To get to know the scout Do a independent quality check of the program and how it is working Provide counseling, advise, goal setting Has a specific required Uniform Dress Code, by rank Website –