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Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop PowerPoint Presentation
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Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop

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Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There is a brief introduction of Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop. For more information: https://www.quickbooksdesktopsupport.net/quickbooks-online-vs-quickbooks-desktop-comparison/

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quickbooks online vs quickbooks desktop

Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop

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quickbooks online vs quickbooks desktop reviews

Quickbooks Online Vs quickbooks Desktop Reviews – Learn Why QuickBooks Online is better

In this session, we will know some major facts about QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop and compare

them simultaneously. We will discuss both of them one by one as per business prospective.

Quickbooks Online:- It is an accounting

software, developed and marketed by Intuit. It is

generally used by small and medium size

businesses. It provides accounting based

features which helps in business payments such

as bills and payrolls. It provide cloud facilities

that helps to connect different users and share

information more effectively and efficiently.

Quickbooks Desktop:- It is a computer based

application, it can be install on any computer for

offline purposes. It doesn’t provide cloud based

facilities. It is a one time purchase accounting

software generally for robust inventory

management, job costing and industry based


quickbooks online vs quickbooks desktop 1

Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop

Initial Free:- Quickbooks Online has trial period of 30 days for new users after trial period you can

choose the plan as per your need whereas Quickbooks Desktop requires you to purchase it up front.

Monthly Fee:– The QuickBooks online requires a monthly subscription instead the QuickBooks pro

desktop is a one-time payment or you can get pro plus for an annual payment.

60-day money back guarantees:–The 60-day money back guarantee available in both.

Internet Connection:– Internet connection is mandatory requirements for using the QuickBooks online

because it is cloud-based. Then Quickbooks Desktop can only be accessed from the computer and it is

installed on regardless of internet connection.

Remote Access:– Through QuickBooks online, you can remotely access then you can solve many

problems through the remote access anytime anywhere. It is cloud-based so a user can access reports

wherever they have internet access and from multiple devices. On the other hand, the Quickbooks

Desktop version is linked to the computer. It is installed on the computer and therefore can only be

accessed on-site.

access data from multiple platforms

Access data from multiple platforms:– The QuickBooks online access the data from multiple

platforms such as mac and PC etc.But the QuickBooks desktop does not access data from multiple


Automatic Functions:– The QuickBooks online has several automated features for things such as

customer billing, email reports and downloading bank transaction.On the other hand QuickBooks

desktop transactions such as invoice receipt, reports etc. must be processed manually.

Auto send report:– The QuickBooks provides the feature of auto send report.The QuickBooks online

send the report or report groups can be scheduled to send automatically.but the QuickBooks desktop

does not provide this features.

Automation:- The QuickBooks online version has multiple solutions that allow things like customer

billing, email reports, and bank transactions download be automated.On the other hand, QuickBooks

desktop requires that all transaction such as invoice, receipt and other report be manually processed.

They are the difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop.

now we discuss about why quickbooks online

Now We Discuss About Why Quickbooks Online Is Better

In which we discuss about why quickbooks online better than quickbooks desktop.So we are find some features

in quickbooks but not in quickbooks desktop.

Features in quickbooks online but not in quickbooks desktop:-

Remote Access:- Through Quickbooks online you can remotely access then you can resolve many problems through

the remote access anytime anywhere.

Auto send report:- The Quickbooks provide the feature of auto send report.The Quickbooks online send the report or

report groups can be scheduled to send automatically.

Automatic upgrade:- In Quickbooks online feature present for automatic backup.In Quickbooks online they automatic

online backup and protection of your data.With Quickbooks online, you are almost always running the most up to

date version whether you want or not.

Invoice automation:- Automatically create an invoice from an unbilled activity.

The Quickbooks online more than one account create per journal entry.

Track your income and expenses.


Essentials:- Three users and fourteen plus built-in business report. Track your income and process and

eliminate many expenses

Provide access to more user:-Quickbooks online offers access to five users as opposed to just one

QuickBooks desktop.

Work from anywhere:- The Quickbooks online access and manage your books from your computer

laptop tablet or smartphone anytime you choose.Firstly create access privileges so that your account

login and work with your data online.

So quickbooks online better than as compare to quickbooks desktop. If you have any further query or

your QuickBooks is not working dial our helpline number.



In future study might involve more about Quickbooks versions and its features to simulate easiness of

accountancy and finance.

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