Us experience with the light sport aircraft rule
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US EXPERIENCE WITH THE LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT RULE. Earl Lawrence. A New Era Begins. September 1, 2004 the first set of aviation regulations for non-transportation aviation created Largest US aviation rulemaking project in over 50 years Affects all areas of FAA regulation:

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A new era begins
A New Era Begins

  • September 1, 2004 the first set of aviation regulations for non-transportation aviation created

  • Largest US aviation rulemaking project in over 50 years

  • Affects all areas of FAA regulation:

    • Maintenance; Aircraft Certification; Pilot and Instructor Certification; Aircraft Operations

Major highlights
Major Highlights

  • New Factory Aircraft Certification category

  • First FAA implementation of Public Law 104

  • Costs to produce aircraft was cut in half

  • Cost to become a pilot was cut in half

Major highlights1
Major Highlights

  • Aircraft owners can obtain training and certification to perform their own annual condition inspections

  • Manufacturers, NOT FAA, approve aircraft modifications

  • Maintenance and continued airworthiness standard- setting moved from FAA to industry (ASTM International)

Faa industry action
FAA/Industry Action

  • First two factory aircraft certificated only six months after passage of rule

    • Primary category 1 ½ years for Katana

    • 1 year and 10 months for Quicksilver GT500

    • 9 years for RANS S-7

  • A total of over 30 SLSA certifications have been issued to date

Faa industry action1
FAA/Industry Action

  • New engines available conforming to ASTM International standards

    • Rotax 912 series

    • Jabaru four and six cylinder models

Faa industry action2
FAA/Industry Action

  • ASTM International completed, and received FAA acceptance of, standards for fixed-wing LSAs, gliders, powered parachutes, and weight shift aircraft

  • FAA trained and appointed over 100 DPEs for all categories of SP licenses (fixed, gyro, parachute, etc.)

Faa industry action3
FAA/Industry Action

  • FAA is actively refining and improving the original FAA policies and procedures for:

    • maintenance-training,

    • Practical Test Standards

    • Aircraft certification policies

    • Designated Airworthiness Representative Policies and Training

    • Designated Pilot Examiner Policies and Training

Faa industry action4
FAA/Industry Action

  • King Schools has a multimedia DVD training curriculum for sport pilots and Sport Pilot Instructors

  • EAA has a “conversion kit” to assist with certificating of two-place ultralights. Over 2,000 conversion kits sold to date

  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sport Flying

Faa industry action5
FAA/Industry Action

  • 862 LSAs certificated or awaiting certification

  • 627 SP airman knowledge tests administered

  • 125 current DPEs have added SP examiner authority

  • 43 new SP DPEs have been created/designated

  • More than 100 New Sport Pilot Repairmen have been trained and certificated


·Aeropro CZ EuroFox

· Aerosport Ltd. Breezer

· Aerosport Ltd. C42 Ikarus

· Aerostar Festival

· Aircraft Manufacturing & Development CH601XL

· American Legend AL3C-100 Cub

· B&F Technik Vertriebs FK-9 Mark IV

Czech Aircraft Works CH-601-XL

· Czech Aircraft Works Mermaid

· Czech Aircraft Works Parrot

· Czech Aircraft Works Sport Cruiser

· Evektor Sportstar

· Fantasy Air Allegro

Flight Design CT

· GRYF Aircraft Spol MD 3 Rider

· Indus Aviation T211 Thorpedo

· Iniziative Industriali Italiane Sky Arrow 600 Sport

· Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft J170-SP

· Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft J250-SP

· JIHLAVAN Airplanes KP-5 Kappa

· Just Aircraft Highlander


· Remos Aircraft G-3

· Storm Aircraft Rally LSA

· Taylorcraft AvationTaylor Sport

· Tecnam Bravo

· Tecnam Echo Super

· Tecnam Sierra

· TL Ultralight Sting Sport

· Zlin Savage


Non fixed wing
Non Fixed Wing

Powered Parachutes

  • Summit II

    Weight Shift

    · Airborne WindsportsEdge XT-912-B

    · GTE 912

    · Tanarg 912

State of industry
State of Industry

  • OEM’s

    • Most are European based

    • Many young and cash strapped companies but growing fast

    • Aircraft are currently being produced in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, US

State of industry1
State of Industry

  • Manufacturers

    • Many entering the market are experienced European companies

    • The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) is the lead organization for the manufacturers and it has over 65 members.

  • Insurance Companies

    • Most are interested in providing insurance; weight shift and powered parachute still an issue

State of industry2
State of Industry

  • FAA

    • Education of the inspectors still a stumbling block to full implementation

  • FBOs

    • Just learning about the opportunities; reactions vary although schools of all sizes are offering training

  • Instructors

    • Cautious but when they are exposed to the opportunities they have recognized the economic benefits of the new rules

State of industry3
State of Industry

  • ASTM Standards

    • Over 3,000 ASTM International standards are used as the basis for national standards by reference in regulation in over 50 countries

    • Full International support in development of the standards

    • At least three Civil Aviation Authorities participated in the development of the standards

      • US

      • Australia

      • Canada

State of industry4
State of Industry

  • ASTM International Standards have been adopted for use in the Australia, US, and Colombia

  • ASTM International is being considered for adoption in Israel, Spain, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand

State of industry5
State of Industry

  • Standards are written to be relevant regardless of the country in which they are used

  • Standards are separate from local regulations; they do not dictate limits such as weight, speed, or complexity of the aircraft

  • The aircraft categories that are allowed to use the ASTM standards, and enforcement of the standards, is left with the individual CAA

What can you do or buy today
What Can You Do or Buy Today

  • Current FAA Pilot certificate holders can operate with a drivers license as their medical

  • Obtain a Sport Pilot Student Pilot Certificate

  • Hundreds of existing Amateur-built and Classic aircraft models can be flown by Sport Pilots

  • New Light Sport Aircraft are available

What can you do or buy today1
What Can you Do or Buy Today

  • Insurance for Pilots, FBOs and instructors is available for LSA airplanes

  • Current flight instructors can provide Sport Pilot training

  • Certificate “heavy” ultralight as Experimental

What is new as a result of the rule
What Is NewAs a result of the rule

  • Aircraft manufacturers have quickly adopted use of ASTM International Standards world wide

  • Aircraft sales are strong

  • Industry self policing of compliance with ASTM International standards is starting to be put into place

  • Major education of regulators and industry still needed

What is new cont
What is New (cont.)

  • Flight Schools with new LSA report significant increase in new student starts

  • Autogas or unleaded Avgas, not Avgas, is the correct fuel and airport availability is an issue

  • Many owners will be certificated FAA Repairmen

  • Significant amount of misinformation about new regulations