Pdes inc plans for piloting step in engineering analysis gerry graves ph d pdes inc
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PDES, Inc. Plans for Piloting STEP in Engineering Analysis Gerry Graves, Ph.D. PDES, Inc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PDES, Inc. Plans for Piloting STEP in Engineering Analysis Gerry Graves, Ph.D. PDES, Inc. PDES, Inc. Purpose. Accelerate the development and implementation of product data exchange using STEP to improve product quality, increase flexibility, reduce product cycle time and reduce costs. UK.

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Pdes inc plans for piloting step in engineering analysis gerry graves ph d pdes inc

PDES, Inc. Plans for Piloting STEPin Engineering AnalysisGerry Graves, Ph.D.PDES, Inc.

Pdes inc purpose
PDES, Inc. Purpose

  • Accelerate the development and implementation of product data exchange using STEP to improve product quality, increase flexibility, reduce product cycle time and reduce costs

Pdes inc members







PDES, Inc. Members

























Pdes inc capabilities
PDES, Inc. Capabilities

  • Support for the formation, project management and technical support of intercompany teams

  • STEP-related technology transfer between and among member companies and agencies

  • Labworks vendor translator test bed

  • Focal point for information and communication concerning importance of STEP to member companies and agencies

  • Initial training in STEP and related technologies

  • Coordination of effort with national and international standards organizations and consortia

Pdes inc approach
PDES, Inc. Approach

  • Develop and implement member company-defined work tasks

  • Organize the work into projects with deliverables and schedules

  • Use contributed company personnel

  • Work with the established National and International standards structure

  • Establish formal relationships with other significant organizations, programs and consortia

  • Pursue funding for complementary projects

Organizational chart
Organizational Chart

Executive Board

Technical Advisory


General Manager







Larry McKee

Phil Rosche


Gerry Graves

Rogerio Barra

Pdes inc plans for piloting step in engineering analysis gerry graves ph d pdes inc

PDES, Inc. Roadmap


STEP Support

M o d u l a r i z a t i o n



Production Use




Construction History















Deployment Phases

Development Phases

Pdes inc success stories
PDES, Inc. Success Stories

  • Company Implementations resulting from PDES, Inc. Pilots:

    • Lockheed Martin

    • Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

    • CSTAR

    • Boeing PowerSTEP/AEROSTEP

    • GM STEP Translation Center

Success story lockheed martin
Success Story:Lockheed Martin

  • STEP is being used to support the F-16, F-22, Joint Strike Fighter, F-2 and KTX-2 programs at Lockheed Martin

  • Lockheed Martin is pioneering the STEP standard with smaller businesses that are its supply base

  • STEP has realized significant savings and process improvements

    • Within engineering design, pilots show a 10% improvement in reliability of data exchange, 10% process savings for non-composite parts, and 50% process savings for composites

    • For manufacturing, projected savings for tool design on CAD/CAM systems is 27% and 38% for NC CAM systems due to elimination of data re-entry

Success story delphi delco electronics systems
Success Story:Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

  • STEP is being used in support of climate control systems for two major OEM customers.

  • All mechanical design at Delphi Delco Electronics Systems is accomplished using EDS/Unigraphics; the two OEMs require Dassault Systemes’ CATIA

  • Previously used IGES and recreation of solid models took three to five days per component

  • A recent example showed 12 files translated via STEP; approximately 50 hours were saved by eliminating virtually all manual intervention

Success story cstar
Success Story:CSTAR

Development of electronic data exchange capabilities between C-17 facilities in Long Beach and St. Louis using STEP . Boeing’s McDonnell Douglas unit is now using STEP in production to exchange C-17 configuration management data on a daily basis.

  • Significant Cost and Schedule Improvements -- manual method was error prone, slow (3 weeks to 2 months; now overnight), and people intensive (3 people full time; now zero)

  • Expanding capability to use OMG CORBA and SDAI for on demand update/viewing of electronic engineering order system

  • Participants:

    • Boeing’s McDonnell Douglas unit - ITI

    • Northrop Grumman - IBM

Pdes inc plans for piloting step in engineering analysis gerry graves ph d pdes inc

Success Story:AeroSTEP/PowerSTEP

Show viability of STEP as an exchange mechanism supporting Digital Pre-Assembly (DPA) of engine/strut interface.

  • STEP is being used in production between Boeing and their three engine manufacturers for the DPA process on the 777 and 767-400 Extended Range Programs

  • STEP will be the preferred process for future Boeing programs

  • PowerSTEP won 1997 CALS Implementor Honor Roll Award

  • Participants:

    • Boeing - GE

    • Rolls-Royce - Pratt & Whitney

    • Dassault Systems - Computervision

    • EDS Unigraphics

Pdes inc plans for piloting step in engineering analysis gerry graves ph d pdes inc

Success Story: STEP Translation Center

  • STEP is used to transfer product designs between GM divisions, their customers and suppliers

  • Production operations of STEP Translation Center (STC) began May 1, 1996

  • Initial focus was translation of solids between UG and CATIA using AP203; additional CAD systems are in testing

  • GM has performed detailed IGES/STEP testing which has resulted in plans to phase out the use of IGES

  • First GM divisions to use STC:

    • Delphi Automotive Systems

    • GM Powertrain

    • Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

Pdes inc pilots step web integrated supplier exchange stepwise
PDES, Inc. Pilots: STEP Web Integrated Supplier Exchange (STEPwise)

  • Participants: Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, ISS, Spatial

  • Integrating PDM systems using AP232/PDM Schema using ISS-InSync and SDRC/Metaphase

  • Continuing to expand implementation base

  • Suppliers implementation - on current & new contracts

    • Suppliers in-common with two prime contractors

    • Implement commercial software products

    • Bi-directional TDP & RFP package exchange

Pdes inc pilots eurofighter pdm pilot
PDES, Inc. Pilots:Eurofighter PDM Pilot

  • Participants: British Aerospace, ALENIA (Italy), CASA (Spain), DASA (Germany), Product Manager, Metaphase, CV/PTC Optegra

  • Implementing a net change based PDM data exchange between the Eurofighter partners based on the Unified PDM suite of modules

  • Agreed on harmonized interpretation of PDM Schema at March Offsite -- this was a major accomplishment

  • Phase 1 of Eurofighter pilot to be deployed this summer

  • BAe has been major contributor to PDM Schema Usage Guide

Pdes inc pilots international step automotive project isap
PDES, Inc. Pilots:International STEP Automotive Project (ISAP)

  • Participants: GM, Isuzu, Ford, Visteon, Delphi Delco Electronics Systems, Metaphase, UG IMAN, SDRC IDEAS

  • Goal is to accelerate production use of STEP by the international automotive industry

  • Pilot being energized to focus on PDM exchange between Ford and GM and geometry exchange between Ford/GM and OEMs they supply (e.g. trucking industry)

Pdes inc pilots electromechanical
PDES, Inc. Pilots:Electromechanical

  • Participants: Boeing, IBM, Rockwell, NASA, Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

  • Implementing STEP for integrated electronic exchange of PCA designs as well as their mounting hardware and enclosures

  • Translator availability of MCAD to/from AP210 (electronic assembly, interconnect, and packaging design) is key to continued pilot activity

    • Mentor Graphics to AP210 beta translator now available (first commercial translator)

Potential engineering analysis pilot
PotentialEngineering Analysis Pilot

  • In early planning phase

  • Objectives of the pilot:

    • Accelerate the deployment of STEP support for Engineering Analysis (EA) applications in member companies

    • Further validate AP209 capabilities in an industrial setting

    • Establish a pilot framework for extending STEP capabilities in EA leading to an EA testing forum

Engineering analysis pilot cont
Engineering Analysis Pilot(cont.)

  • Potential Scope

    • Composite/Metallic Design within the confines of product structure

    • Exchange of analysis data with suppliers

  • Potential Participants

    • Users: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Electric Boat, Ford, NASA, Rolls-Royce, British Aerospace

    • Vendors: MSC, Dassault, Theorem, PTC

    • NAFEMS (International EA Association)

Engineering analysis pilot cont1
Engineering Analysis Pilot(cont.)

  • 2 Phased Approach

    • share Users Concept of Operations

    • Conduct education/training

    • Develop and test initial translators

    • Transition to company pilots in second phase

  • September Kickoff planned at PDES, Inc. Offsite

    • week of September 20th, Palm Springs, CA


  • STEP AP209 is Draft International Standard and is stable

  • PDES, Inc. is planning a pilot project to accelerate deployment of AP209 within major companies

  • The potential benefit from using STEP in Engineering Analysis is very substantial, and it is time to move out!

Press release nasa adopts iso 10303 for data exchange
Press Release:NASA adopts ISO 10303 for data exchange

  • NASA-STD-2817 now includes the requirement for CAE/CAD/CAM systems used by NASA to have interchange tools that support STEP

  • Preferred standards include APs 203, 209, 210, 225, and 227 for exchanging data among PDM, mechanical and electronic CAD/CAM, civil and facilities CAD, and CAE/analysis systems

  • Tools that enable data interchange, compliant with these standards, must be available to all CAE/CAD/CAM users at each NASA Center

Pdes inc significant challenges
PDES, Inc.Significant Challenges

  • Implementing the modular approach

    • Focused resources working on modular strategy and developing modules

    • Coordinating with international community

    • Working with vendors

  • Gaining common agreements with ProSTEP

    • PDM Schema/Usage Guide

    • CAD and PDM Implementor Forums

    • Standardization

  • Upward Compatibility/Change Management

    • Aggressively working to ensure upward compatibility

    • Modular approach should help configuration management challenge

Near term priorities
Near Term Priorities

  • Execute the modular extension strategy

    • Reconfirm member company priorities

    • Establish development processes

    • Deliver completed modules

  • Finalize PDM Schema Usage Guide with ProSTEP

    • Second installment posted to website (www.pdm-if.org)

    • Continuing to work with ProSTEP to finalize

  • Ensure successful ballots for AP232 (CD) and AP209 (DIS)

  • Execute ISC Terms of Reference

  • Have successful joint CAx and PDM Implementor Forums

    • 1st CAx-IF ends July

    • 1st PDM-IF ends September

New pilot project objective
New Pilot Project Objective

  • The exchange of interface and nacelle data between Unigraphics, CADDS, and ProE in support of a joint venture airplane

  • The data would include multiple forms of geometry and attribute (PDM) information

  • Verification of exchanged geometry will be accomplished using the Geometric Validation Properties modular extension

New pilot project team
New Pilot Project Team

  • Vendors:

    • Theorem Solutions

    • PTC

    • UG Solutions

  • Users:

    • Pratt & Whitney

    • Aerospatiale (through GOSET)

    • GE