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Facility Management Services Providing Services for UNE Students

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Facility Management Services Providing Services for UNE Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facility Management Services Providing Services for UNE Students. 14 February 2014 UNE Student Leaders Training - FMS Presentation Presented by Deputy Director, Facilities Management Services, Peter Eaton and Campus Services Manager, Facilities Management Services, Melinda Nelson.

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Presentation Transcript

Facility Management Services

Providing Services for UNE


14 February 2014

UNE Student Leaders Training - FMS Presentation

Presented by Deputy Director, Facilities Management Services, Peter Eaton

and Campus Services Manager, Facilities Management Services, Melinda Nelson


Today’s Presentation Topics

  • The Facilities Management Services Directorate
  • Safety and Security
  • Parking
  • Events
  • General Information

14 February 2014

UNE Student Orientation FMS Presentation

Presented by Deputy Director, Facilities Management Services, Peter Eaton

and Campus Services Manager, Facilities Management Services, Melinda Nelson


Facilities Management Services

  • The primary focus of UNE’s Facilities Management Services (FMS) Directorate is to develop new and maintain built infrastructure and provide general support services to the University community.
  • The FMS portfolio relevant to general support services is the Campus Services unit. This unit comprises:
  • safety and security;
  • parking;
  • cleaning;
  • events;
  • receipt and dispatch of mail and goods;
  • leasing and hiring of facilities; and
  • motor vehicle fleet management.

Safety and Security at UNE

  • Safety and Security Officers
  • Responsibility of UNE Safety and Security officers is limited to the boundaries of the University, and this does exclude the Armidale CBD and residential areas.
  • 24/7 Campus Safety Centre:
    • Located in the College precinct near the corner of Elm Avenue and Handel Street (B089).
    • Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Safety & Security officers are available 24/7 to:
      • attend any urgent incident on Campus;
      • provide a helpful presence if concerned for your safety.
    • Services provided include:
      • General enquiries;
  • ID card & building access;
      • Parking assistance & directions;
      • Lost property;
      • Incident reporting;
      • Flat battery assistance; and
      • Maps & general directions.

Safety and Security at UNE

  • UNE Safety Shuttle
  • Picks up students from the Dixsonlibrary, the Law library and the northern carpark.
  • Transports to the CBD via the residential colleges.
  • Specified route via the colleges to Queen Elizabeth Drive/Donnelly Street; to Faulkner Street past the Police Station; then to Barney Street past Smith House.

Safety and Security at UNE

  • UNE Safety Shuttle
    • Monday - Saturday
    • Departs Dixsonlibrary at 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm & 10:00pm.
    • Departs Law library at 7:05pm, 8:05pm, 9:05pm & 10:05pm.
    • Departs northern carparkat 7:10pm, 8:10pm, 9:10pm and 10:10pm.
    • After 10:00pm, the service runs from the Academic Campus by request (phone 6773 2099) until dawn.
  • Sunday from the Academic Campus by request (phone 6773 2099) from dusk until dawn.

Safety and Security at UNE

  • Additional Bus Services
  • Night Rider Bus Service:
    • Friday and Saturday (21 February to 18 October).
    • Local Pubs to UNE Colleges.
    • Pick-ups:
      • Courthouse;
      • Shell petrol station for Wicklow;
      • Royal;
      • White Bull;
      • St. Kilda;
      • Rusden Street opposite Council Offices for Tatts;
      • In front of Telstra/Optus shops for Newey.
    • Times: 1:00am, 1:40am, 2:25am.
    • Free of charge.
  • ‘Stro Bus Service:
    • Thursdays (20 February to 18 September)‘Stro nights only.
    • Starts at the northern carparkto UNE Colleges.
    • Times: from 1:00am to 2:00am, sometimes to 2:30am.
    • Free of charge.

Safety and Security at UNE

  • Other Security and Safety Services
  • Help Phones – press the button for direct connection.
  • ID Cards and Parking Permits:
    • Complete the Student Identification Card Application Form.
    • 100 points of identification* must accompany the application form. 
    • Can be obtained in person from either the Campus Safety Centre (B89) or the Dixsonlibrary (C31) or by mail New cards are dispatched once enrolment is complete/confirmed.
    • ID Cards expire 31 March each year.
  • Emergency Assistance – call 000 for emergencies then call Safety and Security on 6773 2099.
  • Fire and Emergency Evacuation Systems – important that you are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures (exits/evacuation areas/wardens/first aiders).
  • Student Safety Escorts:
    • On University Campus only.
    • 24/7 service.
    • Walking to/from college afterhours.
    • Contact Safety and Security on 6773 2099.


  • Restricted Parking Scheme is active across the UNE Campus including Sports UNE, excluding St. Albert’s College.
  • Cars are parked at own risk.
  • Permits are not refundable or transferable but please contact the parking officer if you have any queries Safety &Security on (02) 6773 3485.
  • No guarantee of a parking space – permit is a “licence to hunt” for a parking space on a first in basis.
  • Regular security patrols check for breach of parking rules and infringements are issued.
  • Parking Area of Operation map is available here:
  • A broad range of information regarding parking can be found on the UNE website:


  • Advanced permission must be obtained for all functions held on or off Campus by Head of Residence and the Campus Services Manager.
  • An Event Registration Form must be completed; this form is available online:
  • Sponsors of events must ensure that Responsible Service of Alcohol provisions are adhered to if alcohol is involved.
  • If approved, consumption of alcoholic beverages should be permitted only within the approved area designated for the event.
  • Alcohol must not be used as an inducement to participate in an event.
  • Promotional materials including advertising for any event must not make reference to the amount of alcoholic beverages (e.g. beer kegs) available.
  • Responsible planning prior to the event helps prevent otherwise avoidable incidents.

General Information

  • Mail
  • Parking
  • Avoiding Breech of Parking Rules
  • Crime Prevention and Safety Awareness
  • Enhancing your Health and Safety
  • Key Contacts for FMS Services


  • Tips on Addressing Mail
  • To find you effectively it is essential that mail is addressed correctly.
  • Please ask sender to include on all mail addressed to students:
    • Student’s full name;
    • Name of College;
    • Full UNE address;
  • Common issues include inadequate details to identify where the mail needs to go.

Avoiding Breach of Parking Rules

  • Make sure that permit is displayed correctly;
  • Make sure that permit has not expired;
  • Use loading zones only for the purpose they are intended and don’t exceed time limits on the sign;
  • Read the signs at the entry points of carparksto identify the times and days applicable to paid parking and the type of permit required for parking in the area;
  • Park only in parking bays that allow for your permit colouras displayed on your vehicle; and
  • Don’t park in or on the following places:
      • Grassed areas;
      • Outside marked bays;
      • Footpaths;
      • Service vehicle areas; and
      • Do not park in any other permit colour space other than yours;

Parking Period of Leniency

  • Don’t stretch the rules;
  • Purely to allow students who have just arrived to purchase their parking permits – not a free for all;
  • Purchasing a permit is a quick and easy online process:
  • Repeat offenders will be fined during the leniency period;
  • A warning and repeat offenders register is kept;
  • Still have to comply with all of the parking rules – the leniency period doesn’t mean you can park where you want;
  • Infringement notices will be issued to cars parked in areas other than designated Blue/Purple Permit areas.
  • We’re here to help - please contact us:
  • Safety &Security on (02) 6773 3485.

Crime Prevention and Safety Awareness

  • Keep enough money for a taxi or telephone call;
  • Have your keys ready before you get to your car or door;
  • Carry a personal alarm or whistle;
  • Avoid carrying large sums of money;
  • Keep your valuables (wallets, handbags, mobile phones, electronic devices) out of sight when its not with you;
  • Lock car and room doors and windows;
  • Walk away from unpleasant or aggressive behaviour and take your friends with you;
  • Be a positive ‘leader’ in the group;
  • Stick to major routes and roads and don’t take short cuts;
  • Use footpaths that are well lit and not closed in by bushes or obstacles;
  • Stay in groups of people where possible;
  • Report any incident of crime off or on-site to the police and UNE safety and security; and
  • Call 000 in an emergency.
  • Information sources:

Enhancing Your Health and Safety

    • How Students Can Enhance Health and Safety
  • Care of buildings:
    • Don’t tamper with buildings or fixtures:
      • Automatic door closers - these are important for fire safety;
      • Fire safety fixtures eg. Heat/smoke detectors, “break in case of emergency” panels, fire extinguishers;
      • False alarm callouts cost around $1,250 per incident;
      • The full cost of false alarms will be passed on to the individuals responsible if caught doing the wrong thing.
    • Posters:
      • Consideration of content – must not cause offense;
      • Noticeboards only;
      • Not allowed on windows, doors or glass surfaces – for better visibility and cleaning;
  • Compliance with general rules:
    • Cooking only allowed in designated kitchen areas not in rooms;
    • Smoking not allowed in rooms, buildings, undercover areas or within designated perimeter of buildings as signed;
    • All general WH&S matters– including but not limited to emergency evacuations, incident/accident reporting, hazard reporting, student responsibilities;
    • Put waste in designated waste or recyclable disposal bins;
    • Keep your room neat and tidy – don’t leave rubbish and food around;

Key Contacts for FMS Services

General FMS Enquiries


phone: 02 6773 3910

Safety and Security


phone: 02 6773 2099



phone: 02 6773 3485

Further Information and Resources