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Plant Cells

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Plant Cells - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Plant Cells. Plant and Animal cells. Plant and Animal Cells. Both have…. Cell Membranes. Cytoplasm. Nucleus. Ribosomes. Mitochondria. Smooth and RoughER. Vacuoles. Golgi Complex. Cell Wall. Found only in plant cells

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plant and animal cells
Plant and Animal cells

plant and animal cells1
Plant and Animal Cells
  • Both have…

Cell Membranes





Smooth and RoughER


Golgi Complex

cell wall
Cell Wall
  • Found only in plant cells
  • Stiff, rigid, protective barrier outside of the membrane.
  • The cell wall is made of cellulose (sugars) and helps the cell keep its shape.

  • They are only found in plant cells.
  • Allow the plant to use sunlight to make food (photosynthesis).
  • The stroma is an area inside of the chloroplast where sugars are created. Chlorophyll uses radiant energy to create glucose.

  • Plants have one large vacuole that stores food and nutrients, increases cell size, and acts like a lysosome.

vacuoles cont
Vacuoles, cont.
  • A wilting plant has lost much of its water and the vacuoles are shrinking. Cell walls help the cell keep its structure. When vacuoles are refilled with water, the plant goes back to its original shape.

With your partner, create a double-bubble thinking map, comparing and contrasting Plant and Animal Cells.
  • Make sure it’s big, legible, and neat!