fhs national honor society application process n.
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FHS National Honor Society Application Process PowerPoint Presentation
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FHS National Honor Society Application Process

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FHS National Honor Society Application Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FHS National Honor Society Application Process. 2014. Congratulations!. You are a member of a select group of FHS students who, because of your scholarship , have been invited to apply for membership into the Farmingdale High School Chapter of this prestigious National Organization.

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  • You are a member of a select group of FHS students who, because of your scholarship, have been invited to apply for membership into the Farmingdale High School Chapter of this prestigious National Organization.
qualities of nhs members
Qualities of NHS Members
  • A good application will show the selection committee that you possess the qualities of an NHS member.
  • It is your responsibility to CAREFULLY put together an application highlighting your strengths and accomplishments.
  • A panel of school community members will review each application
  • The advisors and officers have NO SAY in who is selected
  • The Selection committee makes their decisions based solely on the following criteria…
  • Candidates are required to put service to others above their own interests.
examples of service
Examples of Service:
  • helped younger children with sporting events
  • taught religious education
  • led a food drive
  • participated in a Walk-A-Thon or Relay for Life
  • planted a community garden
  • participated in Key Club events
  • participated in service through Scouting
  • Candidates are expected to take constructive leads in the classroom, school and/or community. Others should look up to you and look to you for ideas, guidance and support.
examples of leadership
Examples of Leadership
  • coach of a younger child’s team
  • selected as team captain (academic or athletic)
  • club officer or started a club
  • organized an event for a club
  • served as an ambassador for the school at an event
  • Relay for Life team captain
  • leadership position or high rank in Scouts
  • Anything that did not fit into the other categories can be put on this page.
  • Perhaps you are responsible for a younger child in your family, if so, please share.
  • If you work in a family business, submit hours and responsibilities.
  • To demonstrate your character you will compose an essay.
  • The essay should be a proposal for an Honor Society event.
  • Keep it to the point, but complete.
  • This proposal should give the selection committee an idea of the kind of person you are.
  • The condition of the application you hand in speaks volumes about who you are.
  • If your application is neat, clean and put together it shows the selection committee that you care and are committed to becoming a member.
  • If your application is out of order, crumpled, stained, or a general mess that tells the committee that you don’t really care too much about this process or the organization.
parent verification
Parent Verification
  • Bring this application home with you.
  • YOU are responsible for completing it, however it is important that your parents/guardians see the application.
  • Before you hand in your completed application, go through it with your parent/guardian and have them sign.
important dates
  • Teacher recommendation forms – TODAY!!!
  • Application Workshop – Monday September 8th & Tuesday September 9th
  • Due date for completed applications – Monday September 15th by the end of the school day – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • Decisions will be made by the beginning of October. You will receive a letter to notify you whether you have or have not been accepted.
  • If you are not accepted this year, the letter you receive will explain why.
  • Keep up your grades, service, leadership and character and you may very well be eligible again next year.