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Making Wangaratta Australia’s Premier Cycling Destination PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Wangaratta Australia’s Premier Cycling Destination

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Making Wangaratta Australia’s Premier Cycling Destination - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making Wangaratta Australia’s Premier Cycling Destination. Future Direction for Wangaratta Cycling Club & Cycling in Wangaratta. Wangaratta Cycling Club Deputation. Inform council about the club & it’s Major events. Update council on progress of WCC strategic plan

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making wangaratta australia s premier cycling destination

Making Wangaratta Australia’s Premier Cycling Destination

Future Direction for Wangaratta Cycling Club & Cycling in Wangaratta

wangaratta cycling club deputation
Wangaratta Cycling Club Deputation

Inform council about the club & it’s Major events.

Update council on progress of WCC strategic plan

Show the benefits to Wangaratta of having good facilities to stage events.

Seek assistance from council to further improve cycling in Wangaratta in line with councils aims.

wangaratta cycling club
Wangaratta Cycling Club
  • Proud history since 1856
  • Produced Olympic & Commonwealth medallists
  • Offers racing and training opportunities – All Ages, All Abilities
  • Operates 12 months a year (Velodrome – Summer, Road Autumn  Spring)
  • Caters for all ages & abilities
  • Strong commitment to

Juniors & Youth

  • Average 100 members
wangaratta cycling club1
Wangaratta Cycling Club

Stage Successful State Level Events

  • Victorian Junior Road Championships (2 days).
    • 2011 - 220 junior riders, $370k* in tourism spend
    • Have run for past 14 years generating $5.1M **
    • Have secured for 2012. Beyond ??
  • Round 4 of Christmas Track Carnivals (1 Day/Night).
    • Attracted 160 junior & senior riders.
    • Generated $135k* in tourism spend.

* Based on ABS sport tourist avg spend of $241/day

** in 2011 $ terms. Entries have remained consistent throughout 14 years

strategic plan strengthening wangaratta cycling and wcc
Strategic Plan – Strengthening Wangaratta Cycling and WCC

Completed in 2011 with assistance from Michelle Read

A holistic assessment of the Club (and cycling in Wangaratta), its opportunities and issues.

Provides strategic direction to ensure future sustainability.

Consultation is occurring on Draft plan (Club, Stakeholders & Council)

strategic plan strengthening wangaratta cycling and wcc1
Strategic Plan – Strengthening Wangaratta Cycling and WCC

Five Main Strategic Themes

Taking a ‘whole of sport’ approach to cycling in Wangaratta

Building a sustainable pool of supporters and volunteers both within the club and between other cycling groups (including RCOW).

Improving & Expanding the range of cycling activities to make Wangaratta the ‘Regional Hub’ for competitive & recreational cycling.

Addressing shortfalls in cycling facilities.

Continuing to stage Regional & State Level events

1 whole of sport model
1 - Whole of Sport Model

Pursue “Whole of Sport” model

Invite other Clubs & groups for discussion & establish working group

Discuss with/seek support of Council

Discuss with/seek support from Cycling Victoria

Establish organisational structure for the model

Lobby for Cycling Hub/Precinct

2 sustainable volunteers
2 - Sustainable Volunteers

Implement compulsory volunteer system

Change WCC Committee structure dividing up tasks

Work with other groups to expand the pool and support each other

Train volunteers to marshal and control traffic

3 participation programs activities
3 – Participation, Programs & Activities

Create regional centre of excellence of training & racing

Examine establishment of Mountain Bike Racing

Establish Wangaratta as a ‘Cyclocross’ destination.

Expand our ‘come & try’ days into schools and community events.

We have the ability to stage any form of cycling event (racing or challenge). This can support councils partnership with Sports Marketing Australia.

4 improving facilities
4 – Improving Facilities
  • Need for a more suitable Criterion Circuit
  • Modernise/Replace Track
  • Establishment of Mountain

Bike Facilities in Warby – Ovens Park

  • Create a ‘Cyclocross’ course

in Wangaratta CBD precinct.

      • one trial race held last season.
      • Increasingly popular form of racing.
  • Identify key road infrastructure for Road events to inform RCOW road maintenance strategy.
5 staging quality regional state level events
5 – Staging Quality Regional & State Level events
  • Improve Course Safety – quality road circuits with standardised & Permanent traffic management
  • More track events (less intensive to organise)
  • New events - Cyclocross (compact – spectator friendly)
  • Training & Racing Hub

for North East

  • Other councils are

bidding for and

staging events

rcow assistance request
RCoW Assistance request
  • RCoW Events dept to assist our bids for State & Regional events.
    • Each attracts approx 150-200 participants
    • Other councils are supporting and bidding for these type of events
  • Ensure a suitable Velodrome remains (or is built) to attract events.
    • One event at Christmas generated $135k in economic benefits to Wangaratta.
  • Locate a new ‘Off-Road” criterium circuit at the Wangaratta Showgrounds.
    • Existing sale yards circuit is ‘on-road’ and trucks and vehicles enter the course – safety concerns.
    • Would utilise the newly sealed road network around the showgrounds. Far safer.
rcow assistance request1
RCoW Assistance request
  • Traffic Management plans.
    • Preparation of plans for our standard road race circuits to meet RMAct requirements
    • Progressive installation of permanent ‘Race day’ signage on major event circuits.
    • Major event circuits to have ‘cycling friendly’ maintenance performed.
  • Facilitation of a “Whole of Sport’ approach to cycling in Wangaratta.
    • Establish a ‘Cycling Wangaratta’ reference group
    • Sharing an co-habiting of facilities/equipment & volunteers
    • New facilities to be multi-discipline and multi-purpose
  • Commission a study investigating the feasibility and requirements for developing a ‘cycling precinct’ in Wangaratta.
    • Bring cycling groups together to share and better utilise facilities
    • Use this to attract training squads and other recreational events
the future is together
The Future IS Together

It will require

  • Whole of cycling approach
  • Regional cycling hub
  • Multi-use shared facilities
  • Infrastructure that supports quality events (Road, Track, MTB, Challenge & Recreational)

RCOW & WCC aims are aligned and mutual support will achieve the councils stated goals of:

  • Cycle tourism leadership position is strengthened
  • Continued investment in promotion, development of infrastructure,
  • Increased involvement of businesses.
  • Cycle Tourism Advisory Committee established

Cycling Wangaratta

Discussion & Questions


Cycling Wangaratta

Additional Notes for Councillors

wangaratta is cycling
Wangaratta IS Cycling
  • 2010-2013 RCOW Tourism Strategic Plan.

“Cycling – Key driver being the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail with new product coming online. The region aims to be Australia’s premier cycling destination.”


“Cycling – The RCoW’s topography and infrastructure of cycling paths, including Wangaratta as the start of the Murray to Mountain’s Rail Trail, appeals to cyclists of all standards. The Wangaratta – Oxley link will further enhance the cycle tourism product driving visitation by cyclists to these area.”

wangaratta is cycling1
Wangaratta IS Cycling
  • Competitive Cycling plays a significant role in attracting visitors to Wangaratta.
  • Competitors love

The variety of courses that are on offer.

South Wang - Hills, Time Trials, Criterions.

Showgrounds - Track

The ease of access to & quality of the of facilities

South Wang – Parking, Showers, Rooms

Showgrounds – Driving right up to track, Shade, Grass.

wangaratta the cycling event precinct
Wangaratta “The Cycling Event Precinct”

Great events need safe and good quality infrastructure.

We want to work with RCOW to improve safety and quality of cycling events to increase visiting cyclists.

  • Road Race circuits with good surfaces, permanent traffic signage, assistance with permits.
  • Track Repair or Re -development
  • Common facility for all groups.
  • Assist with establishment of ‘Cycling Wangaratta’ group and brand.
cycling facts
Cycling Facts

Participation rate – one of the top 4 activities in the country & high regular participation rate (at east once per week)

Cycling Victoria repositioning itself to cater for increasing interest in racing and recreational activities

National trend towards non-competitive passive recreation activities. 12.5 % growth. Competitive cycling participation also increasing at 1.5%

Case studies show Clubs now successfully cater for a number of disciplines including recreational

People who participate in one discipline (Road, Track, MTB, Challenge, Recreational) are likely to be attracted to other disciplines as well

cycling facts1
Cycling Facts
  • Many Councils are bidding for cycling races.
    • Because they draw people from out of town
    • Promote their region

Examples include:

Tour of the South West – Warrnambool City Council. 2 day tour.

Under 19 National Road Championships – Shepparton Council

Border Final of State Schools Championships – Albury City ( this used to be in Wangaratta)