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Lost: In the Pyramid

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Lost: In the Pyramid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lost: In the Pyramid. To complete this adventure you must go through obstacles. and you must defeat King Tut and his army of slaves! Will you succeed or will it be the end for you? . Go into the treasure room Go into the room of hieroglyphics.

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and you must defeat king tut and his army of slaves will you succeed or will it be the end for you
and you must defeat King Tut and his army of slaves!Will you succeed or will it be the end for you?
You have entered the treasure room. There is a rustle.Take some jewelry and gold.Go upstairsJust sit there

You are in the room of hieroglyphics.You lean against the wall to find a secret panel.Go into the secret panelGo up stairsGo down stairs


You are now entered the room of King Tut.There is the sarcophagus laying in the middle of the room. You here a creek like a door opening ever so slowly. It’s the Sarcophagus! It’s opening and King Tut is coming out….Sit thereFight

oh no some of the king tut s slaves woke up run downstairs ask for peace and friendship sit there
Oh no! Some of the king tut’s slaves woke up!Run downstairsAsk for peace and friendshipsit there
You have entered the dining room where King Tut used to eat.Go through another doorGo in to the kitchen
You are now down stairs and in the storage roomGo up stairsAdventure aroundPick up things and take them
  • Power point adventure created by: Jordana Weinberger
  • Pictures from Google Images.