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Liaison Training

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Liaison Training. If you are having any trouble with this webinar, please let us know either through the question box on the right side of your screen or email Michelle at . This PowerPoint will be posted online for further use and reference. Opening Prayer.

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liaison training
Liaison Training

If you are having any trouble with this webinar, please let us know

either through the question box on the right side of your screen

or email Michelle at

This PowerPoint will be posted online for further use and reference

opening prayer
Opening Prayer

Our Lady of Guadalupe, we turn to you who are the protectress of unborn children and ask that you intercede for us, so that we may more firmly resolve to join you in protecting all human life. Let our prayers be united to your perpetual motherly intercession on behalf of those whose lives are threatened, be they in the womb of their mother, on the bed of infirmity, or in the latter years of their life. May our prayers also be coupled with peaceful action which witnesses to the goodness and dignity of all human life, so that our firmness of purpose may give courage to those who are fearful and bring light to those who are blinded by sin. Encourage those who will be involved in the Youth Rally & Mass for Life and the national March for Life; help them to walk closely with God and be strengthened by His Spirit. O Virgin Mother of God, present our petitions to your Son and ask Him to bless us with abundant life. Amen.

today s webinar
Today’s Webinar
  • History and goals of event
    • Who we are, where we have been and where we are going together
    • Helping your kids attend, prepare for and grow from the Youth Rally and Mass for Life
  • Role of Diocesan Coordinators and Youth Ministers
  • Overview of ticketing plan
    • Helping as many kids as possible attend and grow from the experience
  • Key decisions that need to be made by diocesan liaisons.
    • Good early decisions lead to better ministry outcomes.
Youth Rally and Mass for LifeInspiring, evangelizing and catechizing 28,000 teens on the morning of the National March!
history of youth rally mass for life
History of Youth Rally & Mass for Life
  • The event began in 1990 at one location (Constitution Hall) starting with 1000 attendees eventually growing to 4000. It was initially an effort to encourage the parishioners from DC to participate in the annual National March for Life.
  • In 1995, inspired by the World Youth Day activities in Denver, CO, the Rally and Mass was promoted as an event for the youth of the Archdiocese of Washington
  • When the event moved to the Verizon Center, the largest single enclosed arena space in DC, we began inviting youth from around the nation. This coming year will be our thirteenth year at this location.
  • For the last four years, we have hosted simultaneous events to address growing capacity needs.
2015 youth rally mass for life
2015 Youth Rally & Mass for Life
  • Two amazing venues again this year – Verizon Center and DC Armory!
    • Maximum capacity of the Verizon Center = approximately 18,000 seats
    • Maximum capacity of the DC Armory = 10,000 seats
    • Verizon Center + DC Armory = 28,000 max
  • Each year, over 35,000 young people seek tickets for the Youth Rally ... and the numbers continue to grow!
  • Due to the popularity of the event it is not possible for every teen to get in. We continue to look for ways to expand (i.e. Comcast) but there are a limited number of venues within a reasonable distance.
  • To maximize the number of teens who can attend we ask that tickets be limited to teens and chaperones.
evangelization catechetical goals
Evangelization & Catechetical Goals
  • Provide an opportunity for the youth to see and experience the breadth and depth of the Catholic community in our nation and in particular the other youth standing for life from across the nation
  • Catechize youth on the sanctity of human life
  • Foster a greater appreciation for the teachings of our Church especially in the area of the life issues
  • Encourage our youth in their witness as disciples of Christ in the world and the importance of transforming our society through faith-informed action
  • Teach the youth the power of prayer and the importance of the Mass in our lives as Catholics
  • Foster vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life
archdiocese of washington staff
Archdiocese of Washington Staff
  • Plan and host a joyful, youthful witness to the dignity of life!
  • Provide training and support to over 100 diocesan liaisons.
  • Allocate tickets to each diocese.
  • Supply Child Protection Forms and Use of Image Waivers.
  • Answer additional questions regarding the event
role of diocesan coordinator
Role of Diocesan Coordinator
  • Inspire, motivate and communicate with the youth ministers and adult leaders from your diocese
  • Communicate with the Archdiocese of Washington Department of Life Issues
  • Make key decisions
    • Centralized trip or Decentralized Trip
    • Waiting List Procedure
  • Determine the number of tickets needed, submit request and plan for waiting list needs. Upon receipt of allocated tickets, carefully distribute all tickets to ensure as many youth as possible can participate.
  • Ensure compliance with child protection policies and Use of Image Waivers
  • Provide regular updates to your Bishop
  • Read through all materials as you receive them and ensure that ALL important details are communicated to your trip leaders in a timely manner.

** We’re always here as a resource – Call anytime! **

role of youth leader
Role of Youth Leader
  • Inspire, motivate and lead the teens
  • Communicate with the diocesan liaison and submit ticket requests within the appointed deadlines
  • Organize the trip on the parish level to ensure a safe trip and compliance with child protection policies
  • Carefully handle tickets and bring them the day of the event.
  • Provide regular updates to pastor
  • Prepare youth for a fruitful and powerful trip – throughout the time leading up to the trip.



overview of main steps
Overview of Main Steps
  • Determine Trip – Centralized or Decentralized.
  • Decide on a registration plan, prepare materials and set deadlines.
  • Contact youth leaders in your parishes and schools.
    • Keep in mind unique groups in your diocese that may also want tickets; such as, Eastern Rite Catholic groups, religious communities who minister to youth, Catholic fraternal organizations, etc.
  • Determine how many tickets your diocese will request.
  • Plan for distribution/waiting list.
  • Distribute tickets/ensure all allotted tickets are used.
trips two types
Trips – Two Types
  • Centralized trip
    • (Arch)diocese plans the trip, rents buses, secures lodging and coordinates the agenda, meals, etc.
    • Please remember: Even with a centralized trip, you are responsible for requesting tickets for those groups in your diocese that are not traveling with your group. Groups who call us for information will be directed to the appropriate diocesan liaison.
  • Decentralized trip
    • Individual parishes and schools organize their own trip (travel, lodging, etc)
    • Diocesan liaison simply requests tickets and send information to parish/school groups and fields questions.

There is no preferred way – do whatever serves your diocese best.

centralized diocesan organized trip
Centralized, diocesan-organized trip?
  • Your diocese will likely have an idea of how many tickets you need based on the number of buses you have hired and/or previous registration.
  • Contact all schools and parishes to inform them of the process. In the event that they choose not to be part of the centralized trip they will still need to request tickets from you.
  • Requests for tickets can occur simultaneously with registration for the entire trip.
  • Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that you will receive the number of tickets that you request.
decentralized trip
Decentralized Trip
  • If your diocese is not organizing a trip, then your first step will be to determine how many tickets you will need to request.
    • How many students have your parishes and schools taken in previous years?
    • How many do they estimate they will bring this year?
    • Begin this discussion with your parishes and schools now!
    • Although you are not planning their trip, there is still a great deal of communication that will need to take place between you and the group leaders.
decide on registration process
Decide on Registration process
  • On-going registration/First Come, First Served - Groups are signed up as they contact your office
    • This means those who receive information later have a lesser chance of receiving tickets – unless you decided that allocation will occur on a percentage or rotating basis
  • Set registration – All groups are given the information with a specific day and time when registration will begin
    • Each group has an equal opportunity to register – this is especially helpful if tickets will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • There are many easy to use programs available to help with this process:
      • Eventbrite –
      • Zoomerang –
      • Other websites you may use for newsletters, etc. (icontact, Constant Contact)
  • Develop “waiting list policy” – Groups who don’t receive tickets will still have the opportunity in the case that others have unexpected cancellations.

a. This also ensures that you do not have unused tickets and as many youth as possible are able to enjoy the Youth Rally and Mass!

set deadlines
Set Deadlines
  • Ticket requests are due to the Archdiocese of Washington no later than Friday, October 10th. Requests can be submitted beginning on October 6th.
  • Set a deadline for your groups (in advance of October 6) that will give you enough time to determine the number of tickets you will need to request.
prepare materials
Prepare materials
  • Sample letters can be found online – Please be sure that you personalize your letter!Insert your name, diocese, etc.
  • Ensure that the letter includes:
    • Deadline for registration
    • Registration details (first-come, first-served, rotating prioritization, percentage based, etc)
    • Links/tools to register
    • Remind them that registration with you does not guarantee tickets
    • Information about a waiting list in the case that you do not receive all of the tickets that you request
    • Inform them that the location of your groups tickets (Verizon, DC Armory) will be confirmed in early November
accommodations within adw parishes and child protection update
Accommodations within ADW Parishes and Child Protection Update

If you stay in a parish in the Archdiocese of Washington

  • Every adult traveling with your group must be in compliance with your own diocesan child protection program
  • A notarized form signed by your diocesan child protection officer is required verifying compliance with your own diocesan policies for every adult seeking accommodations.
  • Youth leaders who do not have the notarized form indicating the adults with the group are in compliance with their own child protection policies will be denied entry into the parish for overnight lodging. There will be no exceptions.
use of image waiver
Use of Image Waiver
  • Acceptance of a ticket for the Youth Rally and Mass for Life grants the Archdiocese of Washington permission to use any image and likeness in any television broadcast, photograph, video, internet site, audio-recording, and in any and all of its publications, including website entries (collectively “promotional materials”) without payment or any other consideration.
  • Please require and collect a signed “Use of Image Waiver” from each participant, or, if the participant is a minor, from each minor participant’s parent/guardian, with the language included on the enclosed form.
  • Each group leader must return to ADW one form stating that you are in possession of a sheet for each individual in the group after each ticket holder has returned his/her waiver to you.
  • Do not send a form for each individual
  • Forms for you and your group can be found online.
metro tickets
Metro Tickets
  • Groups with tickets to the DC Armory will need to purchase Metro tickets in advance.
  • Metro ticket purchase forms will be sent with your tickets to the DC Armory.
  • Please be sure that your groups order tickets for the metro ahead of time, this greatly cuts down on lines and waiting time the day of the event.
  • More information can be found at:
send information
Send Information
  • Be sure to send the information about requesting tickets to all youth leaders in your diocese especially those not traveling with your centralized trip.
  • You will be contacted in early November with a confirmation of the actual number of tickets your diocese has been allotted and which venue your group will be attending.
supporting and informing youth leaders
Supporting and InformingYouth Leaders
  • Simply mailing or emailing the materials may not be the most effective way to communicate – you know your people and your diocese, use what works!
  • Consider inviting Youth Leaders to an in-person meeting or hosting your own webinar
    • Pray together for the end of abortion and for the success of the event
    • Review how the trip will occur and the opportunity to inspire and motivate teens
    • Thank them for their hard work!
after ticket allotment
After Ticket Allotment
  • Please be sure to carefully read all communications sent after ticket allocation – it is likely to contain important details regarding travel, entrance to the buildings, etc and may be time sensitive.
  • You are an important part of this process and your dedication to timely and effective communication with the Youth Leaders helps us tremendously! Please review all of the materials sent to you and then communicate the information to your youth leaders in the most effective manner possible.
  • If you have a question from a youth leader and are not sure how to respond – please contact us personally and then respond to them with the answer. Do NOT have them contact us – there are only two of us in the office and as much as we would like to help we cannot field questions from every youth minister across the nation. It is likely that others in your group may have similar questions.
  • Please do not simply forward information sent from us to group leaders – make sure that you personalize it with the information relevant to your Diocese and understand all of the information and relevant deadlines for groups traveling to the March.
media outreach credentials
Media Outreach & Credentials

As you are communicating with youth leaders…keep in mind!

  • Our Communications office is always looking for good stories regarding groups traveling to the Youth Rally and national March. Please submit stories to: or 301-853-4516.
  • If your diocesan newspaper or other local media outlets would like to participate in the Youth Rally, they must contact the Communications office prior to January 18 for information on credentialing.
stay connected
Stay Connected
  • Information at
  • Post your ideas on Facebook!
  • Encourage youth to make videos and use social media to evangelize their peers!
  • Twitter: #mass4life. Help us make the Gospel of Life go viral!!
decision chart
Decision Chart

How many tickets do you need?

Centralized trip?


Centralized trip?


Contact parishes and schools and ask them to submit the number of tickets they will require.

Based on requests and/or bus seat availability, determine how many tickets you will request.

Determine how many tickets you will need based upon number requested.

Submit ticket request to the Department of Life Issues no later than October 10th

ticket request
Ticket Request
  • Do not overestimate the number of tickets that you need! Tickets not used by your group will prevent other young people from attending!
  • Tickets to particular venues will be given out on a rotating basis (Verizon then Armory, etc)
  • We can not guarantee that you will receive the number of tickets that you request.
  • Upon determining the number of tickets you will request, submit that number to the Archdiocese of Washington.
    • A password will be emailed to Diocesan Liaisons
  • This step is a REQUEST for tickets NOT an actual order.
  • Requests received after October 10th will not receive an allotment but may be placed on a waiting list
  • Your allotment will be determined using the number that you request this year and previous history of your groups attendance.
  • You will be contacted in early November with the actual number of tickets your group will receive. Your numbers may very well be cut.
  • Ticket requests will not be considered in the order received, therefore please take your time and ensure that you have the most accurate count possible.
faq s
  • Do we need to include priests or deacons in our ticket numbers?
  • What about sisters or other religious?
  • Seminarians?
  • Can you assist us in finding lodging?

How will you distribute the tickets?

Received all requested tickets?


Received all requested tickets?


Upon receipt of tickets, distribute to parishes and schools or hand out tickets on the bus.

Distribute tickets to groups in the manner you previously determined (first come, etc). *You may want to ask the youth leaders to give you another count in case their numbers have decreased.

Distribute tickets to those on your waiting list in the event of cancellations. Please help us to ensure that all tickets are used!

If you have unused tickets that you are unable to distribute, please return them to the Archdiocese of Washington Department of Life Issues.

  • You will be contacted with your ticket allotment in early November
  • Your tickets will arrive in early December
  • When you receive your tickets:
    • Important details will be sent to you with your tickets
    • Please ensure that all group leaders have details on entering the building and traveling in the city the morning of the Youth Rally and Mass and National March. This information will be sent with the tickets.
    • Additional information will be posted at –
important reminders
Important Reminders
  • We can not guarantee that you will receive the number of tickets you request.
  • Do not overestimate!
  • Please give us the number of any special needs seating that you may need!
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your tickets are distributed.
  • Do NOT throw away extra tickets. Please use your waiting list to distribute them.
  • In the event, that there are unused tickets, please return them to us as soon as possible!
important steps
Important Steps
  • Determine Trip – Centralized or Decentralized.
  • Decide on a registration plan, prepare materials and set deadlines.
  • Contact youth leaders in your parishes and schools.*
  • Determine how many tickets your diocese will request.
  • Plan for distribution/waiting list.
  • Distribute tickets/ensure all allotted tickets are used.

* Keep in mind unique groups in your diocese that may also want tickets. Such as,

Eastern Rite Catholic groups, religious communities who do youth ministry, etc.

important deadlines
Important Deadlines
  • Ticket requests must be made no later than October 10th. Set an earlier deadline for your parishes/schools to give yourself time to determine your request.

  • Ticket allotments will be given to your group by early November
  • Your tickets will be mailed to you by December
working together
Working together
  • Thank you for your part in making this the best Youth Rally yet!
  • And thank you for your tireless efforts in proclaiming the dignity of life!!
  • We are here to support you! Please contact us anytime!
thank you for your help we look forward to working with you
Christa Lopiccolo

Executive Director

Michelle Sesny

Program Coordinator

Thank you for your help! We look forward to working with you.


301-853-4555 or 301-853-5318