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Introducing the Iowa Core. Providing Challenging and Meaningful Learning for Success in the 21st Century. Context for Change. What is the Iowa Core?. A curriculum model that assists schools in delivering education for the 21st Century.

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Introducing the iowa core

Introducing theIowa Core

Providing Challenging and Meaningful Learning for Success in the 21st Century

What is the iowa core
What is the Iowa Core?

  • A curriculum model that assists schools in delivering education for the 21st Century.

  • Student-based approach that supports high expectations for all K-12 students.

  • Education that helps students succeed in today’s technology rich, global economy.

The iowa core is also
The Iowa Core is also . . .

  • Students going beyond superficial knowledge and into deeper conceptual and procedural knowledge

  • Students engaging in interesting, robust, and relevant learning experiences

The purpose of the iowa core
The Purpose of the Iowa Core

The purpose of the Iowa Core Curriculum is to “raise student expectations and change teaching behaviors to impact student achievement.”

-Iowa Core Curriculum: An Overview (2008). Iowa Department of Education.

The vision for the iowa core
The Vision for the Iowa Core

The vision is to ensure the success of every student. It prepares students for a world of work and life-long learning.

-Iowa Core Curriculum: An Overview (2008). Iowa Department of Education.

How is this going to benefit students
How Is This Going to Benefit Students?

  • Ensure students understand big ideas

  • Moves students beyond superficial knowledge into deeper understanding of concepts

  • Enhances student engagement by involving students in interesting and relevant learning experiences

How is this going to benefit students1
How Is This Going to Benefit Students?

  • Provides more rigorous learning opportunities

  • Promotes the use of formative assessment

  • Promotes clear communication with parents on what students know and are able to do

  • Promotes learning through application of knowledge

Why use the iowa core
Why Use the Iowa Core?

  • It provides direction about essential content, authentic instruction and assessment for core areas of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies, with an emphasis on 21st century skills

  • It will increase student achievement in Iowa

  • It is the law

Ic offers iowa students
IC Offers Iowa Students

Access to a challenging and meaningful curriculum that prepares them for success in postsecondary education and the global economy.

Five areas of implementation
Five Areas of Implementation

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Literacy – Common Core

  • Math – Common Core


  • Incorporates Science as Inquiry, Physical, Earth and Space, and Life Sciences

  • Science and Technology

  • Science and Personal and Social Perspectives

  • History and Nature of Science

    Goal: To help students become more scientifically literate.

Social studies
Social Studies

  • Incorporates Behavioral Science, Economics, Geography, History and Political Science/Civic Literacy

  • Integrates study of social sciences and humanities

  • Promotes civic competence

    Goal: To enable students to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.

21 st century skills
21st Century Skills

  • Employability Skills

  • Financial Literacy

  • Health Literacy

  • Technology Literacy

  • Civic Literacy

    Goal: To develop learning and innovation; communication, information, and technology; and, life and career skills, to not only “fit into the future” (Meier, 2008) but to shape it.

What about the common core
What about the Common Core?

Released in June 2010 after development and feedback

Internationally benchmarked

Aligned with college and work expectations

Adopted by Iowa in summer of 2010

Replace Iowa Core literacy and math essential concepts and skill sets


  • Incorporates reading, writing, language, speaking, and listening

  • Enables students to learn and communicate clearly what they know

  • Specifically addresses literacy in other content areas

  • Provides the means for making connections between subjects

    Goal: For students to be able to apply these skills to all areas of their every day thinking and life.


  • Utilize problem solving

  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively

  • Construct arguments and critique reasoning

  • Model with mathematics

  • Use tools strategically

  • Communicate precisely

  • Use mathematical structure and patterns

    Goal: To develop a deep understanding of mathematics which can be applied to all aspects of the student’s world.

Universal constructs
Universal Constructs

  • Essential for 21st Century Success

  • To be taught in conjunction with standards/essential concepts

    • Critical Thinking

    • Complex Communication

    • Creativity

    • Collaboration

    • Flexibility and Adaptability

Ic offers iowa educators
IC Offers Iowa Educators

  • Provides a tool for educators and administrators to assure essential subject matter is taught and essential concepts and skill sets for content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and 21st century skills are learned.

  • Educates teachers in Characteristics of Effective Instruction. Iowa Core revolves around teachers enhancing their current practices in the classroom.

Teaching for understanding
Teaching for Understanding

  • Leading students to engage in thought provoking activities (connecting, generalizing, analyzing, and applying).

  • Making connections between prior and new knowledge.

  • Making learning a long-term thinking-centered process.

  • Supporting learning using concrete or real-life examples.

Teacher for learning differences
Teacher for Learning Differences

  • Providing access to the general education curriculum to ALL students.

  • Utilizing a variety of methods to teach desired concepts and skills.

  • Meeting the needs of individual students through differentiated instruction.

Rigorous and relevant curriculum
Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

  • Rigorous Curriculum is complex, inviting, and personally challenging.

  • Relevant Curriculum requires students to solve complex real-world problems.

  • Challenging content, authentic work, application of knowledge, skills and communication

Student centered classrooms
Student-Centered Classrooms

  • Intentionally designed for collaboration

  • Encourage students to reflect on their own thinking and learning

  • Centered on meaningful performances in real-world contexts

Assessment for learning
Assessment For Learning

  • Formative Assessment

    • Providing students with clear learning targets

    • Providing regular descriptive feedback

    • Ability to self-assess and set goals

    • Adjusting teaching based on assessments to improve students’ achievement

Role of parents and community leaders
Role of Parents and Community Leaders

Educators, parents and community leaders working toward a common goal of increasing student achievement and preparing students for the 21st century.


  • Signed into law by Governor Culver in Spring, 2008

  • Implemented in Iowa high schools by July, 2012

  • Implemented in Iowa elementary and middle schools by July, 2014


  • Implementation deadlines established by law

  • Implementation plan submitted to the state

  • Progress monitored by school visits

Implementation process
Implementation Process

  • Each school district in Iowa was required to develop a written plan to describe their implementation of the Iowa Core Curriculum.

  • An Iowa Core Leadership Team is in the process of revising the plan and creating action plans for implementation.

  • The plan encompasses all grades (K-12).

Iowa core curriculum outcomes
Iowa Core Curriculum Outcomes

  • There are six outcomes in the Implementation Plan, that when fully implemented will:

    • integrate leadership, schools, and community.

    • align a system of content, instruction, and assessment.

Iowa core curriculum outcomes1
Iowa Core Curriculum Outcomes

  • Leadership

    Outcome 1: School leaders build and sustain system capacity to implement the Iowa Core Curriculum.

  • Community

    Outcome 2: Community members and other supporting agencies work together to support the implementation fo the Iowa Core Curriculum.

  • Schools

    Outcome 3: A continuous improvement process to improve teaching and learning is used at the district and school level.

Iowa core curriculum outcomes2
Iowa Core Curriculum Outcomes

Content – Instruction - Assessment

  • Outcome 4:

    District leaders and educators use data to increase the degree of alignment of each and every student’s curriculum.

  • Outcome 5:

    Educators engage in professional development focused on implementing Characteristics of Effective Instruction.

  • Outcome 6:

    Educators implement effective instructional practices to ensure high levels of learning.

Other resources
Other Resources

Iowa Department of Education

Common Core Website

Heartland AEA Moodle

Waukee Wiki

Common Core State Standards for

English Language Arts and Literacy