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Silk Scarfs, Tunics, Kaftans, Clutches | PowerPoint Presentation
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Silk Scarfs, Tunics, Kaftans, Clutches |

Silk Scarfs, Tunics, Kaftans, Clutches |

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Silk Scarfs, Tunics, Kaftans, Clutches |

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  1. Scarves|Tunics|Kaftans|Clutches Card Holders|Ponchos/Capes|Alcantara SHOP ONLINE -

  2. Krystall Incorporating Eastern and Western design motifs, KRYSTALL BY M.S. Design shawls and clutches are handcrafted using the most intricate and luxurious fabrics, environmentally friendly natural fabrics and materials including Cashmere, Pashmina, Silk and Chiffon. KRYSTALL BY M.S. Design offers classic, elegant, glamorous and timeless pieces, which are embellished with the finest crystals and stone embroideries. Each of the shawls are creatively designed and each bag is an artwork by itself. Through an eye for finery the mission of KRYSTALL BY M.S. DESIGN is to reach worldwide art lovers. SHOP ONLINE -

  3. Soamas SOAMAS products are the embodiment of trendy, high-quality shawls made of natural materials at fair prices. The designs have elements of India, Germany and England, are cosmopolitan by essence and have traditional themes, such as paisley, stripes. Further themes are taken from the realm of animals and are being interpreted all the way through the joyful colours of the rainbow. SOAMAS unites a broad product range of fashionable shawls in happy colours and elegant patterns. As colourful as life, the sheer aesthetics of a SOAMAS shawl embeds its owner in ease and comfort. SHOP ONLINE -

  4. What is it that makes KRYSTALL BY M.S. DESIGN so unique? KRYSTALL BY M.S. DESIGN is made unique by its original aesthetics and the implementation of handcrafted components as well as by highly elaborate materials. SHOP ONLINE -

  5. What is it that makes SOAMAS by KRYSTALL so unique? SOAMAS, the second brand of KRYSTALL by M.S. Design, is aimed at a younger, more trend-conscious target group, making no compromise in terms of quality. The line includes scarves from quality fabrics, such as linen, silk and cotton, for those loving fashion and trendsetting as well as small accessories at an affordable price. SHOP ONLINE -

  6. Scarves Abstract Rhombics Zebra in flowers Aqua Blue Waves SHOP ONLINE -

  7. Tunics Gray Batik Tunic Warm Ethno Blue porcelaine SHOP ONLINE -

  8. Kaftans Magic Print Purple Butterfly Brown Tiger SHOP ONLINE -

  9. Clutches & Card Holders Chrystal Envelope The Brooch SHOP ONLINE -

  10. Ponchos/ Capes Black and White Ethno printed kaftan Zick zack Kaftan summerkaftan SHOP ONLINE -

  11. Alcantara Powder Alcantara Berry Alcantara Shawl Stone Alcantara plain Shawl Shawl SHOP ONLINE -

  12. Follow us:    Locate us: KRYSTALL - SOAMAS Haus der Mode 3 / Room 0064 Kölner Str.1, 65760 Eschborn (Frankfurt) Germany Tel.: +49 6196 99838 0 Fax: +49 6196 99838 66 E-mail: SHOP ONLINE -