the circulatory system n.
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The Circulatory System

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The Circulatory System. By Taylor, Hannah, & Alexa. Table of Contents. Slide 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slide 4+5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slide 6 +7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slide 8 +9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slide 10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slide 11+12 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slide 13+14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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the circulatory system

The Circulatory System

By Taylor, Hannah, & Alexa

table of contents
Table of Contents

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What Role Does The System Play?

What Major Organs Make The System?

How Do These Organs Work Together?

How is it Connected To Other Systems?

Levels of Organization

Two Common Diseases

How Can You Keep A Healthy System?

Two Professions That Work With The System?

5 Did You Know Facts


what role does the circulatory system play
What Role Does The Circulatory System Play?

When you breath in oxygen, the circulatory

system carries the oxygen, through veins,

to other cells of your body. Then, after the

oxygen has been processed by the cell it

was brought to, the circulatory system carries

the dissolved carbon dioxide back to the lungs,

where it is then breathed out. Without the

circulatory system, there would be no way

to circulate nutrition to other cells in the body.

what major organs make up the circulatory system
What Major Organs Make Up The Circulatory System?

One of the main organs in the

circulatory system is the heart. The

human heart is double sided,

and has four chambers, where

blood is constantly being

pumped. The heart fills with

blood, then pumps the blood

through veins in the body. The

veins also bring blood back to the

heart where this process is

done over and over again.


The vessels are also a major organ in the circulatory system. The vessels are the passage-way connected to the heart and all other parts of the body. So the heart pumps blood, the blood travels through the vessels (which run through your entire body,) and bring nutrients and oxygen to other cells, as well as bringing waste products back to the heart and lungs where they are released from the body.

how do these organs work together
How Do These Organs Work Together?

The heart is a muscle that pumps blood. The heart fills with blood before each beat. To squirt the blood along, the heart contracts. The blood is then carried through the arteries. The blood is then delivered by the blood vessels to different cells in the body. The blood that has given the oxygen and nutrients to the cells then is brought back to the heart through the veins.


Blood flowing back to the heart by the veins.

Blood leaving the heart to be delivered to different cells in the body.

how is it connected to two other systems
How Is It Connected To Two Other Systems?

The circulatory system is connected to every system in the body, including the digestive system. The circulatory system is responsible for taking the nutrients that have been absorbed from the digestive system, and bringing them to other parts of the body.


The circulatory system is also connected to the respiratory system. The red blood cells travel to the lungs, where they collect as much oxygen as possible, and bring the oxygen to other tissues and cells through the body.



Red Blood Cell

levels of organization
Levels of Organization


Organ System

Organ Tissue


The heart pumps the blood by contracting.

Myocardium are the cells that create the cardiac muscle tissue. The cells send messages to one another through intercalated disks that helps the heart contract.

Cardiac tissue forms the contractile wall of the heart.

two common diseases that directly affects the circulatory system
Two Common Diseases That Directly Affects The Circulatory System

When people don’t have enough red blood cells they develop a condition called Anemia. Red blood cells deliver oxygen when you are lacking in them you begin to feel tired and have a low energy. By eating iron regularly you should have a less chance of being anemic. If you are anemic all the time people will be treated with iron supplements.


Hypertension is another disease that affects the circulatory system. Hypertension is another word for high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure causes the heart to work harder then it should to pump blood through our body and can cause hardening of the arteries. This can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Some risk factors include: smoking, obesity, age,inactivity and stress.

how can you maintain a healthy circulatory system
How Can You Maintain a Healthy Circulatory System?

Most children are born with a healthy circulatory system. To maintain a healthy circulatory system is to exercise. The major organ of the circulatory system is the heart which is a muscle, if you do not exercise your muscles your muscles will not strengthen. Avoiding unhealthy foods that are high in fat is a big factor to maintaining a healthy circulatory system.


Smoking can also damage the heart and blood vessels because a waxy substance called plaque starts to build up in your arteries. The plaque will then start to narrow the path for the flow of the blood limiting the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

two professions that work with this system
Two Professions That Work With This System


A cardiologist is a specialist who helps identify, treat and prevent heart disease.


five did you know facts
Five *Did You Know* Facts
  • If your blood vessels in your body were laid end to the end. It would extend for 60,000 miles more than 96,500 km. Did you know that’s enough to circle the earth twice.
  • Your capillaries are so small that your red blood cells would need to travel through them in a single file line.
  • You can feel your pulse in any part in your body. Where your artery is compressed by your bone.
  • Did you know it will only take 10 seconds for blood to travel from your heart to your big toe.

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