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Spring 2011 Popcorn Sale PowerPoint Presentation
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Spring 2011 Popcorn Sale

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Spring 2011 Popcorn Sale - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spring 2011 Popcorn Sale
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  1. Spring 2011 Popcorn Sale Spring Training

  2. Spring 2011 Popcorn Sale Popcorn is a “home run” fundraiser for your unit • Its simple to do • NSC provides everything a unit needs to succeed • NSC provides excellent customer support • Popcorn provides high profit to your unit with no risk in product ordering. • 70% of Popcorn proceeds go back to local Scouting. • Trails End has a great product that consumers love

  3. What does Popcorn Support? • 1 MILLION dollars from the popcorn sale benefits Northern Star Council programs each year. • Without popcorn-- • Camp fees would increase 25-50% • Camp improvements would slow • Innovative programs such as the Many Point Treehouses and Tomahawk bike course would not exist. • Equipment would not be replaced as regularly • Costs for all events would increase • Campership dollars would shrink

  4. Spring 2011 Product Mix 9 Items • $30-Cheese Gift Box • $20-26oz Caramel Corn with Nuts • $20-20oz Butter Toffee Light • $18-Unbelievable Butter Microwave 18pk • $18-Butter Light Microwave 18pk • $10-11oz Caramel Corn • $10-3lb Popping Corn • $25 and $40 Military Donation • **Note--No chocolate items in spring due to melting possibilities

  5. Commission New Commission structure exclusively for Spring 2011 32% Base Commission + 2% Attend a training + 1% Bonus Commission if your unit’s balance is paid in full by 5/13/11 35% Potential Commission Next, choose one of the following options: PacksTroops/Crews/Posts -Trails End Prize Program or -4% Cash Option (no prizes) or -6% in NSC Camp Bucks -Trail’s End Prize Program or -6% in NSC Camp Bucks

  6. Prizes and Camp Bucks • Trails End Prizes • Prize Levels, Gift Cards. (refer to sales sheet) • Cash Option (Troops ,Crews and Posts only) • 4% of total sale • Still eligible for $600, $1500 clubs and $2500 Scholarship • Still eligible for NSC Prizes • NSC Camp Bucks • 6% of your total sale will be issued to your unit in a gift certificate to pay for NSC camp fees. • Can only be used for NSC Camps (full list on website) • Can only be used for camp fees (not trading post) • No refund, expires 12-31-11

  7. Trails End “Bonus” Prizes • $600 Sellers – Marshmallow Crossbow • $1,500 Popcorn Sellers - $50 gift card from Wal-Mart • $2,500 Popcorn Sellers - earn 6% of their Sale in the Trail’s End Scholarship Program. • All sellers are eligible for these prizes

  8. Saint Paul Saints Day • Sunday July 10—Package for two includes: • Pre-game skills clinic • Pre-game Tailgate/picnic • Two general admission tickets for the event • Extra packages will be available to order. • Chances for Scouts to be involved in game-day activities, such as: • 1. Opportunity to escort the pig onto the field during the game. • 2. Opportunity for a scout to announce an inning of baseball with our PA announcer. • 3. Opportunity to hang out with our music man in his perch for an inning. • 4. Opportunity to help our promotions team execute a promotion. • 5. Opportunity to help as an usher for an inning or two. • 6. Opportunity to hang out in the press box for an inning to obtain an idea of what the scorekeeper, announcers, and the video board operator do on a nightly basis. • 7. Opportunity to participate in a promotion.

  9. Saint Paul Saints Day • Each Unit that sells over $500 receives one Saints Package to use as a unit incentive • Give to the top seller, or • Have a drawing, or • Use however you like! • Additional packages will be awarded to the top selling units and youth in each district.

  10. Show and Deliver Ordering • Show and Deliver—get product before the sale starts! • Increases your sale • Orders Due Friday Feb 11 • Orders must be placed on www.trails-end.com • Can only order up to 100% of 2010 Spring sale, or an amount decided upon by your District Popcorn chair and Scout office • Extra will be available at either Scout Office • Distribution on Friday Feb 25 • Locations will be determined by amount ordered. • Feb 25th from 2-5pm is the preferred time slot. • Look for email week of Feb 14 with details

  11. Show and Deliver Returns • Returns are on March 30 • 3-7pm • Locations TBA, most likely West and East Scout offices. • Can return full cases or singles. • Please keep different products separate when returning • No returning of opened Cheese Gift Boxes

  12. Take Order • Take Order • Orders Due Friday April 1 • Distribution on Friday April 15 • Locations will be determined by amount ordered. • April 15th from 1-5pm is the preferred time slot. • Look for email week of April 4 with details • Home Delivery • Free for units that order $10,000 or more in Take Order sale.

  13. How do you make it happen? • 1. Goal-setting • Budgeting and planning. “What is the goal?” • Fulfilling the Scouts Dreams! • 2. Communication at a GREAT Unit Kickoff • Make sure everyone is aware of the prizes & incentives • Kickoff needs to be Fun, exciting and motivating. • Clear explanation of the sale / benefits to Scout families • Training Scouts: salesmanship & safety • 3. Execution of the sale • Take Order (for EVERY Unit)  • Show-N-Sell / Show-N-Deliver • Store Fronts • www.orderpopcorn.com

  14. Ideas to motivate Scouts • Door prizes during the kick-off • Pizza party for the top selling den • Restaurant gift cards for Scouts who fill a sheet and/or hit their sales goal. • Prize for top seller in Pack, Troop or crew. • Prize for top seller in each Den. • Examples: Gift cards, I-Tunes card, fishing pole, back pack, Scout shop gift certificate, etc.

  15. Contacts • Council Support Bill Anderson-Horecka, Popcorn Staff Advisor • Billa-h@northernstarbsa.org • Office-Direct-651-254-9146 Marge Frendt, Development Assistant, • mfrendt@northernstarbsa.org • 651-254-9147 Trails End Customer Service Support@trails-end.com

  16. Key Dates By Feb 25 • Organize your pack/troop/crew for the sale and set a goal. • Have a pack/troop/crew kick-off meeting. By Feb 11 • Unit “Show and Deliver” popcorn orders, in full cases only entered into online system at www.trails-end.com Feb 25 • Units pick up “Show & Deliver” from distribution locations, see www.buyscoutpopcorn.com for locations. Feb 26 • SALE BEGINS. Mar 27 • SALE ENDS - Unit popcorn chair collects orders from Scouts. Mar 30 • Opportunity to return excess “Show and Deliver” product to Council Return Centers. Apr 2 • ORDERS DUE--Unit Take Order popcorn and prize orders due via online system Apr 15 • Units pick up popcorn at district distribution locations May 13 • Money due to Council Service Center (retail, minus your unit commission). One check please!

  17. Things to Remember • You’re not alone. There are lots of other popcorn chairs out there! • Stick to the due dates, it makes things flow easier! • Read your emails! Most questions can be answered through the weekly newsletter • Please do not email, Marge, Bill AND popcorn@nsbsa.orgabout the same issue. It takes us longer to respond. • We are here to help!