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ServiceDesk Plus Overview

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ServiceDesk Plus Overview. Arvind Parthiban Sr. Product Marketer – ServiceDesk Plus. ServiceDesk Plus. Completely Web Based. Working with ServiceDesk Plus. Users- Technician/Requester. Other User based functionalities. Modes of Importing Users.

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servicedesk plus overview

ServiceDesk Plus Overview

Arvind Parthiban

Sr. Product Marketer – ServiceDesk Plus

servicedesk plus
ServiceDesk Plus


Web Based

users technician requester
Users- Technician/Requester

Other User based functionalities

Modes of Importing


channels of creating a ticket in servicedesk plus
Channels of Creating a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus
  • Email
  • Phone Call
  • Self Service Portal
  • Network Monitoring Tool Integration
  • API Integration
  • Web Portal
  • Email Command



ServiceDesk Plus

1 automatic ticket dispatch
1.Automatic Ticket dispatch

Round Robin Load Balancing

Distributes equally to all technician

Distributes based on the technicians load

2 business rules
2.Business Rules
  • Allows you to customize workflow
  • Follows an Event / Condition / Action model
  • Automating Dispatch with Groups and Business Rules
  • Categorize your Frequent occurring tickets.
3 service level agreement
3.Service Level Agreement
  • Four Levels of Proactive Escalations
  • Response based Escalation
  • Set up Rules based on many available criteria
4 notification rules
4.Notification Rules
  • Requester/ Technician based Notification
  • Alerts for Incident, Problem, Change & Asset mgmt
  • Both SMS & Email Alerts
site based configuration
Site-based Configuration

Sites provide you with the flexibility of configuring various aspects in your site

service catalog
Service Catalog
  • Showcase all the offered services like a Menu Card
  • Configure Workflow for each Service Category
  • Set up Approval process specific to each Service Request

Incident Mgmt

In ServiceDesk Plus

incident management
Incident Management
  • Reduction of incidents improves quality of service
  • Improve quality of Service by tracking SLA performances.
  • Improve productivity with efficient incident workflows
knowledge base
Knowledge Base
  • Search Solutions with simple keywords
  • Individual Knowledge Base for Requesters & technicians
  • Approve each solutions on addition
  • Categorize the solutions specific to topic.
problem management
Problem Management


  • Eliminate Root cause
  • Avoid repetitive Incidents

Engagement Rules

  • Multiple Incidents
  • Unknown Error

Change MgmtIn

ServiceDesk Plus


Asset MgmtIn

ServiceDesk Plus

cmdb relationships
CMDB Relationships

Find Relationship between Asset/Services

Find out who is affected when a Service goes down

software categories in servicedesk plus
Software Categories in ServiceDesk Plus

Categorize your software into different software types

software licensing and metering
Software Licensing and Metering

Manage your software licenses as Individual or Enterprise license and track the software usage on each workstations

License Types supported


other key features
Other key features
  • Robo technician – Auto password Reset tool
  • API Integration
  • Mobile Client
  • Survey
  • Flash Reports
in built reports
In-built Reports

More than 100 canned reports in all possible modules and categories

Get Reports on the Fly

More than 100 inbuilt Reports

customized reports
Customized Reports

Choose what you want to see

Customize Reports on your own

Multiple options to view Reports

query reports
Query Reports

Create your own Query for Reports

Graphical Representation of Data Structure

scheduling and exporting reports
Scheduling and Exporting Reports

Schedule Inbuilt or Custom Report

Support Multiple Formats

editions and pricing
Editions and Pricing
  • Trouble Ticketing
  • Multi –Site Support
  • Self-Service Portal
  • SLA Management
  • Business Rules
  • Reports
  • Professional Edition +
  • Incident Mgmt.
  • Service Catalog
  • Problem Mgmt.
  • Change Mgmt.
  • CMDB
  • Standard Edition +
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Software Asset Management
  • Purchase Mgmt.
  • Contract Mgmt.
  • Software License Compliance

All Purpose Help Desk Software

IT Help Desk + Asset Management

ITIL Ready Help Desk Software

Standard Edition

Starts at $495 / 2 Techs

Enterprise Edition

Starts at $2995 / 5 Techs

Professional Edition

Starts at $995 / 2 Techs

the elite list
The Elite List

And few thousands more…

thank you
Thank You
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  • For Technical Queries

+1 925 965 5300

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