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Joshua R.Y. Fradenburg

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Joshua R.Y. Fradenburg. Strategic Management Consultant ~ Driving Top-Line Growth for 15 years. Driving Top-Line Growth for 15 Years. CSUEB University Theatre Drove attendance . Real Estate Franchise Redefined value propositin drove revenue 42%. Food Services Start-Up

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Joshua R.Y. Fradenburg

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joshua r y fradenburg

Joshua R.Y. Fradenburg

Strategic Management Consultant

~ Driving Top-Line Growth for 15 years

driving top line growth for 15 years
Driving Top-Line Growth for 15 Years

CSUEB University Theatre



Real Estate Franchise

Redefined value propositin drove revenue 42%

Food Services Start-Up

Market testing and Financial modeling proved concept

Personal Development Start-Up

Developed product line and grew business across 5 continents

Mobile Ad Company

Product development and Go-to-Market projected to lift annual revenues $15M

Salsa Producer

Primary customer research provided proof-of-concept



Internship Services Start-Up

Service and business designed to return 12x over 6 years

Out-of-Print Publisher

Business designed to produce 15X return on marketing spend

Video Gaming Company

Foreign expansion plan projected revenue lift of $40M over first 4 years.

Real Estate Start-Up

Brand architecture resulted in market leader position

Boutique Sporting Goods Retailer

Redesigned sales process resulting in 75% lift in revenue

csueb university theatre
CSUEB University Theatre

Joshua led the team that was contracted for a consulting engagement to discover how to drive top-line-growth. Primary customer research was conducted which revealed inadequate value perception. It also revealed a lack of market penetration beyond the university community. At the recommendation of the consulting team, the department delivered commonly recognized programs and implemented a broader reaching marketing campaign.

boutique sporting goods retailer
Boutique Sporting Goods Retailer

Joshua was chosen by the Dean of SCUEB’s School of Business and Economics to turn-around a flailing sporting goods retailer. After analyzing the company, Joshua brought on a new sales team to implement his redesigned sales process. As a result, his team drove sales 75% higher, and saved the location from closure.

real estate franchise
Real Estate Franchise

A family-owned real estate franchise had adopted a competitive position based upon discount pricing of its services. Josh designed a digital marketing plan to drive the value of services. Capturing a higher value/price position than the office with his clients, he proved the concept. The redesigned marketing template was rolled out to the office resulting in a 42% increase in revenues.

real estate start up
Real Estate Start-Up

When the founders of a leading real estate firm were forming their company, Joshua was invited to come aboard and help develop the brand architecture. Joshua adopted a premium branding strategy when developing the logo, color scheme, and service offerings. Joshua also served as a consultant to other agents, helping them design their business goals and processes. As a result, the firm has grown to 60 offices and is the leader in its markets.

food services start up
Food Services Start-Up

When approached with a novel food concept, Joshua conducted focus groups to obtain proof-of-concept. He was then retained to manage the product development for a critical fixture for the food service company. He also developed the branding and generated three different business models. The pro forma forecasts offered the owner distinct opportunities with varying levels of risk and opportunity.

out of print publisher
Out-of-Print Publisher

Joshua was retained to design the business model and refine the service offerings for a specialty publishing company. He created the positioning statement as well as the corresponding go-to-market strategy. The SEO campaign that he designed projected a $20 cost per acquired customer (CPA) with a lifetime value (LTV) of $300.

personal development start up
Personal Development Start-Up

Mindful Measures is a venture that was born from Joshua’s experiences in the real estate industry. Though it took many iterations during the product development phase, Joshua brought-to-market 12 products (serving clients on 5 continents). In this venture he developed the products, created the business model, designed the branding and packaging, and engineered the integrated marketing campaigns.

video gaming company
Video Gaming Company

Joshua was tasked with analyzing foreign expansion opportunities of a multinational video gaming company. Identifying Brazil as an opportunity with unique market conditions, he led the development of a Foreign Expansion Plan that included a localization roadmap, financial models, and a go-to-market strategy. When implemented, the project is forecasted to generate $40M of revenues in first 4 years.

mobile advertising company
Mobile Advertising Company

A mobile advertising company was having difficulty determining where to allocate product development resources. Joshua led the team that analyzed customer research, benefit segmentation and competitor analysis. The resulting product was an ad inventory taxonomy system which allows world class targeting. The Go-to-Market strategy is projected to drive revenues $75M annually.

internship services start up
Internship Services Start-Up

Joshua was invited to consult on the development of a business design for an internship SaaS start-up. Guided by consumer insights and primary research, he recognized an unmet need in the vertical. By adding transparency to the internship marketplace, Joshua devised a way for the start-up to add value. Combined with his creative Go-to-Market strategy, this service is projected to provide a 12x return to investors within 6 years.

salsa manufacturer
Salsa Manufacturer

Josh was contracted to ascertain consumers’ preferences and willingness-to-pay for a premium salsa offering. The research is being used to develop a best-of-breed line of premium fresh salsas.

diverse passions keep the fire burning bright
Diverse Passions keep the fire burning bright!
  • Business Strategy
  • Macroeconomics
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Innovation
  • Real Estate
  • Sociology
  • Volunteer work
  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Bowling