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Computer for a Better Life

Computer for a Better Life is for Kinder pupils to understand more on computer.

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Computer for a Better Life

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  1. Unit II All About Computer

  2. Computer- is an electronic device that is designed to work with information.

  3. Parts of a ComputerCPU

  4. CPU- The brain of the computer. It processes everything from basic instructions to complex functions. Function of CPU- is like a light switch and has two basic functions OFF and ON.

  5. The Monitor- ascreen used to display the output of a computer to the user.

  6. Function of the Monitor • it shows the display what work you are performing on PC through any input device.

  7. The Keyboard- the keyboard is an input device designed to enter text, characters and other commands into the computer.

  8. The computer mouse is considered an input device. With a click of a button, the mouse sends information to the computer. The Mouse. The Mouse

  9. Parts of a Computer Mouse

  10. Desktop computer- also known as personal computers or simply PCs. They are usually easier to use and more affordable Types of Computer

  11. Laptop computer- are portable computers. They are lightweight computers with a thin screen

  12. Activity 1: Identify the parts of the computer.

  13. Activity 2:Match column A to column B.1. Keyboard2. CPU3.Mouse4. Monitor5. Speaker

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