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MARKETING. LASINO INCORPORATION. Group Members. Muhammad Usman 083248 Ali Adnan Khalid 073178 Shakeel Anjum 083277 Khuram Shahzad 083268. Presentation Outline. Our Objectives Mission Statement Label and Packing Target Audience Marketing environment Features

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group members
Group Members

Muhammad Usman 083248

Ali Adnan Khalid 073178

ShakeelAnjum 083277

KhuramShahzad 083268

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Our Objectives
  • Mission Statement
  • Label and Packing
  • Target Audience
  • Marketing environment
  • Features
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing p’s
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Marketing Plan
our objectives
Our Objectives
  • To earn a reputation for being an innovative, trend setting brand.
  • To be positioned as a lifestyle oriented, vibrant and contemporary product.
  • Build strong relationships.
  • Insisting on customer satisfaction in all areas.
mission statement
Mission Statement
  • At all times we are dedicated to work in a quality environment

(We only sell the best electronics. We believe if you give good service you will get good customers)

label and packaging
Label And Packaging
  • Company Name: LASINO
  • Brand Name: Solar air conditioner
  • Tag line: NO bill just chill
  • Brands:

Cabinet Floor Split Air Conditioner

Cassette Split Solar Air Conditioner

Wall Split Solar Air Conditioner

Wall Split Solar Air Conditioner

SILVA Solar Air Conditioner

target audience
Target Audience
  • Our product is equally beneficial for everybody.
  • We’ll have to focus on the all group of ages.
marketing environment
Marketing environment
  • Micro environment
  • Macro environment
micro environment1
Micro environment
  • The company
  • Suppliers
  • Marketing intermediaries
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Publics
  • Direct competitors
    • Solar panels plus
    • Treehugger
    • Engadget
    • Master well enterprize
Indirect competitors
    • Dakin
    • Mitsubishi
    • Samsung
    • Pel
    • Sabro
macro environment1
Macro environment
  • Demographic
  • Economic
  • Natural
  • Technological
  • Political
  • Cultural
  • Absorption cycle energized by hot water at 158º F to 203º F from process, cogeneration, solar or other waste heat sources.
  • Safe, odorless, non-toxic working fluids of lithium bromide and water operate under a vacuum at all times.
  • Supplied as a chiller only or a chiller heater for applications that require separation of heating water and heat medium circuits due to glycol, operating pressure, flow or piping limitations.
All chillers and chiller-heaters supplied with a standard weatherproof cabinet suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Crystallization prevented in the generator by utilizing a solution pump and gravity drain-back system. Single hermetic pump controls solution flow.
  • Faster cold start-up time than similar chillers with flooded generators.
  • Chilled water and hot water outlet temperatures controlled by a built-in microprocessor with outputs to control a 3-way valve and/or heat medium pump (supplied by others).
Built-in shutdown controls for high heat medium temperature and abnormal cooling water conditions.
  • Cooling capacities increased at 85º F cooling water and when energized by 203º F heat medium.
  • Cooling or heating operation on chiller-heaters can be selected from a remote or built-in switch.
  • Only 30 minute delay required for operation changeover.
marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Plan
swot analysis
  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Work without electricity
  • No electrical charges
  • Friendly for the environment
  • Long life and durable
  • 2 in one cooling and heating
  • New technology
  • Very expensive
  • Heavy weight plant
  • Space required for fitting solar panel
  • Energy crises in Pakistan
  • Easy to use
  • Latest technology
  • Weather condition
  • Political instability
  • New entrant
  • Substitute
market plan
Market Plan

Select marketing objectives

Identify threats and opportunities

Select target market

Develop marketing strategies

Design action plan

Execute Plan

marketing mix product
Marketing mix : product
  • Wall Split Solar Air Conditioner
  • Cassette Split Solar Air Conditioner
  • Cabinet Floor Split Air Conditioner
  • Wall Split Solar Air Conditioner
  • SILVA Solar Air Conditioner
wall split solar a c
Wall split solar a/c

Wall Split Solar Air Conditioner Item: 4W120WS Function: Cooling / Heating Capacity: 3200W / 3500W 11500BTU / 12500 BTU Air Circulation: 520 m/H Noise: Indoor < 40dB Outdoor < 50dB

Suitable Area: 15 - 30 m²

cassette split solar a c
Cassette split solar a/c

Cassette Split Solar Air Conditioner Item: 4W180CS Function: Cooling / Heating Capacity: 18000BTU / 19000+1700BTU Air circulation: 800 M3 / H Input power: 1130-1360W / 1130-1860+500W Rated current: 5.13-6.18A/ 5.13-6.18/8.45A

cabinet floor split a c
Cabinet floor split a/c

Cabinet Floor Split Solar Air Conditioner Item: 4W180FS Function: Cooling / Heating Capacity: 5200W / 5500+500W 18000BTU / 19000+1700 BTU Air Circulation: 800 m3/H

Noise: Indoor < 48dB Outdoor < 56dB

wall split solar a c1
Wall split solar a/c

Wall Split Solar Air Conditioner Item: 4W240WS Function: Cooling / Heating Capacity: 7200 W / 7900+500 W 24000 BTU /26000+700 BTU Air circulation: 1100 M3 / H

Input power: 1600--1850W / 1600-1850+500W rated current: 7.27--8.4A / 7.27--8.4/10.68A

silva solar a c
Silva solar a/c

Silva Solar Air Conditioner Item: 4W300FS Function: Cooling / Heating Capacity: 9200 W / 9500+500 W Air circulation: 1500 M3 / H

Input power: 1900-2250W / 1900-2250+500W rated current: 9.27--10.4A / 9.27--10.4/12.68A

  • We are offering our products in four outlets in each of our segment including our main outlet situated in Defence.
    • First outlet is situated in Mezung.
    • Second outlet is situated in faisal town.
    • Third outlet is situated in Gulberg.
    • Our fourth outlet is situated in Defence which is our main retail outlet in Lahore.
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Public relations
  • Personal selling
  • Direct marketing
advertising plan
Advertising Plan
  • Objectives
  • Message
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
advertising budget
Advertising budget
  • Print media

COST FOR CHANNELS: (When we will launch Solar Air Conditioner in over all Pakistan)



PTV 45000

HUM CHANNEL 30000 ARY 25000