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1. Assignment Eldorado???. 2. Bookreports???. Essay Writing. Essay Writing. Main points for Essay Writing. Most important: the essay has a clear structure. Start with an anecdote as an introductory. Write pros or cons (or both).

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1 assignment eldorado

1. Assignment Eldorado???

2. Bookreports???

Essay writing1
Essay Writing

Main points for Essay Writing

Most important: the essay has a clear structure

Start with an anecdote as an introductory

Write pros or cons (or both)

Write elements that prove your title, possibly with illustrations

End with a conclusion

Essay Writing

Essay assignment 101: Practising Sports at Elite Levels

  • You have read the article ‘Pushed to the Max’.

  • Now write an essay (300-350 words) with the following title:

  • Practising Sports at Elite Levels: A New Form of Child Abuse?

  • Use the information page on sentence connectors (TB 226).

  • Division of your essay:

  • Introduction

  • Body (with 1 argument per paragraph)

  • Conclusion

  • Sentence connectors:


Essay Writing

A Practical Guide

  • clear focus on the set topic

  • deal as fully as possible with its central concerns

  • recognise the assumptions and implications underlying the actual wording of the topic and take account of them in the course of your essay

  • focus consistently on the key ideas and terms throughout your essay

  • cover all the parts of the set topic

  • select only points which are directly relevant to your topic and your argument

  • structure the material so that the main ideas are presented logically and coherently

  • ensure that each section of your argument is internally consistent

  • take into account alternative points of view or interpretations

  • in the exam you should analyse and plan each answer clearly before you start writing it