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Classroom Research

Heartland Community College


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Classroom Research

  • Definition

    • Classroom Action Research is research designed to help a teacher find out what is happening in his or her classroom, and to use that information to make wise decisions for the future. Methods can be qualitative or quantitative, descriptive or experimental.

      • Gwynn Mettetal

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Classroom Research

Differences with Formal Research

Classroom Research tends to be:




Practical and Relevant


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Classroom Research

Design of Classroom Research

Naturalistic Inquiry



“Conversational vs. Technological”

-Bruce Kochis

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Classroom Research

Key Steps in the Research Process

  • Overview of steps and strategies

  • Decide on a question--Meaningful and important to you.

  • Read literature on your topic (the ERIC database is an excellent source)

  • Plan your overall research strategy

  • Follow guidelines for ethical research

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Classroom Research


Does discussion work better than lecture for a topic?

Do pictures work better than words to illustrate a concept?

Does group work improve retention of material vs. individual work?

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Classroom Research

Classroom Assessment Techniques

are great for collecting data

Muddiest Point

Background Knowledge Probes

Minute Paper

Concept Maps

-and on and on

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Classroom Research

Grading Rubrics are a great way to collect data as well.

Talk with your students about their experiences and use that as data

IRB and Data Collection (Texas A&M)

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Classroom Research

Key Effects of the Classroom Research Process

  • increased sharing and collaboration across departments, disciplines, and grade levels;

  • increased dialogue about instructional issues and student learning;

  • enhanced communication between teachers and students;

  • improved performance of students;

    • Source: Fairfax County Public Schools, Office of Research and Policy Analysis

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Classroom Research

Key Effects of the Classroom Research Process

  • revision of practice based on new knowledge about teaching and learning;

  • teacher-designed and initiated staff development;

  • development of priorities for school wide planning and assessment efforts;

  • contributions to the profession's body of knowledge about teaching and learning.

    • Source: Fairfax County Public Schools, Office of Research and Policy Analysis

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Classroom Research

  • References





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Classroom Research

  • References

    • Cross, P. and M. Steadman. Classroom Research. SF: Jossey-Bass, 1996.

      A Critique from a Traditional Research Perspective


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Classroom Research

  • Example of Process from a Stats Class


      Example of Research Studies by Faculty Using Technology